Buyers Guide for Steam Cleaners for Clothes

Buyers Guide for Steam Cleaners for Clothes

There are key factors you should know when buying the best steam cleaners for clothes. We have compiled a list of simple shopping tips that are an important piece of information to choose the right one for your needs out of many excellent options out there.

Editor Tip: When considering a clothes steamer, look for power ratings. Some have more power than others, which can be important if you are trying to remove deep wrinkles or fabric lines.

Full-Size Vertical or Handheld Portable

When it comes to cleaning clothes, people have freedom of choice. There are full-size vertical fabric steamers which are great for overall wardrobes including, suits, overcoats, jackets, and trail suits and even handy for large items like sheets and tunics.

While there are handheld portable steamers for clothes, they are perfect for smaller items like T-shirts and jeans and regular outfits. So what to say which one is perfect for you? It really comes down to your needs, but both are excellent for one purpose “steam cleaning your clothes.”

Though you should consider the size, how huge and how small is suitable for your needs.

Handheld steamers are great because they’re small enough to take with you wherever you go, especially travelling across states, they’re a replacement for traditional ironing, but they are not very powerful.

Full-size vertical steamers are larger and better to handle larger items, but they are not always portable. They are ideal for continuous use without overheating problems if you have a big family and clean a lot of clothes.

Minimum and Max-Steam Pressure

An ideal clothes steamer for your home should have a minimum steam pressure of 800W and a maximum steam pressure of 1800W that you can set to customise the level of heat used to dry your clothes.

The higher the pressure, the hotter the steam will be and the faster your clothes will dry. However, if you have too high of steam pressure, the steam can damage delicate fabrics. Try to find a steamer with a range of pressures so you can customize the drying time for different types of fabrics.

Tank Capacity for Water, Not Detergent

A handheld steam cleaner is a great addition to any cleaning arsenal. Their pressurised steam is handy to clean your clothes in one take and make them look wrinkle-free. When purchasing a handy steamer for clothes, look for a larger capacity tank to allow you to steam for longer periods without having to refill it.

However, it can be a disadvantage when travelling because a large tank takes up extra space in your luggage and is not very portable, so it is a trade-off for portability when travelling.

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