FAQ about High Protein Kitten Food

FAQ about High Protein Kitten Food

Frequently Asked Questions

Is high-protein food good for kittens?

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for kittens. It helps them grow and develop properly. Vets and nutritionists suggest a high-protein diet that is especially important for nursing mothers and their kittens. This is the reason high-protein kitten foods are required for the development and building of strong muscles, bones and organs. It also helps with tissue repair and metabolic functions. Kittens who eat a high-protein diet are typically healthier and have more energy than those who don’t.

What protein is good for kittens?

As the kitten grows, they need more and more protein, fats, nutrients, calcium, vitamins, and natural minerals to help them develop properly. Different proteins are better for different life stages. According to veterinarians; kittens eat a diet that is based on both plant-based proteins and animal proteins. On typical measurements, kittens need about two times as much protein as adult cats for the natural benefits that promote growth. The protein level scaled from 30-50 per cent for dry kibbles, while from 8-30 per cent for wet kitten foods and should be balanced to have optimal healthcare.

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