Does Coffee Last Longer in the Freezer?

Does Coffee Last Longer in the Freezer?

If stored correctly, coffee can stay longer in the freezer probably for up to two months. However, putting your coffee in the freezer is not recommended because it can spoil its flavours.

When it comes to coffee storage, a freezer is not the best option for keeping it fresh, whether its a ground type or a luxury instant coffee. However, the freezer will keep the coffee beans fresher for a longer period, there are several precautions to keep in mind.

  • Always store coffee in an airtight container. This is because coffee can absorb moisture and odours from the air, which can affect its flavour and quality. Freezing without a sealed bag can cause coffee to absorb moisture from the freezer, which can result in stale or off-flavoured coffee.
  • Avoid using loose jars. It is recommended to employ vacuum sealing to maintain the flavour and freshness of coffee for a longer period.
  • Storing instant coffee and ground coffee in the freezer may cause it to absorb moisture if the container is not airtight, which can lead to spoilage and potential health risks.
  • You should be aware that freezing coffee beans can cause the texture to change. Because the freezing process causes coffee to crystallise, numerous freezer odours are imparted to the coffee, which can impact the flavour and quality of the finished cup.

Therefore, it is not recommended to store coffee in the freezer, unless necessary. Instead, it is best to store coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, such as a pantry or cupboard. This will help to preserve the flavour and quality of the coffee for a longer period.

How Long Will Whole Beans Survive in a Freezer?

The freezer protects coffee beans better than the refrigerator for long-term storage, although it shouldn’t be opened as regularly. To prevent freezer burn, you should throw away the original paper packaging and attempt to store coffee beans in plastic zipper bags. Before the quality declines, they can stay fresh for approximately a month or two.

How Long Can Ground Coffee Be Freeze?

When vacuum-sealed, ground coffee can be frozen for up to two years without losing any of its freshness. However, you should not do so unless necessary. You can better keep it in a vacuum-sealed package and store it in the pantry, which will last roughly the same amount of time.

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