FAQ about NextBase 212

FAQ about NextBase 212

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nextbase 212 have a parking mode?

Yes, the 212 dashcam certainly comes preloaded with Parking Mode. When the physical movement of your vehicle is detected, it automatically turns on to record a video of at least 30 seconds to a maximum of three minutes. This will allow you to have evidence of parking accidents and insurance claims.

Does Nextbase 212 have night vision?

If you are concerned about clear and clean nighttime quality, there is a slight sluggishness of active motion capture and vehicle verification plates blur out of footage, so you can tell night vision is not present; however, Nextbase 212 has a polarizing filter that can capture a full 1080p videos at 30 fps, which is sufficient for average daytime footage.

Does Nextbase 212 have GPS?

The manufacturer does not include GPS features in the Nextbase 212; however, you can mount an external GPS module for location recording and displacement monitoring for safety. This is because it is a budget-conscious affordable dashcam

Does Nextbase 212 have Wi-Fi?

The Nextbase 212 is a simple-to-use dashcam that provides long-lasting video recordings. However, because it is inexpensive, it lacks certain features, such as a GPS mount and no Wi-Fi coverage for wireless connectivity. Since 212 lacks Wi-Fi, you can view documented files using the Replay3 computer app.

Is Nextbase any good?

Nextbase is the most popular and successful manufacturer of dash cams in the UK. The Nextbase DVR cameras are of very high quality, with durability, innovation, reliability, and expensive features that cost more than the average brand.

How do I charge my Nextbase 212 dashcam?

Connect 212 to the provided car charger, which mounts to the DC-IN socket, and then plug the cable into your vehicle’s 12-24VDC outlet. When you start the car, your DVR will automatically turn on and begin recording your driving.

How do I update my Nextbase 212 dashcam?

Connect your dashcam to your computer with the included USB cable. Once the device has been detected by its software, press the OK button to select the ‘Firmware Update’ option. You will need to instal the most recent firmware version for your dash camera, which Nextbase has provided for the most recent features and major fixes.

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