Can Ant Killer Harm Birds

Can Ant Killer Harm Birds

When birds of prey come into contact with ant killers or eat contaminated ants, they can be poisoned. It is because ant killer often contains compounds such as ‘Permethrin’ that are toxic to bees, birds and insects and thus dangerous to ants.

Even if a bird does not consume ant killer, it can be harmed if it comes into contact with treated areas. Birds that visit your garden may be endangered if an ant killer is in action. They might eat the treated plants, grass, and even prey on poisoned ants, and that spray inhalation can be fatal.

5 Tips to Keep Ants Away from Your Feathered Friends: Protect Your Birds of Prey

To prevent birds from coming into contact with fire ant killers in the lawn or any other type, it’s important to follow the safety instructions carefully.

  1. Keep feeders to deter ants. Ants are attracted to sugary or protein-rich foods, so making sure your feeders are clean and free of spills can help keep them away.
  2. Use ant baits or traps, but place them away from bird feeders or areas where birds frequent, like lawns and gardens.
  3. Don’t apply ant poison to your tree trunk and blooming flowers to avoid infecting birds and bees.
  4. Utilize natural repellents, such as citrus peel, cinnamon, and peppermint oil, around bird cages to help keep ants at bay.
  5. Use natural, pet and bird-safe ant killers that are made from natural ingredients (plant-based).

Final Words

Poisoning ants can be risky business – not just for the ants, but also for birds and other animals. To play it safe, skip the chemical ant killers and choose natural, pet-friendly options instead. And remember to keep these products out of the reach of birds and other beneficial insects like bees to avoid accidental harm.

Jordan Foster
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