Envirovent SIL100T Extractor Fan

Model SIL100T
Extraction Rate 55 CFM
Dimensions 13.6 x 16 x 16.6 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 26.5 dB
Timer Yes

The Envirovent SIL100T is a powerful but silent bathroom extractor fan with a modern design that fits in 4 inches ducting and run-on timer. It is one of the famous quit runner extractors for bathrooms and compact rooms where it provides the functionality of air freshener and moisturisation remover. It produces less than 26.5 dB noise, barely noticeable, and does not catch unnecessary attention with a loud noise.

It can extract air at 26 litres per second, translating to a 55 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air suction rate, optimal for a normal-sized bathroom. The installation function is also simple and easily installed on the ceiling and the wall of the bathroom. The motion sensor automatically starts the fan and runs it for a specific time for regular activity. Another brilliant feature it can perform is humidity detection, which is the requirement for room decors wellbeing.

The Envirovent silent 100 installation manual is lengthy with all the details of how a person can fit exhaust fans on relevant ducts and safely inline the cables as they match the colour. Although it is not an inline fan, the extraction rate is pretty decent, sufficient for 80 square foot bathroom.

  • Perform Powerful Extraction at 26 litres per second.
  • It has a durable build of polycarbonate material.
  • Very Quite under 3 meters radius produces 26.5 dB noise.
  • It has a timer, motion sensor, and humidity sensor.
  • Ideal and strong exhaust for bathroom ceiling and easily fits.

AirRoxy 100mm Energy Efficient Fan

Model E100
Extraction 52 CFM
Dimensions 14.2 x 14 x 8.4 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 36 dB
Timer Yes

The AirRoxy E100 is a Low Energy extractor fan comes in a sleek modular design with modern features. It is a silent runner fan with a timer features for automatic air extraction functions. It comes with all the latest sensors that make it a reliable bathroom extractor made from a high-quality polycarbonate material which is durable and IPX4 class waterproof.

It produces slightly visible noise of only 36 dB compared to regular extractors. But it does not vibrate, which is more bothering than a fan noise. The installation is simple and easily fit on walls and ceiling mounts. It has a motion sensor that detects the bathroom’s activity and starts the timer that refreshes the air and reduces moisture.

  • Perform air extraction at 52 CFM, which is 25 litres per second.
  • High-quality material built resist to scratches and water.
  • It produces 36 dB noise with temperature resistance.
  • Consists of auto-start timer, motion and humidity sensor.
  • Consume low power of 8 Watts suitable for a small room.

Knightsbridge 100mm Led Extractor Fan with Overrun Timer

Model BFS100LT
Extraction 52 CFM
Dimensions 12 x 15.8 x 15.8 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 27 dB
Timer Yes

The Knightsbridge is a smart extractor fan with an LED light design for convenience. It has a stainless steel modern design which is beautiful and proper finished for a premium look. The covered front is modern-looking and helps reduce fan noise. This cover provides a premium vibe and lowers the amount of noise produced by fans rotations.

Knightsbridge is one of the domestic extractor fans with light and many helpful smart options to adjust airflow. It has a humidistat-controlled electric fan with a humidity sensor switch for the UK to provide better efficiency.

The practical design has a front glass panel that holds LED backlights mounted inside the panel. It also indicated the quality approach and premium features such as timer functions that help clear the bathroom’s odour with an adjustable timer that can run for up to 30 minutes after switch off. That makes it is a decent modern extractor that detects the bathroom’s activity and reduces moisture and humidity.

The fans come with a draught shutter to block cold air from the extractor’s vents and only allow the bathroom indoor humid air exhalation. The function it provides with timer are decent and produces very minimal noise that is 27 dB, thanks to the front glass cover optimally reduce the impact of air and reduces the sound.

  • Sleek modern-looking useful design that lowers the noise.
  • Its smart features consist of a timer and humidity sensor.
  • The front glass panel has an LED backlight that lit up white.
  • A good silent extractor fan only produces 27 dB noise.
  • It comes with a back draught shutter that fits vertically and horizontally.
  • Extract air at 52 CFM, which is 25 litres per second.


Model SPK110
Extraction 110 CFM
Dimensions 29 x 19.4 x 26.7 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 40 dB SPL
Timer Yes

Kaze Appliance SE110L2 is a premium high-performance dual extractor fan that also doubles as a LED light. It is a powerful extractor for large bathrooms and rooms of 110 CFM area coverage. The CFM is the cubic meter per minute air travel through the extractor in a coverage area equal to 10 feet width and 10 feet length, which translates to 52 litres per second air extraction rate convenient for large surface area rooms.

The capabilities are phenomenal and contrary to night light when switching on. It will become a compatible dual-purpose extractor. It is a very powerful extractor fan with dual LED light and night light. Still consume medium voltage of 120 volts compared to other extractors. The capacity is huge, and the high flow extractor fan makes it possible;e to consider it one of the best ceiling extractor fans for bathrooms.

It has excellent quality and suitable choice for a premium bathroom where it can provide humid air very conveniently with slightly noticeable noise around 40 dB SPL noise. Easily mount to ceiling and wall if needed on the vents it can adjust right on ducting.

  • It is the most powerful high capacity extractor fan suitable for large bathrooms.
  • It’s capable of accommodating nigh light.
  • The extraction rate is 110 CFM which is 52 litres per seconds which is an excellent extraction rate.
  • Energy Star certified for showers with thermal insulations.
  • When extracting humid air is 40 dB SPL level which is noticeable.
  • Easily install on the ceiling and wall of the ventilation duct.

Xpelair VX150T Wall and Ceiling Extractor Fan

Model VX150
Extraction 100 CFM
Dimensions 21 x 9 x 21 cm
Duct Size 6 Inches
Noise 28 dB
Timer Yes

The Xpelair VX150 is UK standard extractor fan for Bathrooms and comes with built-in timer functions. It is IPX4 rated extractor suitable for 6 inches ducking and easily fits the shower’s ceiling and walls. The design is sleek and easily blend in most environments and comes with an included kit for windows serving. It is an ideal choice for flexible fittings on any ventilation area to remove moisture and hot air.

The powerful AC motor runs at the highest 6 litres per seconds extraction rate convenient for large extractor rooms. It also has smart timer features that make it run continuously for a selected time up to 30 minutes depending on the situation. The noise production is around 38 dB which is typical for a high-performance extractor fan. Overall it is a convenient choice for a new fitting because the included flexible kit helps fit it anywhere around the ventilation.

  • High-performance extractor fan for bathroom.
  • It can perform at 100 CFM, which is 47 litres per seconds air extraction rate.
  • Convenient for small to medium bathrooms and showers.
  • Produces average noise around 28 dB, which is decent.
  • Easily install on 150mm, 6 inches diameter ducting.

Domus SDF100TB Extractor Fan

Model SDF100TB
Extraction 47 CFM
Dimensions 18 x 17.5 x 10 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 23 dB
Timer Yes

The Domus SDF100TB bathroom exhaust fan comes with a timer feature, a silent performer in budget price tag. It serves the function of humidity extraction from toilets and baths efficiently and reduces the build-up of condensation, leading to moulds. The design is simple and easily installed on 4 inches ducting and easily fits the ceiling and walls.

The extractor is convenient for an average toilet where it provides the functionality of removing moisturisation and produces 23 dB level of noise which is minimal. It has an extraction rate of 23 litres per seconds which is decent for a small bathroom and shower. The functionality it provides is timer and humidity detection, making the indoor air pleasant and free from moisture.

  • Simple square design reliable extractor.
  • It performs extraction of 47 CFM which is around 23 litres per seconds.
  • The noise production is around 23 dB level.
  • Its smart features consist of timer and humidity sensors.

Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan

Model QF100T
Extraction 48CFM
Dimensions 16 x 11 x 16 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 27 dB
Timer Yes

The Manrose QF100T is a compact design quiet bathroom extractor fan suitable for 4 inches ducting. It can extract air at 48 CFM, 23 litres per sec from the bathroom and toilet and release pressure conveniently. It is a suitable toilet extractor fan with a noise control feature that reduces the noise to 27 dB, disturbing anyone when removing humid air from the bathroom. It can easily fit on the ceiling and the wall for better ventilation.

The design is IPX4 certified and made from thermoplastic materials that are durable and reliable to clean. Manrose is a quiet fan with a low energy motor that reduces the power consumption to 4.8 Watts and supports a backdraught shutter to eliminate the airflow through vents and only emit humid air, making it an ideal domestic performer for toilets.

  • It has a simple design but the quietest extractor fan.
  • Optimal shower room extractor fans for domestic bathrooms.
  • It produces low noise around 27 dB, which is very optimistic.
  • The extraction rate is around 48 CFM which is enough to humidify small to medium bathroom.
  • It support timer features with energy efficiency.

Xpelair C4HTS 4-inch Silent Contour Extractor Fan

Model QF100T
Extraction 44 CFM
Dimensions 21 x 14.5 x 21 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 16 dB
Timer Yes

Xpeliar C4HTS is the best humidistat extractor fan with silent features for optimal bathrooms. It has a good extraction motor that performs operations at 16 dB extremely low noise. It is a suitable bathroom extractor that can easily install on the ceiling and walls without much hassle. The extraction rate is 21 litres per seconds, but it is a very appreciated silent runner for the domestic toilet.

The fan speed is controllable and can change from a higher to a lower profile according to the situation. It removes humid and moisture air conveniently with time delay features. It also has an automatic mode that let it activate with the activity. The sleek and modern design looks very compact and guarantees reliable extraction.

  • It is a compact modern design bathroom fan with quiet and silent performance.
  • Perform extraction at 44 CFM, which is 21 litres per seconds.
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling and produces 16 dB decibels with very low noise.
  • It has a timer and variable speeds for low and high performance.

Vents Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

Model 100-Silenta-M
Extraction 46 CFM
Dimensions 9 x 11 x 15 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 26 dB
Timer Yes

The Vents 100 Silent M is a featureful small compact extractor that can easily fit 100mm to 150mm vents. It is a suitable fan for a domestic bathroom with reliable 26 decibels minimum noise production. It has an air extraction rate of 46 CFM, 22 litres per sec speed for releasing condensation conveniently.

It is the best silent bathroom extractor fan with timer features and comes with a back draught shutter to stop the air pressure buildup. The design is aesthetic and made of durable ABS plastic which simplifies it to scratches and increases efficiency with a low power consumption of only 5.5 watts.

  • It is an aesthetic design extractor with minimal noise of 26 dB.
  • Provide an extraction rate of 46 CFM, which is 22 litres to humidify the air.
  • It comes with a back draught shutter for convenience.
  • Support timer features with energy efficiency functions.

Vent Axia 446658B Silent Extractor Fan

Model 446658B
Extraction 44CFM
Dimensions 12 x 16 x 16 cm
Duct Size 4 Inches
Noise 14 dB
Timer Yes

The Vent Axia 446658B is a very modern-looking silent extractor fan that can easily fit bathroom ceiling and wall. It is a suitable extractor fan for a domestic toilet and does not create noise due to the front panel that does not make it a stylish looking but also lower noise up to 14 decibels. Vents make it very attractive with variable speeds to ensure the useability optimal in any situation.

It has an extraction rate of 44 CFM, which is 21 litres per second. For the air extraction rate, it is reliable for removing humid air conveniently with the damp functions. Its sensors detect automatically and set a timer to remove the moist air. The extractor is convenient and performs extraction with the timer to stop condensation that leads to mould buildup.

  • It is a modern-looking, very convenient extractor fan.
  • Runs on very minimal noise of 14 dB.
  • Extract air at a max speed of 21 litres per seconds.
  • The timer features are very helpful in balancing the humidity level.