FAQ about Dual Dash Cam under £100

FAQ about Dual Dash Cam under £100

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mirror dash cam legal in the UK?

There is no rule that forbids dash cam use in UK automobiles and using a mirror dash cam is totally lawful. They fit precisely on the car’s rearview mirror, which means there are no concerns about blocking driver sight and you won’t lose £200 for wrong dash cam placements.

What is a dual dash cam?

Dual dash cams are meant for dual-channel car cameras, that work for driver and car safety. The first one should be installed at the front windshield and the second one can be installed for cabin view or at the rear window or rear bumper. Since they are two, they are known by different names like dual-channel car cameras etc.

Is it better to have a dash cam in the front and back?

Having both front and back dash cameras will discourage thieves and automobile prowlers from engaging in illegal activities since they know a camera is present. Even if this occurs, dash cam footage will assist you in identifying who is attempting to steal or damage your vehicle. They can also give a piece of mind on the road by avoiding tailgaters.

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