Buyers Guide for Smallest Dash Cam

Buyers Guide for Smallest Dash Cam

When shopping for a Small Dash Cam in the UK, there are things you should know that help you choose the best dash cams for your small car.

Wide field of view:

Your DVR must have a wide-angle view, especially if you choose a tiny dash cam over a full-fledged dash cam, as there should be a wide-angle lens to cover more area to make video quality optimal as you can hardly see a screen on a mini dashboard camera due to their small size.

Wireless connectivity:

Removal of the screen shrinks the size of the DVR but it highlights other means of connectivity for watching the recordings including wireless connectivity for a mobile app using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which is somewhat necessary to see the footage while you can get a backup.

Voice controls:

Other than keys, and wireless (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), you can benefit from hands-free interaction with a compatible model that is voice-activated for user commands. So look for a specific device with a voice control feature if you prefer the luxury of a dash cam.

Parking guard feature: Impact detection and motion detection are the features that namely backed by the parking monitor mode, so when shopping for a new mini dash cam, make sure you have a G-sensor that supported these features for evidence in case of an incident.

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