Buyers Guide for Dash Cam Under £100

Buyers Guide for Dash Cam Under £100

These are the helpful tips to select a best dash camera under 100 with specific characteristics that will be a match for your needs.

Must Have A G-Force Sensor

When looking for a dependable dashboard camera for your vehicle, look for a G-sensor in the hardware specification to make it countable for security with a parking monitoring capability. This is now required for all other vehicles because enrage burglars could cause damage to new cars and incurring high repair costs.

The motion sensor feature is required for current dash cams to record while you are not in your vehicle; this will instantly grab a live video feed or generally collect footage of a probable attempt and save it to the TF storage card for evidence.

GPS Logger And Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Wi-Fi feature is dependent on your needs and is essential if you intend to use your smartphone for live video coverage, remote storage or sharing. However, a GPS connexion is a different addon than your standard phone GPS that helps you navigate your way.

The GPS on the dash cam is either built-in or attached via an accessory mount, allowing you to track your speed with location logs that directly embed the geolocation data into the video footage to fully prove your claims and avoid loss of evidence.

Video Quality For Scene Clarity

A minimum of 1080p video quality is required, while 2K and 4K are preferred. Dashcam image sensors are unlike smartphones, which are advancing to higher and higher resolutions every year. It made me think, that in the near future, we will have satellite zoom phones that can even take a picture on Mars.

If you agree with the sarcasm, say yes. However, when making your choice, you should mind the image sensor for desired picture quality. Although higher than 1440P or 4K sensors are better, make sure to add a higher capacity micro-SD storage because high resolution necessitates large storage to record continuously.

Voice Control For Handsfree Actions

When you own a smart home device, this is similar to saying, hello Siri/Google/Alexa/Garmin, but what it offers in-dash cams is slightly different than listening to audio files, and online shopping, here the basic need is always the same to shoot video through the windshield.

You should look for a voice command feature on modern dashboard cameras that will allow you to use your digital cam to record, stop, lock, and share video recordings while also playing music.

This also allows you to check on the weather, answer phone calls, and listen to the radio while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. This is really an overjoyed feature with safety.

Compact And Discreet Dash Cams

By employing a discrete dash cam, you can capture other drivers unnoticed. Compact and discreet dash cams are designed to be small and unobtrusive, so they don’t interfere with the driver’s field of view or distract from the driving experience. This is especially important for vehicles with a small windscreen or limited dashboard space.

You can mount them on the windscreen using a small adhesive pad. This allows the camera to be positioned in a convenient, out-of-the-way location that doesn’t block the driver’s view. In addition to being compact, discreet dash cams are often designed to be low-profile and unassuming and most of models doesn’t have any visible buttons or screens. This makes them less likely to attract attention from thieves or vandals.

In terms of performance, compact and discreet dash cams and standard dash cams are comparative, unless you pick a lower quality lens, you may notice no quality differnce. They have all the features of larger models, and capture high-quality video footage, but have a narrower field of view, which could be a drawback.

So going for compact dash cams is recommedned to not draw attention. They give a simple, unobtrusive way to collect video footage and provide proof in the event of an accident. You can even use an external GPS module to track your location. So feel free to choose according to your budget and needs; large and small dash cams are all acceptable for every car, and drivers can select any type.


This article contains our experts’ suggestions for the best dash cam under 100 pounds. We chose these models because we believe they are good value for money, have important features, and we strive to cover both advantages and disadvantages to make your decision easier.

After conducting a comprehensive research and comparing parameters such as image sensor quality, advanced voice control integration, wireless features, motion sensors, integrated rear camera arrangement, price, and safety. Finally, you have our full analysis of the best dash cams for the price that deserve your automobile dashboard camera.

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