Buyers Guide for Tomtom Dash Cam

Buyers Guide for Tomtom Dash Cam

When looking for a Tomtom dash cam, there are certain things you should know before making any purchase, these are our Tomtom sat nav tips that will guide you towards an informed decision.

Should you get Tomtom Dash Cam:

First and foremost you need to understand, that Tomtom is not making dash cams, not yet. We also couldn’t find any Tomtom sat nav with a built-in dash cam unit in the UK’s biggest market, which is a shame as their competition Garmin got some great two-in-one devices that you can get for the reliability of a built-in dash cam and sat nav together in one unit.

Garmin VS TomTom Sat-Nav:

To be honest, both the Garmin and the TomTom Sat-Nav are excellent; more information can be found in a great sat nav dash cam guide. We conducted a brief comparison of solo sat navs and solo dash cam devices and discovered that both types perform admirably in their respective categories. However, the best dash cams with screens take up a lot of extra space on the windscreen and limit your options for a sat nav unit, whereas if you use a sat nav, the dash cam will also require some space.

Sat Nav with Dash Cam and Reversing Camera:

To address this, we devised a possible lightweight solution that is ideal for avoiding any unnecessary placement challenges that may arise during the installation of multiple units in a single vehicle. You simply need a suitable tiny little dash cam that fits anywhere on the windscreen and doesn’t take up a lot of physical space, while the sat nav can be placed close to your steering to avoid unnecessary tangling, and blind spots, and have clarity for visual on road.

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