Belaco Multipurpose Steam Cleaner Jet

Dimensions 12.5 x 25.8 x 23.6
Attachments Included 10+
Weight 1.74 kg
Capacity 370ML
Power 1050 Watts
Temperature 280 F

Belaco Steam Jet is a convenient and all-purpose cleaner that features a complete accessory set for household cleaning. It has a unique double steam functionality that makes it one of the premium handheld steamer on this list. Its pressurised steam is relatively high for deep grouts and restores the original state to match the ground.

The double steam emission is in wet and dry form to treat specific objects, such as dry steam healthier for upholstery and fabrics without making them soaked. The Belaco Steam Jet cleaner is the same as Hoover Steam Jet express handheld steam cleaner.

In contrast, the pressure wet steam is as accurate and powerful to easily sanitise stoves and grassy elements in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is one of the best hand held steam cleaners in the UK.

Multi-Purpose Durable Functionality

It is a steam spreader that easily tackles stubborn spots around the home, sanitises compact to average surfaces from harmful microorganisms, clean dust, and sweep the doors and windows to make them look clean and shiny. It has nine-plus accessories and 5 meters of a long cord, excellent for a small house.

The metal brush helps clean the greasy racks, while round brushes use for all the faucets, hinges, doors, and ovens. The purpose it serves is to clear out the kitchen tabletop quickly and efficiently. The dry steam smoothly cleans all the soft and luxury fabric material and upholstery easily.

Usability and Power

The Belaco jet steam cleaner BS-C388 is a portable dual functionality steamer running on 1050 Watts of power and holds two conical pipes emitting light and deep steam to clean grime surfaces. The two hoses can easily clean the kitchen surface and bathroom faucets with a high and low moisture level.

As a portable steamer, it weighs 1.74 kilos, relatively lightweight and good design hand steamer for multi-functions without any chemical detergents.  It is an Ideal steamer with a steaming temperature of 250 to 290 Fahrenheit for sanitising surfaces and cleaning marks of stubborn grease and dirt.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is large 370ML and a whole 20 minutes steaming portable capability steamer. That's makes it a good housekeeping steam cleaners. It works as two burning engines that produce dry steam and cost water tanks to empty quickly, while wet steam gives the extra time to cook hard floors.

It sanitises oven grills hygienically, and variable steam function is beneficial for a variety of garment surfaces. Its iron capabilities are safe for nylon, chenille, cotton, cashmere, silk, wool, plushes, sofas and other knit fabrics. It keeps the texture align and refreshes garments for prolonged health.

Safety Features

The safety feature of child lock protests children from the accidental press and its waterproof design ensures your safety to prevent splashing hot steam. The temperature it raises is boiling compare to other steamers in its category, and that why you need to take safety precautions. It is helpful and less burden for sweeps the surface in one take to make it sparkling shiny.

  • Pretty helpful steaming capalities
  • Dual function dry and wet steam functionality
  • Clean garments and upholstery quickly
  • Extra accessories helps deep cleaning of grouts
  • The size is huge for some peoples but functions reliable

Bissell SteamShot Portable Cleaner

Dimensions 13 x 24 x 21.6 cm
Attachments Included 8+
Weight 1.4 kg
Capacity 360ML
Power 1050 Watts
Temperature 270 F

The Bissell Steam Shot is the best handheld steam cleaner for ovens. Its premium quality makes it an easy home handheld steam cleaner suitable for all cleaning jobs. It can steam every corner of a house and features many useful accessories. It can perform all the small cleaning duties that Bissell steam cleaner hand held can feature with a complete set of tools covering almost every cleaning job requirement.

It has a 5 meters long cord that can keep the distance tasks optimally such as kitchen floor, countertop, sink, stoves, clearing grouts, windows and ironing clothes. It is a perfect design cleaning machine for the capabilities and size to clean various hard surfaces.

Multi Functionalities

The included set of accessories used as consistently high performance steaming jobs. The tools can mount on a jet to concentrate steam to a specific area with a nozzle that can rotate around a particular angle. It comes with a broader range of tool that is helpful in many cleaning areas.

The squeegee tool used to clean windows and showers. Simultaneously, the flat device used to steam fabrics to remove creases and refresh them to wear. Microfibre cloths are very appreciated as it is useful to remove excess water after steaming and used as a mop.

Usability and Power

The Bissell SteamShot 2635E steamer runs on 1050 Watt of power and can perform multi-functions for 20 minutes straight. It has easy to control functions and utilise the compact size for travelling and serves the purpose of a held steamer on the go.

The steaming power is reliable and can sterilise any compact surface with its high-pressure 270 degrees Fahrenheit steam. It can do the trick and cuts through ceramics and marble to clearing grouts and bathroom taps from oily stains.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is 360ML, and need precaution to refill the tank. When using Bissell steam shot with a full tank, it becomes a hefty 2.3kg steamer and serves the purpose for 20 minutes maximum.

The cap is designed to keep the pressure intact and sealed the tank from leaking out hot steam. The tank has a safety pressure valve for the pressure that can release when the indicator goes blind.

Safe Features

It is a very well designed all function steamer with quality features, and it is compact. It comes with a safety lock and indicator for showing steam pressure because it is dangerous to remove the cap when the heat steamer is hot and hurt somebody.

An excellent deep cleaning capable steamer can clean out grills, oily stains on the kitchen and much more with its heated pressurise steam without any chemical detergents and balances the safety and ease of use functionalities.

  • All purpose steamer with accessories
  • High-quality build and performance
  • Perfect deep cleaning steamer
  • The poor fitting of attachments tools

Karcher SC1 Multi Functionality Steam Cleaner

Dimensions 32.1 x 12.7 x 18.6 cm
Attachments Included 8+
Weight 1.6 kg
Capacity 200ml
Power 1200 Watts
Temperature 280F

The Karcher SC1 is the all-purpose best hand held steam cleaner with premium accessories for upholstery and household stuff cleaning. It is a good quality hand steam cleaner for all the house cleaning duties with several attachments. It has a potent 1200 Watt motor that can kill 99.99% of all household germs and bacteria from the surface.

Karcher compact size comes with easy to operated functionality and provides optimal performance with several attachments for cleaning household stuff. It is the most convenient and ultimate Karcher handheld steam cleaner.

The attachment control is stable and integrates easily with a click for cleaning different surfaces. It is a perfectly designed steamer for taking full control of cleaning the house from room to room and hard-to-reach surfaces. That makes it multipurpose steam cleaner for bathrooms, rough edges, grouts and tiles.

Multi Purpose Steamer Functionalities

The included set of attachments consistently deliver high-performance useability to tackle any surface with muck and grime. Steam mops serve all-purpose cleaning duties and mount nozzle to clear out grouts and dust the corners.

The extra attachments that come with the karcher handheld steamer are the best attachments. It includes an extended nozzle, floor tool, extension tube, power nozzle, different round brushes, measuring jug, bend nozzle, microfiber cloth, and towel cover to sustain steam pressure on the glass surface.

Usability and Power

Karcher SC 1 runs on 1200 Watts of power for jet mount attachments to hard steam surfaces flawlessly. It has a broader range of helpful tools, such as a full floor mop that cleans the floor very practically, like big bulky steamers.

The extra cleaning tools clean the clothes and iron creaseless. But the most serves the functions of cleaning the hard surfaces, not the soft. It is ideal for kitchen sinks, tiles, faucets, and grout cleaning.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is not big and stores 200ML of water. Which can efficient for cleaning out small surfaces. The run time with such a compact tank is around 6 to 8 minutes, not ideal for detail steaming.

It requires consistent refilling of the tank to keep up the cleaning tasks. The handy tools and 4-meter cord is suitable for cleaning kitchen messes, stoves, floors, bathroom, and countertops.

Safety Features

The safety features are useful, and the child lock secures the steamer. As a design, it is for the functions of compact spaces where a regular cleaner does not reach. For refilling, check the indicator and the refill safely without power.

Its 3-in-1 steam mop is the highlight mop for cleaning and sterilising floors. Simultaneously, the pressure nozzles provide profound cleaning results in grouts and can operate with one hand.

  • Accessories are huge and very helpful
  • Portable to carry a full-size mop
  • Perform deep cleaning functions
  • The tank capacity is short

Amatok 1500W Portable Clothes Steamer

Dimensions 11 x 16 x 20 cm
Attachments Not Included
Weight 886 grams
Capacity 320ML
Power 1500Watts
Temperature 220 F

Amatok 1500Watt power portable yet small steam cleaner can steam iron with pretty good quality specifications compared to other clothing steamers. The design is foldable, which is the reason it is perfect for travelling and can fit in small luggage bags without taking lots of precious space.

It is a compact hand held garment steamer with quick heat dissipation functions that can quickly iron the clothes for office and party. It has a unique modern design with a pretty big tank that increases the steam time.

The superior anti-dry technology protects soft clothing fibres and iron upholstery, nylon, wool, yarn, chenille, cotton, cashmere, and plushes. Amatok is a dry steam cleaner UK with pretty decent performance for being a handheld garment steamer.

It’s double-layered micro pores pressurise the dry spray to meet the absolute results you need for your dresses clean and sanitised. For domestic use purposes, it is the best upholstery steam cleaners in the UK.


It is a portable travel-friendly collapsible steamer that can fit in a small carry bag and can serve the functions of a highly capable iron-on vacation. It is lightweight and carries only 750 grams of weight suitable for average needs.

The fast steam takes 60 seconds to thoroughly steam a dress ideal tool for disinfecting clothes and removes germs. The multi-spray hose is designed to meet all garments requirements and does not damage the fibres, making it the best handheld clothes steamer. But this doesn’t mean you can use it on dry clean tag dresses because this is not compatible with dry cleaning.

Usability and Power

It is a steamer with straightforward controls and automatic run functions. The 1500 Watt power can use to utilise the processes that are suitable for home and travel. But the cor size is short might need an extension.

The 1.7 meters short cord size may need an extension and can not use for deep cleaning of curtains and functions of an absolute iron. It can release all the wrinkles and creases of your shirts, coats and make them look new and fresh.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is enormous, and it is replaceable mean you can attach a new tank or bottle of the same calibre. The default 320ML tank is already capable of delivering 12 to 15 minutes of steaming. But this is not a normal; upholstery steam cleaner and offers compatibility with all sorts of water bottles as a refillable tank.

That's the reason it is the best-designed fabric steam cleaner to serve the purpose. It is also an efficient travelling companion steamer with a foldable design, fits anywhere if you take it on your trip or place it in a drawer.

Safety Convenient Features

The easy to control function is suitable for the compact design steamer and keep up little space. To change the water reserve or substitute the tank with a water bottle, check the power cord is unplugged. It is a recommended steamer for students to steam iron uniforms and saves time for studies also viable for travellers to personate.

  • Helpful to clean out wrinkles and crease out of garments
  • Foldable and convenient to travel along
  • Changeable tank with water bottle
  • The 1.7 meters power cord is very short

Belaco Multipurpose Hand Steamer with Accessory Kit

Dimensions 27 x 14 x 23.5 cm
Attachments Included 9
Weight 1.83 kg
Capacity 300ML
Power 1050 Watts
Temperature 270 F

The Belaco Hand Steamer is a multipurpose all functionality house use steamer. It comes with an essential tool kit that makes it easy to clean any dirt-filled and greasy surface efficiently. It is a value handheld steamer for cleaning with steam floorboards, kitchen stoves, tiles, windows and fabrics. It is the best hand steam cleaner in the UK with quality components.

The locking mechanism nozzles come in different shapes for different purposes, such as cleaning drapes and clothes with a flat surface nozzle. There is an angle shaped (curved nozzle) for the sterilising of faucets. Which also makes it easy to clean around the jagged edges of equipment quickly.

Multi Functionality Features

The all-purpose cleaning properties it serves, sterilising and sanitising all household elements that bear the steam heat. It is mention that some wall paints and wallpapers are not for steaming, and the same rule applies to art pieces and decors.

The Belaco model B-SC389A is a portable nine pieces of attachment support chemical-free and safe to use a steamer for indoor and outdoor cleansing functions. It has a modern design and high-temperature rating of 270 degrees Fahrenheit, efficient for clearing dirt in workshop, car and apartment with different purpose accessories.

Usability and Power

The power it runs on is 1050 Watts, and it serves a complete package of a steamer for clothes, upholstery, kitchen mess, bathroom tiles, and windows cleaning. It is a compact size steamer and weights 1.82 kg’s, can fit in a travel bag and share the value of iron, cleaner, and duster.

Bedding in a motel is an etching, but steaming can fix the problem and removes all the germs reliably with peace of mind. It also makes it easy to pack many clothes without being worried about ironing as hand steamer can do the same work in less time and a lot more.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of 300ML lets you steam for 20 minutes straight, and in this time you can easily make whole family clothes crease-free. But this is what the manufacturer claims, in our test it only takes high-pressure steam for 12 minutes, then slow down as the water level decreases.

Safety Features

It has a safety lock feature for kids, and pets to protect from high-pressure steam. It has a 3-meter long cord that expels the use of extension as long you use it near your wall plug. As usually refilling of hand steam cleaner needs precautions and unplugging the cable is the first step.

After that, wait for the red indicator to turn blind and then open the bottle cap and fill up the container with 300ML water and prevent any leaking tightly seal the lid. Furthermore wear safety gloves and do not touch the nozzle when steaming it gets scorching might hurt.

  • Accessories are helpful to clean out pieces of equipment
  • Portable to carry and powerful to remove grouts dust
  • Perform deep cleaning function of compact spaces
  • The power cord could be longer than 3 meters.

Tower THS10 Hand held Steam Cleaner

Dimensions 11.8 x 5.9 x 9.8 inch
Attachments Included 9
Weight 1.8 kg
Capacity 350ML
Power 1050 Watts
Temperature 270F

The Tower multipurpose steam cleaner can clean the hard stains from any surfaces, including the greasy stoves and bathroom tiles. It comes with accessories kit that can adapt to clean different areas of the house, kitchen appliances, gadgets, carpets, stair carpets and washroom faucets.

The included surface use attachments work well on laminate, ceramics, fabric, glass, upholstery, windows and can clean a car interior and exterior including tires. The advantage of its high steam pressurises steam can tackle grouts messes with quick steam technology make it one of the compact best hand held steam cleaners in the UK.

Multi Functionality

The T134000 Tower THS10 has nine different purpose accessory included in the box that serves versatility on all surface cleaning and sanitising. It can bend to an edge and make the background clean with the extended nozzle of 9.8 inches for an easy reach.

Other small accessories can be used for different functions like steaming countertops, floors, steaming suits and dresses like upholstery, stuff toys, beddings, and flat equipment used for glass surfaces and wood floors to remove high-density oil stains.

Usability and Power

Tower TSH10 is straightforward and portable to fit in a carry bag for travelling. It runs on 1050 Watt power produces a very high steam temperature reach over 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Can kill all the germs and infection bacteria from the surface of your home in one time steam.

The weight it carries is around is 1.8 kilos and comparatively lightweight and powerful for the functionality. It has a long 2.9 meters power cord very helpful for reaching various spaces and could manage without extensions.

Tank Capacity

This Tower steamer’s tank capacity is standard 350ML, and for safety precautions, it also listed the 250ML of water capacity. This tank capacity can run steam for 15 to 20 minutes at max high heat steam that can quickly melt grease, dirt, grime, more mildly.

The heated pressure indulges grills, oily stains on the kitchen, and hard surfaces. For use, it is an excellent deep cleaner that steams everything in a house and doesn’t take as much space.

Safety Features

The safety button on the handle is decent and provides child lock features but not convenient. You have to keep it away from children from hurting anyone. But the cap is securely tight. To refill the tank you have to empty the steamer first and then wait for the temperature to down by unplugging the cord.

  • Multipurpose high power steamer
  • Included attachments in the box
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Some attachment can lose quickly.

Pro Breeze Compact Steamer with Travel Pouch

Dimensions 21 x 15 cm
Attachments Not Included
Weight 650 grams
Capacity 120ML
Power 850 Watts
Temperature 212 F

Pro Breeze is a compact hand held multipurpose garment steamer with quick heat functionality utilising 850 Watt power. It is a modern design that most portable steamer can easily fit in a suitcase without titling the sides. It is ideal for eliminating wrinkles and shrinkage of suits and interior decoration to make fresh as new. The high-temperature steam makes it easy to removes all the germs and disinfect the upholstery quickly and easily.

Simple cleaning of the couch is possible for the crumbs and dirt. But it can do the cleaning of drapes and curtains more quickly as it is compatible for wool, cotton, nylon and organic fabrics. But do not use on dry cleaning tag fabrics as it might damage the garments. It is a high-quality fabric cleaner and sanitiser for bedding, table linens and ironing faster than traditional methods.

Functionality of Steamer

The Pro Breeze model number PB-S01 is an excellent travel-friendly steamer for all garments and cloths. But it does not come with any attachment and nor support multi-functionality attachments for all-purpose cleaning. It has a very minimalist design and serves linear functions with a push of a button.

The multi-pore wide nozzle is all surface fabric steamer that sprays hot steam and removes wrinkles and keeps the fabrics flat and smooth. But don’t get it wrong for removing stubborn stains from clothes and for the deep cleaning of grouts. It is a very compact steamer and features mainly fabric-like surfaces, plush toys, suits, and blankets.

Usability and Power

The steamer is very portable and weighs 650 Grams. A reliable storage-friendly garment and fabric steamer can easily transport within a given pouch. It has 850W electric motor with the ability to sterilise very compact surfaces and support a wide range of clothing. It takes only 60 seconds for a shirt to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria with pro Breeze steamer ironing.

The quick heat functionality is due to the aluminium heating elements inside the steamer that serves the purpose of immediate heat distribution. But it runs only for 7 minutes before the tank gets empty and needs refilling. It can clean small surfaces and serves the functionality of home accessories sanitiser with the 212 degree Fahrenheit quick steam it produces gently removes all the harmful elements from a small surface area without any attachment.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is short due to the small form of steam cleaner hand held design. It only carries 120ML of water to steam for 5 to 7 minutes. The tanks limited the functionality, but it is refillable and steamers quickly with 212 Fahrenheits and can sanitise various fabrics.

It is not a big tank, but a spill-proof fully sealed tank that comes in a handy size allows it to fit as much water without being too large and bulky. The 5 to 7 minutes power steam run time is short but love the fact of its very compact design that looks very modern and does not bother me to switch.

Safety Features

It has a smart safety feature that makes it Auto switch off when it gets too hot or low on tank. It is a gentle functionality steamer handy for upholstery, soft fabrics. It also comes with a 2.5 meters long power cord that disperses the use of an extension cord. The small space-saving design and included pouch are decent to add up for travelling comfortable with its long power cord.

  • A very portable travel companion tool
  • Fast steaming function, flat nozzle
  • Cleansing steam of a wide range of garments
  • Small water storage tank
  • Doesn’t support many attachments

Mlmlant Multi-Purpose Hand held Steam Cleaner

Dimensions 25.2 x 24 x 14.8 cm
Attachments Included 9
Weight 1.8kg
Capacity 350ML
Power 1050 Watt
Temperature 270F

The Mlmlant hand held steam cleaner is a versatile steriliser and an all-purpose cleaner. It comes with 1050 W power that can remove greasy marks and hard stains easily. A powerful handheld tool keeps the dirt out of jagged edges and corners of the stoves, tiles and can easily clean up the car tires.

The long nozzle serves to clean narrow surfaces where mud sticks for ages can clean out with pressurising hot steam. If you are looking for a compact steam cleaner with all-purpose steaming capabilities that can do all the narrow cleansing of your apartment and doesn’t take a lot of space, this can be the best steamer work.

Multiple Functionality

The Mlmlant model number 76 is a multipurpose portable steamer and has its attachment kit of 9 different tools. The nine attachments serve various purposes. The narrow surface extended nozzle, funnel tube, angle spray, spray extension brush, door cleaner, cloth cleaner, soak towel sleeve cover, measurement cup, and a bendable jet nozzle.

Each piece of equipment serves a different way of cleaning and neutralises dirt, germs, and grime from the surface and places it can reach. The use of accessories depends on the surface like doors, windows, ceramics, clothing, soft fabrics, glass, furniture, and various household and working tools and machinery.

Usability and Power

Mlmlant steam cleaner is one of the best multi purpose steam cleaners. Its steaming capabilities are very reliable and used to indulge in cleaning duties. It has a 1050W electric motor that powers the steamer. The ability to sterilise any compact surface with its high-pressure steam is very convenient and temp up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit, clear out grouts, grease stains from ovens and stoves, ceramics, granite, wood, and marble for 20 minutes straight.

It is a multiskilled steamer and does cleaning and cleansing of hard surfaces and soft surfaces. The hard surfaces like the sink, stoves, floor and windows and soft like sofas and dresses can become crease-free. In terms of usability features, it weighs 1.8 kilos, which makes it heavy but convenient for an apartment and small house.

Tank Capacity

The tank’s capacity is 340ML, and it is not a very big tank that does not need gradual refilling when tasks are enormous. The run time it cost is a maximum of 20 minutes. In that time, it can clean as much space as it can with hot temperature steam before the need to refilling the tank.

The tank’s safe capacity is 250ML which is also decent for regular cleaning tasks. It is a handy steamer to clean wrinkles and lines from the mattress, creases from suits, sofas and couches.

Safe Features

Mlmlant made this steamer portable and included safety features such as a child lock to secure accidental press. Also, a tight multi-layered cap covers the tank from spilling and doesn’t residue any harmful fumes as it only runs on the water just for safe cleaning.

Refilling the tank properly. You have to unplug the cord and wait for 5 minutes to cool down the steamer before removing the cap. Also, do not touch the hose when steaming. It might burn your finger with hot steam. So keep your finder away from direct contact of steam.

  • Portable lightweight multi purpose tool
  • Included with attachment kit
  • Perform deep cleaning of drapes and grouts
  • The attachments fittings get loose quickly

Beldray BEL0725TQ Portable Hand held Garment Steamer

Dimensions 14.7 x 13.5 x 13 cm
Attachments Not Included
Weight 350 grams
Capacity 100ml
Power 600 Watts
Temperature 212 F

Beldray clothes steamer is the most compact portable steam cleaner. It is a unique small form multifunction steam cleaner that can easily fit in a small suitcase and travel with you. The main purpose it serves as a clothes and upholstery steamer and consumes 600 Watt power.

The energy-efficient design is suitable for all-purpose dresses and clothing steamer. It comes with quick steam features that can help remove wrinkles, germ, and all other bacteria from dresses, sofas, synthetic fabrics, and plushies.

The new baffle design provides the security of water container spilling over, or hot steam spread over damages as we review beldray steam cleaner. The wide nozzle has a threshold that increases the spray distribution with steam pressure through thick drapes and organic fabric cushions.

Functionality Features

The BEL0725TQ is a Beldray handheld steam cleaner for garment steaming with volume disperses spray. The baffle design perfectly distributes steam to remove stubborn wrinkles from all clothing types, upholstery, bedding, table linens, furniture to look crisp and fresh.

It is designed with balance power and capacity that anyone can take on a trip or vacation as a lightweight storage-friendly fabric steamer. It has a power switch handle effortlessly, much easier to use than a traditional steam iron. Also, it serves the functionality of a sanitiser on the go for beddings and more.

Usability and Power

It is an efficient 600 Watts steamer. Requires less power to run and serves garment steaming for 10 minutes straight. It is suitable for all fabrics, upholstery, cotton, silk, polyester, and wool. The design is waterproof to prevent splashing hot steamy water and enhances steaming functions.

The size it carries is easy to travel with and takes little space. The 212 Fahrenheits temperature sterilise many compact surface accessories and clothes. In my opinion, it serves the day well and 10 minutes is enough to steam family’s clothes easily.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is not very small compared to the Pro Breeze steamer, which had a small 120ml tank. Here, it has a relatively chunky 100 ml water reserve for steaming all fabrics and clothing items. It runs for around 10 to 13 minutes and makes all wrinkles away from suits and dresses.

It is a portable steamer that weighs 350 grams with 600 Watt power. Easy to transport due to lightweight and portability. Its fast steaming takes less than a minute to steam a suit and clean from bacteria and germs entirely.

Safety Features

Upholstery steam cleaners like Beldray has the feature of automatic shutdown of the steamer when the boiling point of water is enormous, and the tanks are empty to save you from any tragedy. The 2.5 meters cable is enough to reach the hanger and does not extend with an extension.

As a precaution, when refilling the tank, remove the plug from the wall and then wait for steam to empty the chamber. But it does not have any safety lock, so keep children and your fingers away as the nozzle gets extremely hot when using on garments.

  • Portable for travelling
  • Auto switches off when empty
  • Steam a wide range of garments
  • It does not have any safety lock

VYTRONIX Multi-Purpose Compact Hand held Steam Cleaner

Dimensions 25 x 14 x 22 cm
Attachments Included 9
Weight 1.8 kg
Capacity 350ML
Power 1050 Watts
Temperature 270 F

The VYTRONIX VY-STG01 is an all-purpose steamer with many attachments that can ease the job. It’s powerful steam melt the grease and eradicate it from garage doors, kitchen stoves and can clean car interior. It works indoors and outdoor and cleans the compact spaces where other tools might not get the dirt out.

The versatility catches the attention of many people for its mobility and performance. It is safe to use detergent-free steamer with a safety lock and safety cap to keep steam inside when not in use. Easy to operate and heat up quickly and takes three to five minute to steam a window thoroughly.

Multi Functionality

It is one of multi-functionality best hand held steam cleaners with optimal cleaning capabilities with nine include accessories. These multi-surface attachments ease the work and remove stains from kitchen counters, carpets, drapes, seats, curtains, and floors.

The nine-piece attachments include extended tube, flat brush for windows, bent spray cup, round brush, funnel, measuring jug, and fabrics to attach for steam iron clothes and dresses.

Usability and Power

The VYTRONIX VY-STG01 is a powerful steamer that runs on 1050 Watts power to steam all material surfaces, such as granite, marble, hardwood, laminate, and metal equipment. It is also useful as a cloth steamer and steam fabrics, upholstery, wool and cotton.

The high-performance steam helps sanitise the house and its elements from germs and bacteria with the fast heating temperature that reaches up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity it holds is 360ML, which goes standard in the rugged handheld steamers and run for 20 minutes maximum with all the pressurise duties. It keeps your hands clean and takes out the first from every corner of the house with its extended attachments.

The 270 degrees Fahrenheit pressure steam is enough for sanitising compact spaces and house elements that risk too dangerous germs. The all-natural chemicals free steaming can do the job and kill 99% of germs using just water.

Safety Features

The child lock is present in this steamer which is ideal for leaving it on the place but not without the presence. It is an all-function steamer with quality features and a safety lock.

The recommendation is to keep the cord unplug when refilling steamer and check the indicator for steaming pressure. When it is not blinking, remove the safety cap and fill up the tank to clean out the surface.

  • Accessories are versatile and to clean out harsh corners
  • Powerful to remove grimes from grouts
  • Perform all cleaning functions
  • The power cord could be longer than 3 meters