Mill 99407 Portable Oil Filled Radiator with Digital Display

Fins Covered
Wattage 800/1200/2000
Dimensions 66 x 15 x 42 cm
Heat Mode 3 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Mill 99407 oil-filled radiator is a different design compared to the fact that completely covered grills are responsive with adaptive thermostats that feature day and night energy-saving. The quick heat generated with 2000W power and customisable from medium 1200W to low 800W consumption. It’s sleek looking design is attractive than the conventional heater and design-wise features a foot base, not castor wheels.

Mill oil filled radiator has a beautiful design that is efficient in distributing heat to the room. It performs explicitly with the Mills Heat Boost technology that gives it an extra advantage of speed heating that is stable and consistent. The ability to adjust the thermostat provides the benefit of conserving energy up to 25%. It also performs silently and does not disturb you in sleep with cracking noises, thanks to the boxy design.

Quiet Operations

The Mill oil filled radiator is comparatively a quiet runner and does not disturb sleep. Yes is true to say some oil filled radiators are noisy and others don’t. But this is one of the less boisterous radiators that can perform at an optimal level with respectable heat that warm up a giant room efficiently.

Programmable Features

The mode features are among the best things in advance radiators that let you adjust the thermostats according to your desire for the heat outcome. It can adapt 24 hour day and night cycles and lower or high up the performance and set the temperature for a specific time. That makes it the best oil heater from our oil filled radiators review.

Durability and Safety

Mills oil filled radiator safety features are optimal for domestic use, the tip over sensors always active to cut off the thermals when such a situation occurs. It gives you peace of mind when utilizing the luxury of warmth in the cold season with overheat protection.

  • High powered radiator with unique styling.
  • Perform operations silently.
  • LED display show stats and provided easy controls.
  • Adjustable three heat modes.
  • Tip-over and overheat safety features.
  • Slightly smell when to turn on and settle when used for a while.
  • Moderate for large size room.

De’Longhi TRDX41025E Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

Fins 10Fins
Wattage 1000/1500/2500
Dimensions 55 x 26 x 67 cm
Heat Mode 4 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The advanced featured Dragon 4 De’Longhi TRDX41025E oil filled radiator is a high-end 2,500-watt radiator for the winter season with full bloom warmth that can keep any room office at optimal temperature.

It comes with ten oil-filled fins that can provide you with a quality sleep with adjustable thermostats to moderate the capacity from 1000W low, 1500W medium to high-performance 2500W modes.

The ability to program its modes is admiring and heat the room without engaging manually. Ideally, it is a quick heating radiator and leads the temperature faster and provides intense protection with overheat control management to eliminate the risk of accidentally tip over and cut off the thermal switch.

The De’Longhi Dragon 4 is a variable heat control from 2.5KW to 1500W oil filled radiator heater with thermostatic controls for better managements. The heater a perfect heater for home use with its protection features.

It digitally cares for you and will rest assured your relaxation with a timer that can set to a specific time to warmth room before your arrival and switch off when no one is near to take advantage.

Performance Modes

The De’Longhi TRDX41025E oil filled radiator is reliable in usability and does listen to the user commands with four settings for quick and efficient warming up rooms. Delonghi Dragon 4 running cost is depends on usage and mode selection. Circulating heat functionality is significant for a 32-meter square room and excellent with its eco mode that automatically engages the settings and shut off when the temperature reaches the desired level.

Timer Controls

De longhi heaters comes with many featurea and controls. The digital display and remote control help you easily customise modes and various temperature settings according to your need and set the timer to enable and disable the functions automatically. It features a unique and stylish timer you can control radiator outcomes for particular durations 24 hours day and night.

Safety Features

De'Longhi Dragon 4 assembled as a digital oil-filled radiator with many advanced features for your home and safety. It can switch off the thermals when sensors detect overheating and tip-over switch engages the safety controls. The eco mode can optimally warmth the room along with conserving energy while produces ample heat.

  • Quickly warms up the room effectively
  • Safety controls are very well inbound.
  • Luckily no smell at all, efficient for a large bedroom.
  • High-quality build and space-efficient.
  • Safety conscious and conserve energy.
  • The display does not go off nor get dim.

Ansio 11 Fins Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Fins 11Fins
Wattage 1000/1300/2300
Dimensions 52 x 22 x 64 cm
Heat Mode 3 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Ansio Oil Filled Radiator is a conventional and aesthetic pleasing heater with safety features. It is a high-performance heater with quick heat generation of 2300W with 24 hours timer. The quality features let you set it to three different heating modes from lower 1000W to moderate 1300W and high-speed heating with 2300W. While the energy-efficient eco mode reliably conserves energy at a lower level and automatic turn off when not needed.

The radiator comes with child lock features that make it utmost secure radiator for homes with kids and do not accept fault settings. The mode is reliable and does not come to heating the room at an optimal degree. The radiator also provides the functionality to suit every situation and comfort every day at office and home.

Power Settings

It is a high power thermostatic electric radiator can deliver quick heating in a large room with 230 W highest settings that are sufficient to make you sleep comfortably and safely with its smart timer features. It’s power modes can warm up your surroundings with the chosen settings via remote control and adjust the thermals accordingly.

Child Lock and Safety

The child lock feature is embedded by Ansio to safely operates near kids and kills all the buttons for security. Its sleek design is durable and comes with tip over elements to cut off the thermals to preserve the damage and disable power draw. Suitable for home use garage, and can make your motor home warm and cosy.

Memory and Control Operations

The memory feature is unique for saving precious settings for every room and make it easy to recover last used settings. It is helpful for timer settings to quickly apply the different stages without wasting time, even though its controls are easy to set.

  • Child safe featured radiator with power operations.
  • Reliable for large rooms with three heat modes.
  • Variable thermals and protection.
  • It has a modern design with a retro feeling.
  • Setting up quickly with memory save features.
  • The timer function is a bit hard to set.
  • The timer function is a bit hard to set.

Netta Energy Efficient Oil Filled Radiator

Fins 11Fins
Wattage 1000/2500
Dimensions 61 x 55.2 x 15 cm
Heat Mode 2 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Netta oil filled radiator is a portable energy-saving heater designed to fit in a small space, suitable for day and night run with energy-saving features. It has quick heating functions that utilise the 2500W power to accommodate a large room. The power setting is controllable and can adjust to low and high-performance modes for efficient heating.

The radiator is well made and does not produce annoying noise and delicately serves the functions of warming your living room and office. It has a powerful setting for cold winter days, and it is reliable to carry around different places easily thanks to castor wheels. You can utilise the efficiency with an adjustable thermostat and conserve energy.

Reliable Timer Functions

The Netta oil filled radiator with timer features the reliability of warming the homes without tripping the switches every time you enter the house. It lets you adjust the thermostat and set the timer to warm the room when you want it to run for a specific time and then auto turns off when no one presents or leaves the room.

The function also controls the stable heat settings to choose the optimal room temperature for handling the coldness.

Overheating Protection

As a safety feature, the Netta oil radiator heater has to overheat protection to ensure safety. It enables the heater to switch off automatically and cut the utility bills short when not used by anyone or reach the required temperature.

It has simple settings that make it a quick serving heater for the home and easy to move around with castor wheels. Safe to operate thanks to the overheat sensors and tip over controls that ensures peace of mind.

Portability and Efficiency

The size is compact but does not compromise on power and performance. It delivers optimal performance with efficiency with 11 oil-filled fins durable and suitable for the large-sized room. It can easily customise and save money with two power settings.

  • Powerful features can heat a large bedroom.
  • The eleven oil fins provide utmost convenience.
  • Overheat protection ensures relaxation without worries.
  • High-quality persistence performance.
  • Timer features and variable thermostat to maintain temperature.
  • Sadly no remote included operating at a distance.
  • Lack of settings only two modes.

Igenix IG2610 Portable Digital Oil Filled Radiator

Fins 8Fins
Wattage 800/1200/2000
Dimensions 24 x 36 x 63 cm
Heat Mode 3 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Igenix IG2610 portable digital oil filled radiator has closed fins, making it a portable oil-filled radiator with an adjustable thermostat. It is a portable design heater compared to normal oil filled radiators. Compact to carry and set up on a large surface room economically with thermostats, making this radiator a reliable and balance power-efficient heater for home and office.

It has three settings modes that let you adjust the performance from 800W low-cost energy-saving option to moderate 1200W and high power 2000W for consistent temperature, ideal for the medium room, garage, and mobile homes.

It is a right heater for moderate use, portable to carry. It can fit in small spaces, it has an automatic turn off switch when accidentally tip over, and sensors also detect overheating and safely conserve the power to make your lives easy.

Adjustable Thermostats

Igenix portable oil filled electric radiator has an adjustable thermostat with manual and automatic controls that can set to get the temperature right and maintain the room’s heat for an extended period. It can develop with a timer feature with three adjustable settings and modes for the favourable environment; you can change them to adjust to your desired level.

Digital Controls

It is Igenix oil filled radiator with thermostat and timer that are digitaly controlled. The efficieny made it a high end oil filled radiator that is economical to run and show stats. It is featured for medium to large rooms in the budget.

The power can be adjust and can lower as 800W and high as 2000W for the healthy use and set with a 24-hour programmable timer. The digital helps to control easy and reliable with easy measurements.

Accidental Protection

The Igenix IG2610 has additional features of overheating protection and tip-over safety. It is a home safe design radiator with straight functionality of getting you cosy out of the box without different setups. It has automatically adjustable heat system with full precautions of accidental drop and overpowers protection secure the environment. It is safe for home and office use due to less bulky design and security with the overheat switch.

  • Warm-up to a medium-size room
  • Convenient for caravans and motor homes
  • Overheat protection and Knock over safety
  • Timer features work well with the thermostat
  • A lot of instructions
  • Not suitable for large rooms.

ElectriQ Smart WiFi Alexa Oil Filled Radiator with Weekly Timer

Fins 11Fins
Wattage 1000/1500/2500
Dimensions 5 x 26 x 67 cm
Heat Mode 4 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 H/Week

The ElectriQ smart oil filled radiator is a high quality digitally controlled heater that is reliable and suitable for long term performance. New technology features like Alexa Assistant features to control the heater settings without touching and Wifi feature let you control the internet via a smartphone application. You can turn it on and off and adjust the office or home temperature remotely for energy efficiency and time-saving purpose.

It has three settings for adjustable thermostat, 1000W for low power mode, 1500 for moderate medium heating and 2500W for high-performance rapid heating functions. Its modern design quickly submerged with any home decoration and suitable for contemporary homes with smart features that gives you better controls with modern technology. It is a stylish and convenient radiator warm up any large room with quality heat and reliability.

Anti Frost Setting

The ElectriQ 2.5kw smart WiFi Alexa built-in oil filled radiator has an anti-frost system that makes it a user-friendly and long term high-end performer. It can quickly heat up and stay active at minimum 5 degrees temperature to prevent frosting when you are away from home.

Wifi and Alexa Features

The advance smart home features are impressive and provide hands-free experience without touching the manual controls. The built-in Alexa feature let you set timer and thermostats according to you need while the Wifi application let you control the radiator from the app. The advantage is explicit and straightforward for the home and office use and keeps it warm before your arrival.

Reliability and Persistence

The heater is reliable with safety features like knock off, overheat and frosting. It can perform the function in a large room and warm up with day and night timer. Provide status updates on the application using home Wifi and conserve energy—an excellent choice radiator heater for modern homes with modern features.

  • Cosy warms up large rooms efficiently
  • Dedicated Alexa and Wifi controls with the application
  • The heater is for modern homes and expensive bedrooms
  • It has Built-in safety sensors for overheating
  • Highly reliable and worthy for long term performance
  • Instructions are lengthy

Vonhaus Oil Filled Radiator with Thermal Safety Cut off

Fins 11Fins
Wattage 1000/1500/2500
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 63 cm
Heat Mode 3 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Vonhause Oil Filled Radiator is a simple yet modern featured heater with thermal safety and uncompromised performance. It can warm up a medium size to a large living room and provide consistent performance of 2500W. It has three modes for energy-saving and quick heating that let you reliably conserve energy. When a certain high temperature reaches, it will turn off the switch when needed.

Vonhaus brand is a good brand that makes both convection heaters and energy-efficient oil heaters that are powerful and portable. Their manufactured lidl oil filled radiator is smart and mobile radiator secure with trip protection and features a low cost of running oil-filled radiators.

High Performance

It is vonhaus oil filled radiator 2.5KW with 11 fins to generate quick heat that can warmth a large bedroom, living room or office in minutes with its 2500W power consumption. It can thermostat the temperature and maintain a specific time of day to automatically set the radiator to heat up to a degree and keep you warm on winter nights and days.

Low Cost

VonHaus company made this radiator cost-efficient and energy saver for less burden to utility bills. It can manage temperature without ample too much energy and provide sustain temperature for an extended period. You can pre-set up the manual dial-timer to provide adjustable 24-hour specific warming sessions.

Safety and Reliability

To keep your home and yourself safe Vonhause radiator comes with overheating sensors and a tip-over switch that cut of the thermal when knock off or tip over. These advance safety features measure your surrounding events and protect the system.

  • Runs efficiently and cosy heat up room without any problem
  • Energy conservative but does not compromise on heat
  • Set dial timer for automated functions
  • Economical choice compact build heater
  • Make some noise and creaks when not fully heated

Mylek Digital Oil Filled Radiator Heater 2.5KW Capacity

Fins 10Fins
Wattage 1000/1500/2500
Dimensions 59 x 15 x 69 cm
Heat Mode 4 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Mylek Digital Oil Filled Radiator is a very stylish and modern designed heater that easily supports the large room. The high power 2500W delivers quick heat to make room, kitchen, and office warm and cosy. The radiator is safe around kids and pets thanks to the covered fins it can operate in urban situation optimally.

The advance featured Mylek oil filled radiator is a powerful high-end heater with many useful features. It can perform eco functions and save you money on bills and role over protection gives you peace of mind when using it on a timer, overheated functions mange the temperature accordingly.

Intelligent Thermostat with Anti Frost

The stylish and sleek design is also on top of the intelligent thermostat features that let the heater conserve energy and maintain temperature when it reaches its maximum temperatures. It has quick heating technology and quickly warm up the room of medium to large size.

Eco Mode for Power Saving

The economy mode is direct and straightforward, no need to hover around settings; function is in the separate button on the front control panel. It provides the functionality of energy-saving and cost-effective heating that does not burden on r bills and consistently deliver heat to your room for sweat naps.

Safety and Wellbeing

Safety is the priority. This heater comes with overheat protection with tip over coverage sensors in this radiator that cuts the thermals to preserve the environment and ensure your safety. It also has curved edges that make it useable around pets and kids and does not harm them with sharp fins.

  • Stylish and protective radiator for homes.
  • Most suitable for highly decorated rooms and caravans.
  • Efficient for medium to a large room.
  • It is a high power heater with energy-saving features.
  • Easy to set up and perform automated functions.
  • The instruction is lengthy.

Jack Stonehouse 9 Fins Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Fins 9Fins
Wattage 800/1200/2000
Dimensions 42 x 28 x 64 cm
Heat Mode 3 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

The Jack Stonehouse 9 fins 2KW oil filled radiator with timer is a convenient choice high-quality, low-cost heater. It can warm up medium to large room easily and it support high power of 2000W delivers heat to the surrounding area efficiently. It has a simple design with modern features that compiles with safety features and automated timer. The heater provides uncompromised heating and saves energy.

Easy to Position

The Jack Stonehouse 9 fins oil filled radiator has castor wheels that make it easy to move around different rooms and easy for caravans travels. It can be positioned anywhere and take less space for heating. It comes with a generous 1.8-meter long cord that is useable for distance area and store in tidy.

Heat Efficiency

It has nine fins for significant warming to your room with three modes that can save energy and run with 24 hours timer. Because it uses oil in thermals, it produces heat for even after the radiator is off. The auto switch-off feature turn of the switch when it reached s a specific high temperature to maintain the heat distribution.

Accidental Knock Safety

The radiator has safety features that make it useful for daily drive and response when overheated or tip over the safety feature will cut off the thermals. It also has a red switch that indicates the activity and can perform anti-freeze functions.

  • Warm-up cosy and perform functions delicately
  • Nine oil fins provide heat to medium to a large room
  • Overheat protection, tip-over safety
  • Timer features let you maintain the temperature
  • Great for the conservatory
  • Lack of digital meter

De Longhi TRNS0505M Compact Oil Filled Radiator

Fins 6Fins
Wattage 500/800/1000
Dimensions 17 x 39 x 34 cm
Heat Mode 2 Settings
Quick Warm Yes
Timer 24 Hours

If you are looking for a small oil filled heater with compact little design, then De Longhi TRNS0505M compact oil filled radiator is an ideal fit for a small to medium size room. It got 500W power and surprisingly produced more heat than its capacity, which makes me suggest. It is an attractive design small oil fins radiator with quick heat features for ample heat and has adjustable thermostats. Ideal for college students, small motor homes, caravans, offices and conservatory.

Adjustable Thermostat Functionality

De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator is an adjustable thermostat heater that let you boast the heating capabilities and adjust the room temperature to optimal in winter. It radiates heats quickly, and when it reaches high temperatures, it turns off itself and saves energy.

Anti Frost Feature

It is one of the Delonghi compact radiators that have anti-frost protection that makes it warm and cosy with minimal temperature and running itself for some time. The sensor measures the room temperature, and when the temperature drops below 5℃, the radiator automatically turns on and spread heat to your desire level.

Very Power Efficient

It is a small electric radiator consume less power. You can say that it is the most efficient small radiator that uses less energy than 500W and delivers optimal performance. The appearance does not justify the capabilities, but it is powerful in its class and efficient than most small radiators. It has overheating safety that allows it to turn off when temperatures raise the define limits and preserve energy.

  • Powerful featured pack small radiator
  • Suitable for a small room and generates quick heat
  • Sturdy build with overheat protection
  • The adjustable thermostat also has timer features
  • Very convenient and energy-efficient
  • Sadly no caster wheels for positioning
  • Lack of settings