FAQ about Instant Coffee

FAQ about Instant Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you filter instant coffee?

The advantage of instant coffee is that it can be brewed without any effort, which means no filters or coffee machine involvement is required. Simply combine the coffee powder with hot water and you’re done making coffee. However, the ground coffee needs a filter in the brewing process to distill the diterpenes compounds. It is only relevant for ground coffee.

Can you make instant coffee with milk instead of water?

Yes, you can make instant coffee with milk. Milk is a suitable solvent for coffee that makes silky coffee smooth with buttery cream for a delicate taste. You can make instant coffee with milk for sure, and it gives flavours differently than water.

Why is instant coffee so popular in the UK?

The obvious answer is that instant coffee is quick and efficiently served with the addition of hot or cold water. Even with its short shelf life, instant coffee dominates Britz homes with its popularity over ground coffee. Britz is a nation of coffee drinkers, and Brits enjoy their coffee culture very much.

What is the difference between instant coffee and coffee grounds?

The main difference between instant coffee and ground coffee is that both are picked straight from the cherries and roasted to a specific degree. After this stage, ground coffee separates and is packed, leaving you with all the effort to use a coffee maker to brew. As the instant coffee moves forward with the ground coffee solution, it is then processed with freeze-drying that ends up in solid crystals of coffee that are instantly soluble in hot and cold water, making it an instant coffee.

What is the best instant coffee in the UK?

The best instant coffee to buy in the UK is Kenco Millicano Americano for its Barista-style Americano flavours with a balanced blend of micro-ground coffee. Decaffeinated with dark roasted Arabica beans, decaffeinated for health benefits. In comparison, Douwe Egbert’s pure gold is premium gold coffee that is exceptionally well-flavoured for the whole family with rich and bold tastes.

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