Best Wet Dog Food UK

Dogs have a strong prey drive and prefer meat in their diet, whether it’s the healthiest dry dog food or single protein wet dog food UK. Finding nutrient-rich natural ingredient meals for your dogs is important for a risk-free diet which is why you are here to find our tested ten recipes of best wet dog food UK that we find grain free, all-natural with the highest meat protein ingredients for your lovely and loyal companions.

A moist diet is a requirement for every canine to be sated with a proper meal that contains higher meat protein and fats, such is similar to the best wet cat food for felines. Dogs require proper care and nutrition to remain active in our lives and live close to us with a healthy body and lots of love.

It is on us to keep our companion’s cats and dogs staying healthy with the food they can digest properly to gain essential nutrients that meet all of their body requirements. There are plenty of readily available best dry cat foods and moist food from top brands that also serve both canines and felines for their dietary requirements.

However, exploring each one takes time and effort, which is why we take the hard work into our hands and give you a single list of excellent canine foods with good qualities for various health benefits that also value your wallet.

To treat your dog well, you will find reviews of ten of best affordable wet dog food in the UK, each of which has an esteemed quality and analytics to show the ingredients and amount of nutrients for the best buying experience. We believe the reviewed canned meals are the best gravy food for puppies of all ages.

The Best Highest Protein Wet Dog Food UK At A Glance:

  1. Lily’s Kitchen Wild Campfire Stew
  2. Forthglade Complete Natural Canned Food
  3. HiLife Banquet Flaked Chicken with Rice and Liver
  4. Pedigree Vital Protection Wet Dog Food
  5. Skinner’s Field & Trial Chicken & Root Veg
  6. Butchers Tripe Mix Grain-Free Recipes
  7. Cesar Selection in Sauce with Succulent Meats
  8. Naturediet Feel Good Complete Diet for Pups
  9. Natures Menu Cans in Multi-Flavours
  10. James Wellbeloved Turkey in Gravy

Best Affordable Wet Dog Food UK

Lily's Kitchen Wild Campfire Stew

Lily’s Kitchen Wild Campfire Stew

Organic Wet Dog Food


Brand: Lily’s Kitchen |Ingredient: Venison, Pheasant, Salmon |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 10% |Crude Fat and Oils: 7% |Crude Fibres: 0.80% |Crude Ash: 2.40% |Moisture: 77% |


Doggo enjoys game animal meat.

65% all-natural meat ingredients.

Boast several flavours with organic nutrients.

A choice for dogs that may be allergic to traditional protein sources.


The cost is higher than average.

Only 0.8% crude fibres.

Lily’s Kitchen Wild Campfire Stew is a nutrient-dense meal made with freshly prepared venison, pheasant, and salmon in an irresistible grain-free recipe.

Dogs enjoy the game’s flavours just as much as we do. They enjoy consuming natural and tasty venison, which provides them with the energy of wild nature.

If you haven’t changed your dog’s food in months, now might be the time to give Wild Campfire Stew a try so your pouch can enjoy a unique taste with an all-organic and healthy recipe.

Lily’s Kitchen Complete Food is expensive compared to other brands in the UK and is made from 65% game meat and 10.4% protein, indicating a balanced proportion of wholesome fruits and vegetables.

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Forthglade Complete Natural Canned Food

Forthglade Complete Natural Canned Food

Best Natural Wet Dog Food


Brand: Forthglade |Ingredient: Lamb, Turkey, Duck |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 11% |Crude Fat and Oils: 7.50% |Crude Fibres: 0.70% |Crude Ash: 4% |Moisture: 70% |


An excellent ratio of over 75% meat ingredients.

Well-priced real protein dog food.

All are naturally good for the pooch with a sensitive stomach.

No artificial ingredients.


Only lamb flavour requires the mixing of dry food.

9.5% high crude fat.

The Forthglade Complete Natural Canned Food has a variety of recipes: lamb, turkey, and duck with real meat ingredients.

The three natural recipes have different combinations for the most sensitive of tummies to enjoy a proper meal with quality flavours.

Forthglade pet foods are known for their natural ingredients, and they serve well on all budgets. You can have 12 x 395g trays with four of each flavour, which is turkey, lamb and duck.

The lamb dish of Forthglade wet dog food, contains 90% lamb with gravy without anything artificial, junk, filters and grains which makes it a perfect food for adult dogs to lean healthy meals.

However, the turkey and duck recipes have got 75% flakes from each meat source with a mix of nutritional ingredients.

Because all three flavours are complete foods, you can serve a mix of dry kibbles at mealtimes if your dog becomes overly hungry.

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HiLife Banquet Flaked Chicken with Rice and Liver

HiLife Banquet Flaked Chicken with Rice and Liver

Best Wet Dog Food For Small Breeds


Brand: HiLife |Ingredient: Chicken breast, Rice, Liver |Suitable: Adult Dogs |Grains/Additives: Cassia gum |Crude Protein: 8% |Crude Fat and Oils: 1% |Crude Fibres: 1% |Crude Ash: 1% |Moisture: 85% |


100% natural ingredients.

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Made of 36% chicken breast.

An easy-open pouch is efficient for quick serving.

Carrageenan free food.


Better served with a dry food topping.

HiLife Banquet Flaked Chicken with Rice and Liver is a complete dog food cooked in a jelly recipe. It has all the high-quality ingredients and supplements to ensure a delicious and healthy dog appetite.

HiLife chooses only human-grade quality ingredients that are good for canine health and free from any preservatives and artificial colourants.

The delicious all-natural ingredients recipe meets the high standards of canine meals with visible chicken breast pieces and liver.

Its selection has 30 pouches of 100g that are made with 36% high meat ingredients with an 8% high protein ratio. If you like you can add it with dry food for more flavours.

The recipe is gently cooked to retain nutrients and enhance the taste and flavour of wet food, making it more appealing to picky canines.

Soft chicken breasts with jelly make it an easy meal for dogs over 12 months to not cause upset stomachs.

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Pedigree Vital Protection Wet Dog Food

Pedigree Vital Protection Wet Dog Food

Best Wet Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach and Diarrhea


Brand: Pedigree |Ingredient: Chicken, Beef, Lamb |Suitable: Adult Dogs |Grains/Additives: Cereals, Sugars |Crude Protein: 6% |Crude Fat and Oils: 4% |Crude Fibres: 1.80% |Crude Ash: 0.40% |Moisture: 81% |


Modestly priced.

Balanced with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.


7% Protein ratio is low.

Pedigree Vital Protection Canine Food is a complete food with chicken, beef, lamb and poultry flavours. Each flavour has a unique texture in moist gravy.

The giant pack contains 100g of 80 pouches with twenty of each flavour of meat ingredients.

The food has the full flavour of meat and is balanced with beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals for dog health.

Pedigree Dog Food is the UK’s famous pet food brand and trusted producer of quality wet food for dogs. The vital protection of beef and chicken gravy selection is free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Each flavour contains 34% highest meat content with animal meat derivates, whereas most recipes contain only 6% protein.

A bag is sufficient as a standalone meal that will satisfy your dog’s hunger but to make it sufficient for large or giant dogs you need to add dry biscuits for a proper diet.

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Skinner's Field & Trial Chicken & Root Veg

Skinner’s Field & Trial Chicken & Root Veg

Best Quality Wet Dog Food


Brand: Skinner’s Field |Ingredient: Chicken & Root Veg |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 10% |Crude Fat and Oils: 8% |Crude Fibres: 3% |Crude Ash: 3% |Moisture: 72% |


60% chicken to provide a good source of dietary protein.

Palatable and easy to digest with a balanced meal.

Suitable for active canines with sensitive digestions.

Suitable for grain intolerance fussy eaters.


Cartons are hard to open.

Skinner’s has been making dog food for 50 years and has established incredible loyalty and trust with high-quality ingredient meals with nutritional support.

The Skinner’s Field & Trial Chicken & Root Veg is a simple grain-free recipe for chicken meat that is ideal for dogs with sensitivities.

It has a high proportion of chicken meat (60%) and contains 10% crude protein and 8% fat proportions.

These figures are significantly better for a proper meal that is complete and has an easily digestible combination of chicken and vegetables that creates a perfectly balanced nutrient meal that dogs enjoy eating.

The component it ensures is sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnip with essential vitamins and minerals that boost immune health and benefit puppies’ health.

It comes in 390g of 18 packets for large serving portions. Skinners have packed it into eco-friendly cartons, which advantage the same capacity as standard-sized cans, trays, and pouches.

Doing so, we find it easy to store and this environmentally friendly packaging stays fresh for a long time and reduces plastic waste and carbon footprint.

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Butchers Tripe Mix Grain-Free Recipes

Butchers Tripe Mix Grain-Free Recipes

Best Wet Canned Dog Food


Brand: 72% |Ingredient: Tripe, Beef, Chicken |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 8.50% |Crude Fat and Oils: 6% |Crude Fibres: 0.20% |Crude Ash: 2% |Moisture: 80 |


Good for picky eaters.

Value pack of 24 x 400g tins.

Balanced with healthy nutrients.

Grain-free without any artificial flavours or colourants.


Expensive canned food.

Butchers Tripe Mix Grain-Free Recipe is a nutrient-dense treasure of dog meals that are free of artificial preservatives.

It is a British-made pooch diet that contains natural ingredients, beneficial oils, and prebiotics to keep canines fit and healthy.

The recipe contains meat ingredients from organic British and Irish farm chicken, tripe, and beef. These ingredients have an approximate proportion of 37% meat and 8.50% protein.

The tripe recipe is naturally packed with high-quality protein and calcium for strong bones, Vitamin B12, and the all-important Omega-3 and Omega-6 to support the immune system and promote healthy skin and shiny coats.

Being grain-free Butchers Tripe Mix is the original recipe that is naturally gluten-free, containing no grains or bulkers. It makes this recipe a perfect meal full of natural ingredients that nourish canine health.

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Cesar Selection in Sauce with Succulent Meats

Cesar Selection in Sauce with Succulent Meats

Wet Dog Food for Fussy Eaters


Brand: Cesar |Ingredient: Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Turkey |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Cereals |Crude Protein: 8.50% |Crude Fat and Oils: 5% |Crude Fibres: 2.10% |Crude Ash: 0.50% |Moisture: 81% |


No added sugar, artificial colours or flavours.

Perfect for those picky eaters to enjoy chunks of meat.

Convenient portions for easy serving.


Older dogs may experience digestive issues.

Better to feed a mix of wet and dry food.

Cesar Succulent Meats is known for its delicious tender sauce canine meals. Their fresh sauce selection contains lamb, chicken, turkey, and vegetables, making it a tempting pallet for your furry friend to enjoy every bit of the meal.

The tasty meal contains essential vitamins and minerals in the natural protein which is rich in taste. We are thrilled with the sauce selection that our pet really clean the bowl and ask for more.

This sauce is slucent and made with 44% meat content from lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, meat and animal derivatives and vegetables. You can use it as a mixup of dry dog food to complement your furry friend.

We see a few visible chunks that give the impression of picky canines chewing and properly tasting the meat ingredients. Cesar provided this meal in 24 x 100g pouches that kept the natural ingredients fresh.

However, if your dog has sensitivities and cannot chew wholesome meat, it may not be a good choice for raw meat concentration.

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Naturediet Feel Good Complete Diet for Pups

Naturediet Feel Good Complete Diet for Pups

Best Diabetic Wet Dog Food


Brand: NaturesDiet |Ingredient: Chicken, Rice |Suitable: Suitable for Every Life Stage |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 10% |Crude Fat and Oils: 8% |Crude Fibres: 2% |Crude Ash: 2.50% |Moisture: 72% |


Full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Natural ingredients.


Relatively low moisture.

A gentle recipe of chicken, rice and carrots is a tasty and complete meal for all age pups. The Naturediet Feel Good Complete Diet for Mutts is a complete recipe made of 60% chicken, rice, and carrots.

This gives puppies a great taste of meaty pate which can be mashed or sliced for feeding every age mat. According to Nauturediet, his recipe is made by nutritionists and veterinarians who have balanced the formula with healthy ingredients.

If you like feeling your dog all-natural wet food recipes that are also soft and tender, we suggest this one for all.

It can be fed to your toy pup, bulldog, and senior large breed canine. This food is suitable for all breeds and even for a sensitive stomach, can digest smooth and silky paste.

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Natures Menu Cans in Multi-Flavours

Natures Menu Cans in Multi-Flavours

Best Wet Dog Food For Allergies


Brand: Natures Menu |Ingredient: Beef, Chicken |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 10.70% |Crude Fat and Oils: 6.50% |Crude Fibres: 0.50% |Crude Ash: 2.30% |Moisture: 78% |


Made with whole cuts of meat.

Complete and nutritionally balanced

No meat meals or meat derivatives.

Human-grade ingredients are gently cooked to retain nutrients.


Not suitable for sensitive tummies.

Nature’s Menu Cans come in a mixed variety of dog foods with high-quality ingredients. It is an exceptionally good quality meal for adult dogs considering human-grade ingredients.

It is made of 60% beef and chicken meat that is flavoured with vegetables and wholesome rice.

Supreme quality, natural and entirely grain-free, contains components like green-lipped mussels to keep your dog’s skin and coat in good condition.

We find that the special health-boosting formula is suitable for joint pain and arthritis. This allows you to take care of your pup with natural nutrients that are preservative free and contain the goodness of organic meat.

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James Wellbeloved Turkey in Gravy

James Wellbeloved Turkey in Gravy

Best Affordable Wet Dog Food


Brand: James Wellbeloved |Ingredient: Turkey, Rice |Suitable: Adult and Senior Dogs |Grains/Additives: Grain Free |Crude Protein: 8.10% |Crude Fat and Oils: 5.50% |Crude Fibres: 1% |Crude Ash: 1% |Moisture: 78% |


100% natural turkey meat.

Hypoallergenic with no beef, pork, soy, eggs, wheat or dairy.

Seaweed is rich in iodine and other trace elements.

Omega 3 & 6 oils, zinc, and fatty acids support healthy skin and glossy coats.

Suitable for overweight puppies.


Only one source of animal protein.

James Wellbeloved is a pet food brand with an excellent reputation, providing well-balanced quality pet meals from natural ingredients without any preservatives and artificial food colourants.

The new recipe of James Wellbeloved Turkey in Gravy contains a mixture of turkey meat and vegetables to offer your canine delicious flavours that will also meet their nutritional needs.

Protein from chicken meat is gradually cooked with all the essential vitamins, and minerals from natural herbs and roots to give a canine boost of health without additives or supplements.

Because it contains nutrients from natural sources like beets, linseed oil, tomatoes, peas, and alfalfa which is why it is considered the best high-protein canned dog food UK for flatulence.

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Buying Guide Of Best Wet Dog Food UK

Wet dog food has many qualities you can measure for the health benefits of your canine. It contains more moisture and soft meat chuck which are chewable by small dogs and senior dogs also do not itch the stomach as dry food does.

There are mostly grainy wet dog foods with a slight amount of rice and vegetables to neutralise dogs’ health issues.

According to the FDA and the Food and Drug Administration, strict grain-free foods might cause heart problems in dogs called cardiomyopathy.

So having a slight amount of grain is immediable to such health issues. You can always go with balanced nutrition for your canine.

Things You Should Know When Buying High Protein Can Dog Food

We have compiled a list of quick tips with a brief description of each quality of canine food for the possible selection so that your dog can eat a nutritious meal that is not overly expensive to stay within the limits of your wallet.

Just like affordable dry kibbles, some pet owners prefer to buy a premium range of pet food to be easy with sensitive stomachs, digestion and allergies. Whether your dog’s food comes in a can, tray or tin, there are certain quality measures for every canine food.

High Meat Ingredients For High Protein Wet Food

It is important to check the ingredient type and quantity for the single serving. Such an amount is labelled as the percentage of meat ingredient which presents the meat content in the recipe. More than 20% of meat ingredients from single or multiple sources are considered a premium range for the good health of your canine.

Meat and Animal Derivatives (Byproduct)

When you read the ingredient name source as byproduct or animal derivative, don’t be hesitant. These ingredients are sourced from slaughtered animal organs such as the heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, and tripe that have been passed as fit for human consumption, while also surplus for the food industry.

Grains and Carbohydrates Levels

Whole grains such as wheat, maize, corn, rice, and cereals are common ingredients. They provide natural vitamins, iron, magnesium, selenium, carbohydrates for energy, and fibre for digestion. Dogs, unlike cats, enjoy carbs (glucose & sweeteners) and have enzymes that aid in the digestion and breakdown of sugars and starches for energy. Since some breeds have shown allergic effects with grains it is better to avoid them.

Nutritionally Complete Food

The nutritional values are important and they are relative to ingredients and additives. A complete meal provides all the nutrients in balanced proportions that are suitable for daily feeding without adding further food products. These include water (moisture gravy, jellies, pates, and mousses), proteins, fats, carbohydrates, various minerals, and essential vitamins.

Allergies and Sensitivities

The sensitivity control meal is a special treatment either signed by a vet prescription or you have chosen a brand that offers quick aid for certain diseases to control at an early stage. Pet owners need to read the ingredients to avoid particular foods that your dog is sensitive to, such common sensitive ingredients are artificial additives and colourants, grains like soy and gluten from wheat.

Wet Dog Food For Different Life Stages

Puppies, adults, and even seniors have specific needs for nutritional goodness from specific meals. Young puppies up to 12 months of age need softer food with high protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals for growth.

Adults have eased for any good food they can chew and digest, specifically balanced proteins with essential minerals, and senior food can have medium protein with all the necessary elements for a health boost.

Set Your Budget For Expensive or Affordable Wet Dog Food

You have to set your budget for obtaining a quality canine meal with healthy ingredients. The pet food market has extended options that fit the budget of every pet owner to eliminate the worries of quality and quantity. You can choose the pooch meal that your budget allows.

Inexpensive meals aren’t necessarily bad for dogs; only a bad ingredient, such as food dyes, is harmful to canine health. While expensive recipes are tailored to the special dietary needs of a canine and offer relatively good ingredients with lean protein, natural vitamins and minerals without grains.

How We Choose Healthy Nutrition-Filled High Protein Canned Dog Food UK For Your Canine?

Different brands have different qualities with so many combinations and flavours you can choose for your favourite canine companion. There are many great options, but we choose the top best quality moist meal that meets most dogs’ requirements.

Some dogs prefer dry food and raw food. This is an appetite. Vets are considered moist gravy, a healthy choice when a dog becomes isn’t eating properly and has digestion problems, and the soupy soft meat chunks of wet food can cure the sour stomach and provide the necessary nutrients with easy digestion.

Why Is Wet Food Better For Dogs?

Moisture food is a perfect serving for senior dogs and young puppies as it needs less effort to chew and digest. Usually, its ingredients are cooked with water or sauce to tender the beef and come in a range of flavours with different animal protein sources. Good food has an aroma that attracts canines from the house’s corner.

It is a complete meal for all dogs who prefer a gravy-licking dish balanced with herbs and vegetable content to meet the mineral requirements, most likely for adult dogs. Canned dog food in bulk can be cheap and easy to afford. It makes sense to mix a dry and moist diet.

English Cockers, Spaniels and Maltese pet parents need specific attention to their canines as they are food picky. The best thing you can do for their appetite is to get different flavours of multipacks, as they want to feel special, it makes their fad eating habits a reality.


Choosing a palatable and appealingly moist diet is simple with our list of the top ten best wet dog food UK. They are suitable for all life stages, we prefer high protein dog food brands that contain natural ingredients in smooth pate, and mousses. Moisture aids canine hydration, which is unlike dry kibbles. However, you can mix a good portion of both gravy and kibbles to appropriate your companion’s canine either for daily feeding or occasional treats. Pet owners must take care of canine dietary needs based on their preferences. Our recommended products are high quality, but expensive due to the natural ingredients that benefit overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to give a dog wet food every day?

The advantage of wet food is nutritionally healthy with proper hydration which is from high water content gravy, jelly, or broth. A high protein and fats are added to a nutritionally complete meal that maintains the growth of puppies even if you feed them every day moist gravy doesn’t hurt canine health.

Which is better for canine health, wet or dry kibbles?

The healthiest canine meal consists of a high amount of meat proteins. Dry kibbles are typically made up of filters such as grains, cereals, and preservatives to ensure longer shelf life. Kibble lacks moisture which is added to wet food with additional healthy ingredients and real meat ingredients. But for convenience, kibbles have an economy and help dogs’ teeth be cleaned.

What is the best inexpensive canned dog food?

Nature’s Menu Multi Selection is the most inexpensive canned dog food with all the flavours from natural source ingredients. Two other considerably inexpensive options include Pedigree Vital Protection and Forthglade Natural Grain Free complete meals for affordability and the best quality.

Which dog food is best for sensitive stomachs?

The Skinner’s Field & Trial Chicken & Root Veg is a natural grain-free, complete meal that offers good care for sensitive tummies. Aside from that, Naturediet Feel Good Chicken Vegetable Rice selection is a simple meal for sensitive stomach puppies. These foods are high in moisture, and the soft meat content makes digestion easier.

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