Pros and Cons of Large Oil Filled Radiators

Pros and Cons of Large Oil Filled Radiators

With their great size, these are the advantages and disadvantages of large oil-filled radiators, so that you may make an informed selection.

Pros of Large Oil-Filled Radiators

Large oil-filled radiators are an effective and efficient way to heat large rooms or spaces. Here are some of the advantages of using large oil-filled radiators:

Great for Large Bedrooms:

With more than 10 heating fins, large oil-filled radiators are great for heating a large room and they maintain warmth for much longer periods, greater than electric panel heaters and gas heaters. To our research, large oil-filled radiators are the best convection heater for domestic heating, featuring great heat output for sustainable warmth.

Reliable Than Other Types:

Large oil-filled radiators are designed to be more reliable, and efficient than other types of conventional heaters, such as electric panel heaters, gas heaters, and electric fan heaters. They need no refuelling and only electricity can make them run day and night continuously, providing warmth in the whole surroundings.

Quiet Operation:

Large oil-filled radiators are designed to operate quietly. They do not have any moving parts, so there is no noise generated by the radiator itself. The only sound you may hear is the occasional popping or gurgling noise as the oil inside the radiator heats up and expands the walls of the radiators, especially oil-filled fins.

Safe to Use:

Large oil-filled radiators are safe to use. They do not have exposed heating elements, so there is no risk of fire or burns. The oil inside the radiator is also non-flammable, making it a safe choice for use in homes and offices. Additionally, the tip-over protection provides a barrier to accidental damage.

Programmable and Easy to Use:

Large oil-filled radiators are easy to use. They typically have simple controls that allow you to adjust the variable thermostat and temperature and set a timer for scheduling. Some higher-end models even come with a smart remote control app, making it easy to adjust the temperature from across the room, and from a distance office.

Effective Heating:

Large oil-filled radiators are effective at heating large rooms or spaces. They provide a steady, even heat that is comfortable and efficient. According to a study by Consumer Reports, oil-filled radiators are the most effective type of electric heater for large rooms. They are the best for single-room spaces and work great as a standalone heater, which is the reason we put them after the home’s central heating system.

Long-Lasting Heat

The oil inside large oil-filled radiators retains heat for a long time, even after the radiator has been turned off. This means that they continue to emit heat and keep a room warm even when they are not in use, making them an energy-efficient option.

Cons of Large Oil-Filled Radiators

While large oil-filled radiators offer several advantages for big households, they also have some disadvantages that should be considered before using them. Here are some disadvantages of using large oil-filled radiators:

Slow Heating than Gas Heaters:

Large oil-filled radiators are massive in comparison to electrical panel heaters, but they take longer to warm up. You’ll have to wait at least 4 minutes unless you have a smart oil-filled radiator, which can deliver considerably faster heat output quickly. You can even alter the timer to not wait for warmth.

Heavy and Bulky

Large oil-filled radiators are heavy and bulky, which can make them difficult to move around. They also take up more space than other types of heaters, which can be a disadvantage in small rooms or spaces.

Energy Inefficient

Large oil-filled radiators maintain heat for a longer period of time, but they are not as energy-efficient as tiny oil-filled radiators. They consume more energy than standard appliances due to the increased number of fins and body length, but they are more durable than standard electrical heaters. You only need to calculate the cost of operation, and if you can afford it, its the most reliable after central heating systems.


Overall, large oil-filled radiators are a safe, efficient, and effective way to heat large rooms or spaces. With their energy efficiency, quiet operation, and easy-to-use controls, they are a great choice for anyone looking to stay warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Still, they have some disadvantages such as slow heating, heaviness, and energy inefficiency. It’s essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to use a large oil-filled radiator for heating purposes.

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