Best Instant Coffee UK

A refreshing cup of the best instant coffee can help you start the day with the healthiest indulgence and boost your immune system. Instant coffee is a convenient choice for quick-making by simply adding hot water or milk, and sipping it in mourning turns sluggish steps into a frenzy. Now that you’ve arrived here, it means you’re looking for extra special high-quality coffee granules, despite the fact that the supermarket is crammed with millions of brands.

We are going to review the ten of the best instant coffee UK for quality, excellent taste and aroma that is beloved by pure coffee lovers. This is a no-holds-barred guide to the best instant coffee brands. You can bookmark this page and return to it from time to time for your coffee supplies; we will have updates in a few months with new and tasty flavours.

In Britain, every day begins with a cup of coffee. It is an energising morning ritual followed through by the majority of states of the European Union (EU). An instant cup of coffee is going to be a big help for whatever the day ahead has in store.

However, the decision is personal: you can choose a coffee machine for milling ground coffee which takes time for extraction, whereas soluble coffee is quick to serve. This is why coffee crystals are a hallmark of modernity and convenience.

Quick Shopping Tips:

When selecting the best instant coffee, there are several factors to consider. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of quick tips that are fully indulged with the highest quality dried coffee brands. Although most people prefer dark roasted beans, some have considered mild or lightly roasted coffee for personal taste. To make the perfect choice, you can go through the given tips and build your own taste by experimenting with various coffee flavours.

Types of Coffee Granules: Basically, coffee granules have three types to consider for your tasteful decision. Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee, Microground Instant Coffee and Spray-Dried Instant Coffee.

Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee: comes through a drying process that is superior to the spray drying process. It has a crystallised form and is widely recognised as the highest quality level of instant coffee made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Microground Instant Coffee: is a cross between ground coffee and freeze-dried granules. It is made from finely ground coffee that has been processed to completely dissolve when mixed with hot water. It is a new kind of breakthrough in homebrewing instant coffee that is identical to regular ground coffee.

Spray-Dried Instant Coffee: is another type that is considered slightly low quality for its ordinary coffee beans and does not go through the lengthy process of freeze-drying. The spray-drying process is short and less expensive but has mediocre flavours.

Caffeine: In general, instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee. If you’re looking to consume less caffeine, then going with decaf soluble coffee is a possible answer to your preference. You can look for the labels mentioned decaf. Those who need caffeine can choose regular coffee crystals, which is a fine choice for caffeine intake.

Coffee Intensity (Bitterness) and Flavours: Acidity is one of the flavour elements of coffee, from the coffee intensity; medium roast, dark roast, or light roast beans. Dark roast beans are the least acidic. While high acidity may be fine for most people, it is known to aggravate certain health conditions such as gastric ulcers. It is determined by the degree of coffee bean roasting and varies from mellow to bold. You can make coffee less acidic by simply adding milk to avoid any negative effects.

Storing Instant Coffee: It is the fact instant coffee lasts longer than ground coffee. If you want it to last longer after opening, keep it in its original packaging if it has one, or repackage it in an airtight container to avoid moisture, heat, and humidity. You can store it in your refrigerator but make sure the container is properly sealed to keep it cool and dry.

Package Size: There are various packaging such as glass jars, tins and boxes that usually contain sachets. It is the brand’s own preference to have either of the packagings. If you intend to keep the container, you should choose durable packaging; otherwise, glass jars are fragile and not a preferred pack for shipment.

At a Glance:

  1. Kenco Rappor Instant Coffee Granules
  2. Lyons Rich Roast Instant Coffee Granules
  3. Kenco Millicano Americano Intense Coffee
  4. Starbucks VIA Colombian Roasted Coffee
  5. Nescafe Taster’s Choice Barista Kosher Coffee Crystals
  6. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix
  7. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee
  8. Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Coffee
  9. illy Instant Coffee 100% Arabica
  10. Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Instant Coffee

10 Best Instant Coffee UK

Kenco Rappor Instant Coffee Granules
Kenco Rappor Instant Coffee Granules (Image credit: Amazon)

Kenco Rappor Instant Coffee Granules

Smooth Instant Coffee


Brand: Kenco | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Original | Caffeine: DeCaffeinated | Roast Intensity: Medium Roast | Package: Metal Tin 750g x 2 |


One of the best-rated instant coffees.

Made with high-quality Arabica beans.

Supplied in a resealable tin for refreshing flavours.

Original flavour, great taste with a pleasant aroma.


Rare with Limited Stock.

Kenco Rappor Instant Coffee is expertly roasted and freeze-dried Arabica beans are rich for a full-bodied experience that captures the smooth and distinctive coffee flavour. If you fancy an everyday instant coffee blend for a perfect start to your day, the well-balanced taste of medium roasted finest full-bodied Arabica beans is lively to perfect taste with a hint of excellent flavour. The result is a well-balanced, smooth coffee with an irresistible aroma.

Kenco is a British brand of instant ground coffee in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Kenco Rappor Coffee Granules is ideal for everyday drinking for smooth flavours, not very strong and not very light, it is what Kenco offers for instant coffee and it’s no wonder why this freeze-dried blend makes a smooth and well-rounded cup of coffee that’s ready in seconds.

For convenience, Kenco Rappor Coffee Granules benefits from the low prices and good flavours of real Arabica beans that keep coffee drinkers coming back for more. Although there are several other freeze-dried coffees at this price, but Kenco have something different about the balanced flavour and rich aroma of medium-roast coffee that keeps a legion of UK coffees.

Lyons Rich Roast Instant Coffee Granules
Lyons Rich Roast Instant Coffee Granules (Image credit: Amazon)

Lyons Rich Roast Instant Coffee Granules

Best Value Coffee


Brand: Lyons | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Original | Caffeine: Caffeinated | Roast Intensity: Dark Roast | Package: Metal Tin 750g x 2 |


Quality coffee granules with a strong and refreshing taste.

Durable metal tins with sealed lids preserve freshness for a long time.

A huge 750g tin is ideal for catering and office kitchens.

Contains a blend of Robusta Arabica beans.


Full of Caffeine.

Look for a caffeinated daily cup of instant coffee with a nutty aroma and creamy flavour similar to speciality coffee. Lyons Rich Roast Granule Coffee is a carefully blended soluble coffee of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The flavours are pleasant, but may not be strong enough for some coffee connoisseurs.

The perfectly indulgent coffee granules create cuppas with aroma, velvety texture and chocolate flavours that add to the pick of caffeinated drinks. Lyons Rich Roast granules are suitable for office workers who need a dosage of natural caffeine to boost their multitasking abilities while sipping through coffee.

It is made from a blend of natural taste dark roasted Arabica coffee beans that are roasted at the perfect temperature and then dried and frozen for easy preparation, making the taste more natural and fresh. In the UK, it is a resealable coffee for great-tasting and ensuring a cost-effective way of providing delicious coffee in your environment.

Kenco Millicano Americano Intense Coffee
Kenco Millicano Americano Intense Coffee (Image credit: Amazon)

Kenco Millicano Americano Intense Coffee

Strong Instant Coffee


Brand: Kenco | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Barista-style Americano | Caffeine: DeCaffeinated | Roast Intensity: Dark Roast | Package: Metal Tin 500g x 2 |


Excellent Barista instant coffee with Americano blended flavour.

Luxury instant coffee with a feel of perfect flavours.

It has a delicious dark roasted intense taste with a pleasant aroma.

Suitable cheapest Kenco coffee for vegetarians with and without milk.


Bold Taste is not for Everyone.

The Kenco Millicano Americano is a luxury instant coffee with dark roasted flavours of finely milled coffee beans. It gives a delicious premium taste that coffee lovers recognise for the strong instantly. It is one of the top coffee brands with the most popularity. The rich aroma that quickly fills the air when hot water is poured demonstrates Millicano Barista-style blends for a perfect cup every time.

Kenco instant coffee is a particularly Barista-style Millicano with good healthy flavours of whole dark roasted beans. Which makes it suitable for all families with different add ups for taste. You can use milk, cream or any flavour enhancer for extra. The aroma and taste are excellent for morning strength and help you lose weight and burn calories with a regular diet.

It tastes bold, rounded, heart-warming and rich, welcoming with a smooth finish. If you’re looking for a stronger tasting and balanced blend of freeze-dried instant coffee, take this Kinco, for instance.

Starbucks VIA Colombian Roasted Coffee
Starbucks VIA Colombian Roasted Coffee (Image credit: Amazon)

Starbucks VIA Colombian Roasted Coffee

Best Instant Espresso Coffee


Brand: StarBucks | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Bold Espresso | Caffeine: Caffeinated | Roast Intensity: Medium Roast | Package: Box Sachets |


Tastes bold and rich Espresso.

Delicious medium roasted Columbian coffee beans.

Easy and convenient packaging in sachets.

Best flavoured instant coffee suitable for everyone.


Expensive for Packet coffee.

A top-rated band of coffee beverages is now making instant coffee. The Starbucks VIA Columbian roasted brew coffee is soluble in hot water and has a rich taste of Espresso. It comes in sachets, not jars, which makes it a convenient choice. Just empty the sachet into a hot water mug, and for the taste, add some milk or caramel syrup and enjoy.

The coffee features Starbucks Arabica’s signature Columbian-style roasted coffee beans with cocoa and nut flavour. Its description tells made out of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans which makes it a complimentary taste coffee.

The packet has the same strong flavour and quality as a freshly brewed coffee cup. Without a doubt, it is ideal for daily caffeine needs with a true experience of the lovely and roasted flavour of Columbian coffee.

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Barista Kosher Coffee Crystals
Nescafe Taster’s Choice Barista Kosher Coffee Crystals (Image credit: Amazon)

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Barista Kosher Coffee Crystals

Flavoured Instant Coffee


Brand: Nescafe | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Hazelnut | Caffeine: Caffeinated | Roast Intensity: Medium Dark Roast | Package: Box Sachets |


Flavoury granule coffee.

Caffeinated to make the last long impression.

Deliciously sweetened coffee with the fragrance of Hazelnut.


Too Small Packets.

Too much Sweetened.

Nescafe Taster’s Choice is one of the premium quality lines of coffees. Taster’s Choice Hazelnut flavoured coffee delivers an intensely rich and toasty taste of Hazelnut in every cup you make with easy and convenient sachets. It has a rich and toasty aroma of medium-dark roast coffee beans collected from respectfully grown Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Sweet-toothed coffee aficionados can get Hazelnut flavoured coffee with a nutty, toasty, mixed tone. The Nescafe Taster’s Choice Hazelnut is what they can get for flavoured coffee, it has a Hazelnut blend with real coffee that is well-balanced for daily consumption in terms of caffeine content and crema.

Nescafe provides you with a unique coffee blend in the morning from a range of other coffees, but this is different. This will satisfy your cravings for great taste and smells. This full-bodied roast coffee has the high-quality smooth and rich nutty taste that we have preferred for Hazelnut lovers.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix (Image credit: Amazon)

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

Fancy Instant Coffee


Brand: Four Sigmatic | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Chaga Mushrooms | Caffeine: DeCaffeinated | Roast Intensity: Dark Roast | Package: Box Sachets |


Best quality, strong tasting organic coffee with a unique flavour.

Chaga mushrooms support immune functions and promote health benefits.

Sweeteners add a subtle sweetness to the flavour.

Boost thinking and concentration efficiently.


Taste is different than Regular Coffee.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee is a special instant made coffee made from organic Arabica coffee beans with flavours of mushrooms with lion’s mane, that is a unique and fancy taste for everyone. It has the lion’s mane signature mushroom ingredients that enhance the immune system. The blend of roasted Arabian beans and Chaga mushrooms are carefully crafted from organic soil without pesticides and then brewed and freeze-dried to micro pieces.

It comes in sachets for a conventional appearance. The blend has loads of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from Reishi Mushroom with many antioxidants for health benefits such as containing inflammation healing properties. It is fit for workdays and active hours for perfect focus and performance. A good concentrator coffee that kicks the adrenaline when doing productive work.

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee (Image credit: Amazon)

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

Premium Instant Coffee UK


Brand: Douwe Egberts | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Original | Caffeine: DeCaffeinated | Roast Intensity: Medium Roast | Package: Glass Jar, 400g x 6 |


Suitable for the whole family’s best tasting instant coffee.

Dutch favourite authentic taste with decaf properties.

Freshly sealed jars to preserve the best quality.

Deliciously flavoured premium Douwe Egberts coffee.


Glass Bottle.


Douwe Egberts Pure Gold is an instant coffee from the most famous British coffee brand Douwe Egberts. It is made with both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans for a whole family flavour. The mildly-roasted freeze-dried coffee is suitable for the whole family with balanced flavours of medium roasted beans that are easily soluble in hot water and make delicious smoothies.

Douwe Egberts is known for their best instant coffees in the UK, known for premium quality. Medium roasted gold coffee is their signature for overall best flavours, aromas and tastes that are natural and uncompromised. Good for families and office lads who are into mild roast medium flavour coffee for homemade cappuccino and latte textures.

It is gold coffee for concoction drinkers with great authentic taste, making this an excellent dry freezed soluble coffee.

Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Coffee
Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Coffee (Image credit: Amazon)

Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Coffee

Best Lavazza Instant Coffee


Brand: Lavazza | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried, Microground | Flavour: Organic Coffee | Caffeine: Caffeinated | Roast Intensity: Dark Roast | Package: Metal Tin 95g x 6 |


Premium quality value pack.

It tastes great with a pleasant aroma.

It is strongly caffeinated by a long-lasting impression.

Tin sealed to preserve the natural aroma.



Lavazza Prontissimo is an instant coffee blend with roasted ground coffee which gives perfect coffee taste with dark crema, lingering flavour and decisive aroma. It is rich with organic Arabica beans that are dark roasted for a strong flavour, which is most suitable with hot milk. The freeze-dried process makes this a quick soluble coffee for long-lasting shelf life.

The beans are finely grounded and dark roasted for an intense taste that can easily blend with sweeteners and milk for individual preference. A great value premium coffee with a proper coffee flavour balance is neither too bitter nor too sweet and has caffeine for increased mental performance.

illy Instant Coffee 100% Arabica
illy Instant Coffee 100% Arabica (Image credit: Amazon)

illy Instant Coffee 100% Arabica

Best Instant Coffee for Iced Coffee


Brand: illy | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Original | Caffeine: Caffeinated | Roast Intensity: Dark Roast | Package: Metal Tin, 95g |


Two spoons can make a delicious cup.

Fruit-flavoured sweetener.

Soft roast decaffeinated coffee.


Flimsy Tins.

Illy is a famous brand of coffee worldwide known for its sustainable original coffee taste. If you want the same classic taste for soluble coffee than illy instant coffee is go through for delicious medium roast 100% Arabica beans which has a lingering sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine.

It’s an authentic Italian quality that’s flawlessly consistent, smooth, balanced, and never bitter. Put a distinctive blend of fine Arabica coffee ready by simply pouring two teaspoons of illy’s instant coffee into your cup and adding non-boiling water to savour.

We found a good flavoured illy signature blend that is similar to authentic Italian enhanced bold tasting coffee with delicate caramel notes. The whole bean coffee is not too bitter nor too mild. The illy taste is perfectly balanced in rich flavours of flowers as it is a convenient instant format.

Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Instant Coffee
Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Instant Coffee (Image credit: Amazon)

Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Instant Coffee

Instant Mocha Coffee Mix


Brand: Cafédirect | Instant Coffee Type: Freeze Dried | Flavour: Dark Chocolate | Caffeine: Caffeinated | Roast Intensity: Medium Roast | Package: Glass Jar, 100g x 6 |


Rich in velvety presence of flavour.

Made from 100% Arabica beans.

Full-bodied with dark chocolate overtones.


Very strong Taste.

Less in Quantity.

Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu coffee has a unique velvety dark chocolate overtone. This is a 100% Arabica beans soluble coffee that are from a new brand that offers Fairtrade coffee for the UK market. Coffee is light acidity, freeze-dried and simply instant with the flavour of healthy chocolate that brightens up your day.

In the UK, Cafédirect is a rising brand that people have begun to recognise for rich and nutty tasting flavours that cost more than average brand coffee. We were surprised by the brew; it has an immune-boosting effect but is not a low-calorie coffee. They have described low acidity, which indicates the Arabica bean for fine dark mild cocoa aroma.

How Coffee Affects Our Body Functions

Stimulants are drugs that increase alertness, attention, and energy

coffee is a stimulant that helps boost brain function and increase the amount of dopamine in our system. The function it performs gives our body an energy boost while also benefiting from attention and increased alertness. Besides this coffee has potential health benefits as a hot beverage. It helps our brain’s cognitive functions for activeness throughout the day while also aiding in digestion, improving mood, tension, headache and migraine with caffeine dosage.

Instant vs Ground Coffee

When comparing ground coffee and soluble coffee, both have advantages and drawbacks. The advantages of coffee granules are being quick, easy and long-lasting with good shelf life, thanks to the drying process which preserves the strong coffee flavour, colour, and antioxidant levels, all of which are beneficial to our health.

However, the taste of instant coffee is not equal to a fresh ground coffee, but it closely relates to taste. If you ask, ground coffee has the disadvantage of requiring a coffeemaker and takes a long time to brew.


Britain, in the majority, enjoys soluble coffee cheerfully at wake-ups, afternoons and even late nights. It is a routine drink every day to improve concentration, mood and increase overall activity for the daily work schedule. The review took a brief introduction to ten of the best instant coffees UK, with the advantage of consuming coffee as a healthy diet.

The benefits of choosing the best instant coffee is to enjoy the natural taste of coffee beans and get through daily goals with full energy. It is a morning beverage that reduces the risk of heart failure and positively affects brain functions. We researched and detailed all the best coffee brands in the UK that are trusted by coffee lovers.

We hope you found what you were looking for. The selection includes trusted instant coffee brands that will make you feel easy and motivated by the importance of meeting your daily caffeine requirements to boost performance even when you’re tired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you filter instant coffee?

The advantage of instant coffee is that it can be brewed without any effort, which means no filters or coffee machine involvement is required. Simply combine the coffee powder with hot water and you’re done making coffee. However, the ground coffee needs filter in the brewing process to distil the diterpenes compounds. It is only relevant for ground coffee.

Can you make instant coffee with milk instead of water?

Yes, you can make instant coffee with milk. Milk is a suitable solvent of coffee that makes silky coffee smooth with buttery cream for a delicate taste. You can make instant coffee with milk for sure, and it gives flavours differently than water.

Why is instant coffee so popular in the UK?

The obvious answer is that instant coffee is quick and efficiently served with the addition of hot or cold water. Even with its short shelf life, instant coffee dominates Britz homes with its popularity over ground coffee. Britz is a nation of coffee drinkers, and Brits enjoy their coffee culture very much.

What is the difference between instant coffee and coffee grounds?

The main difference between instant coffee and ground coffee is that both are picked straight from the cherries and roasted to a specific degree. After this stage, ground coffee separates and is packed, leaving you with all the effort to use a coffee maker to brew. As the instant coffee moves forward with the ground coffee solution, it is then processed with freeze-drying that ends up in solid crystals of coffee that are instantly soluble in hot and cold water, making it an instant coffee.

What is the best instant coffee in the UK?

The best instant coffee to buy in the UK is Kenco Millicano Americano for its Barista-style Americano flavours with a balanced blend of micro-ground coffee. Decaffeinated with dark roasted Arabica beans, decaffeinated for health benefits. In comparison, Douwe Egbert’s pure gold is premium gold coffees are exceptionally well flavoured for the whole family with rich and bold tastes.

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