Elixir Rodex25 Strong Rat Poison with Easy to Use Sachets

Poison Bromadiolone
Bait Whole Wheat

Elixir has the most effective and rapid action Bromadiolone, with extracts of Denatonium Benzoate, which is a super rodent killer poison. It comes in easy packaging with direct use implementation. There will be no mess for making or setting baits in bait boxes. It comes in simple packaging.

It would be best if you put it in the correspondence area where the rodent’s activity is high and then see the work of perfection. Putting it near the nesting spots and the ideal places such as holes, caves, and activity sites is a straightforward approach for rats to come and dice.

The result starts in 3 to 5 days, and one packet is efficient for two giant rats. You can use it around the fenced area and yards or farms where vermins are very active and furious.

The Rodex25 is a stable poison with Bromadiolone and Denatonium Benzoate, and it kills 99% of rodents effectively. In addition, it has highly palatable wheat grains that rats love to eat, and it is safe to handle.

When rats eat the grains, the unique red dye makes a colour effect on the surface, shows rodent activities, and baits progress.

  • Ready to use formulation made bait easy for any space with and without the bait box.
  • Potent rat poison suitable for indoor and outdoor use for large farms, gardens, and houses.
  • It gives effective results in 3 to 8 days and useful for giant rats to small mice.
  • Real food-grade bait of whole wheat grains, in particular, micronise sweeteners.
  • It is a formulation bait that obstructs the growth of fungi in the outdoor environment.
  • Produce a red hue after effect that indicates that mice or rats ate the bait.

Pest Expert Formula B+ Rat Poison Maximum Strength

Poison Brodifacoum
Bait Whole Wheat

It is the most powerful formula B-Plus rat poison that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use efficiently. Made from professional-grade Brodifacoum rodenticide. You can place it inside the bait box and pour 50g daily. Depending on the situation, you can increase the amount for more than one rat and check for progress.

It has a success rate of 3 to 6 days and handy for house mice and farm rats. They get attracted toward its highly palatable formation a feed on it until death. You can put it in any place near the nest or behind the walls in an extra careful manner. Use this poison with extra care as it is the most potent poison with a very high success rate and can harm other animals around your place.

The food it uses is whole Wheat grains and coated with the formula for containing maximum results. Do care for children and place it away for children children’s reached house pets and care for wild animals because it is lethal to wild animals or birds. Be careful and use it under the tight bait container when pets nearby.

  • An effective rat poison with a high success rate compatible with bait stations.
  • Easy to use around inside and outside the house for optimal results.
  • Whole wheat grain food bait with very pellet coating that mice like to eat.
  • Quick results show in 3 to 6 days, and it is lethal to all rats and mice.
  • It is a highly palatable grain without wax content that is safe to fungus.
  • Produce a blue hue as a result of a rat eating bait indication.

Roshield Bait Box Kit with Rat Pasta Poison Sachets

Poison Denatonium
Bait Pasta

Roshield is a very well-known pest company for making high-quality, effective pesticides and rat poisons. Their professional easy to use a lethal dose of Denatonium Benzoate is a rat killer poison with a high success rate of killing rats and mice.

The pasta flavouring bait has a unique peanut taste to encourage rats to consume it on sight. It comes in easy to use sachets forbidden to humans as it has bitter substance for the tongue. The included full functioning kit is very much suitable for removing the bulk of rodents efficiently.

It is advisable to eliminate the available food resources that rodent relies on to attract them to the bait. To do so, use closed containers that are vermin protected and adequately seal the food sources. The included tamper-proof bait box is sufficient for house rats and commercial buildings.

You can easily use the bait in the Roshield bait station and comply with the instruction as labelled. The poison is potent, and the included essentials make this a superior treatment against the furious rats.

  • Easy to use poison with included bait box that makes it suitable for house use.
  • A secure bait box makes it possible for rats to enter the box and eat the bait without a mess.
  • Effective poison with a high success rate with sweet pasta bait.
  • The bait box is made of recycled plastic and tempered protected.
  • Synthetic peanut flavouring on top makes rodents to eat with charm.
  • It has a quick success rate of 3 to 6 days and optimal with multiple bait boxes.

RatKil Rat Poison Bait Blocks Professional Strength

Poison Difenacoum
Bait Cereals

RatKil is an easy to use professional grade highly palatable poison for rats. It is designed with waterproof functions to make it suitable for all-weather and environmental conditions. You can place it as bait for rodents indoor or outdoor.

It has 15 different flavours of cereals that mice like to eat and contaminate with Difenacoum that exploit rats no matter their size. It is sufficient for all size rats. The cube design is easy to use with temper proof bait box for home use.

The poison shows result in 3 to 6 days with few feeds. You can use it for the open areas and farms where mice infestation is high. Difenacoum cubes are highly palatable, and sweat in flavour makes them irresistible to their nature.

  • It is a potent weatherproof poison for all situations to kill rats and mice.
  • Sweat cereals flavour bait that urges rodents to investigate.
  • It easily fits on a rod inside the bait boxes, suitable for house use.
  • Less messy and effective poison with a high success rate.
  • 3 to 6 days of feed shows results effectively.
  • Ideal for in house use such as kitchen and dining area.

Roshield Wax Bait Rat Killer with Tamper Proof Box Kit

Poison Benzisothiazolin
Bait Cereals

It is the best bait kit for rodents in the house with two tempered protected bait boxes and two sachets of bait cubes. It is a high-quality rodenticide with many cereal flavours bound in waxes to attract rats and mice.

Roshield always brings high-quality pesticides, and this is another top-quality palatable formulation cube bait for rodents that cause you many waves of panic. These are the weatherproof wax-coated bait cubes that do not affect by fungus and environmental bacterias.

The bait cubes have a sweet aroma that helps rats locate them quickly, but this smell also affects other pet animals, so be careful about your pets’ safety and place it under the bait containers.

  • It has an excellent deal of bait boxes with poison.
  • The cubes are weatherproof and suitable for challenging situations.
  • Sweat cereals with aroma attract rats from the nests.
  • Easy to manage and very efficient to bait with two boxes.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use with peace of mind.
  • Strong and effective poison with a high success rate of 3 to 6 days.

Pest-Stop Super Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Baits

Poison Difenacoum
Bait Pasta

Pest-Stop super mouse and rat killer pasta baits are professional rat poison blocks for all mice and rats grades. The blocks are effective against all the species of rats. Each 20-gram block serves the purpose with highly palatable human-grade food ingredients. It has different cereals, floor, and sweeteners with a unique aroma that engage rodents’ noses. The weatherproof blocks will survive harsh conditions with the same rapid action effectively. It uses strong rat poison called Difenacoum poison for rat kills. That is not safe for other animals because the bait needs to place inside the bait containers for only targeted rats.

EcoClear RatX Natural Non-Toxic Rat Pellet Poison

Poison Natural Poison
Bait Cereals

It is the most welcoming eco-friendly rat poison with a lethal 100% success rate natural dose. RatX is a well-known brand of pesticides, and this is their top-notch non-toxic natural ingredients. The poison contains vegetables and cereals. It has a very high success rate of 3 to 5 days because of unique strategic natural methods that attack rat’s stomachs and thrust them to die. The poison is also effective in eliminating the odour of the remains of rats naturally. It is also safe for birds of prey and pet animals as it is only effective to rats species in single feed with pout the risk of contaminating the food stock.

Agro Block Poison Bait with lethal rat killer poison

Poison Bromadiolone
Bait Cereals

Just one bite and all your problems are gone with rodents. Whether they are roof rats or underfloor scouts, they all will be gone with this professional-grade high success rate Denatonium mixed bait. Agro Block Poison Bait killer is made from human-grade delicious food and comes in chunky blocks formate. The good results show in 3 to 5 days, and a lethal dose can affect a single feeding. It has a stable 99% success rate and handles all species vermins effectively due to its highly palatable food bait, making rats love to eat. Use the bait station with this poison, and all rodents will die safely.

D-Con Corner Rat Poison Bait with Station Box

The rat poison is specially made for bait box refilling and has a high-quality strong, active ingredient Cholecalciferol. It makes rodents feed regularly on poison and die with sudden death. The special bait station is very potent for the rats and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The bait is processed with a weatherproof coating and useable in harsh conditions. Just placed it in the area where pets and children can’t disturb as the poison might hurt them. The ingredient cholecalciferol has a formulation to cause blood clotting. If an animal swallows it, contact the vet for instructions and emergency treatment. Otherwise, it is a great poison for rats of all kinds, and it is weather-resistant, which makes it excellent for basements, sheds, and farms.

Rentokill Mouse Weatherproof Blocks Chunk Poison for Rats

Poison Diphacinone
Bait Cereals

Rentokill mouse weatherproof blocks rat poison is well-known for rat killing for home and commercial uses. It has Bromethalin and Diphacinone poison that is effective for rats of all sizes and species. The bait chinks formulate for easy placements in bait boxes. They are also weather-resistant. It means the active ingredient inside preserving its effectiveness for a longer period in harsh weather conditions. The pellets come in versatile food flavours that make the bait attractive toward rats. It is effective rat poison shows results within five days and kills rodents in any weather condition.

Roshield Tamper Proof Rat Bait Box and Bait Stations

Roshield tamper-proof rat poison boxes made of high-quality ASC plastic material. Each box can hold a bunch of mouse and rat baits for safe and secure delivery. It comes in a pair with the design for all type of rodents. These are the safe bait stations for Rats to feed bait while preventing other pets and animals from interacting. It has a key lock that makes it secure from kids and animals to temper it. The box has its weight of about a kg and made from rigid polypropylene to prevent movements. The two boxes come with all the necessary attachments for the bait filling and making it a functional bait station. Use the bait station with precaution and not touch rat poison with bare hands only touch with protective gloves. These are a good deal safe and discrete vermin bait boxes securely lock and safe from larger pet animals and works in bad weather.