FAQ about Dash Cam NextBase

FAQ about Dash Cam NextBase

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nextbase dash cam is best?

The Nextbase 622GW dashboard video recorder is the company’s newest entry, featuring 4K resolution recordings and revolutionary digital stabilisations. Nextbase 522GW is the predecessor for low-cost and similar calibre features if your budget is limited. Both are Nextbase’s best dash cams, with high-quality luxury features.

Are Nextbase dashcams any good?

Although Nextbase has a high price point for dashboard cameras, many people regard it as a quality brand. This has contributed to their success in developing high-quality dash cams such as the 522GW and 622GW, which are leading the premium range market in terms of video quality while they also get tangled with overheat issues.

What is the latest Nextbase dash cam?

The Nextbase 722GW dash cam is the most recent dashboard camera with the most advanced features. This includes 4K high-resolution recordings, Alexa for hands-free voice controls and an SOS locating service which is Nextbase exclusive with what3word service to find your exact location.

How much is the Nextbase SOS subscription UK?

During the incident, Nextbase Emergency SOS will notify emergency services of your location. This allows emergency services to respond quickly without relying on other users’ assistance. According to the Nextbase director, the first 12 months are free, and after that, a subscription is required that starts at £2.99 per month. The good news is that there is no button to press, and it will operate according to its protocols even if the car’s battery is dead.

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