Unbiased Thrive Premium Plus Cat Food Review

Unbiased Thrive Premium Plus Cat Food Review

Thrive produces a wide range of cat foods made from high-quality real ingredients. Their dry cat food recipe is irresistible to cats and provides excellent value for money. Here, we’re going to share Thrive Premium Plus cat food review, which has a combination of chicken and turkey for a high percentage of meat content to benefit your cats’ diet.

Thrive Premium Plus Cat Food Review

Thrive Plus Cat Food Chicken
Thrive Plus Cat Food Chicken

Expected Thrive Premium Plus Dry Cat Food Review

Best Organic Dry Cat Food UK


Ingredient: Chicken, Turkey |Suitable: Adult Cat |Grains: No Grains |Meat Content: Very High |Crude Protein: 51% |Crude Fat and Oils: 20% |Crude Fibres: 2% |Crude Ash: 11% |Omega-3 Oils: 0.06% |Omega-6 Oils: 3.08% |Nutritiants: Balanced |Taurine: 2300mg/kg |Carbohydrate: Less than 20% |


All-natural high protein ratio over 50%.

Easy to prepare and easy to digest.

Less than 20% carbohydrates.

Gluten-free and grain-free.

Free from preservatives and allergic ingredients.


Not for those with sensitive stomachs, unless served with wet food.

Lack of probiotics to aid digestion.

Cats require food high in meat and fish to get the nutrients they need. You can feed your cat with dry food or wet cat food for appetite and mood swings. Best dry cat food usually comes in combinations of flavourful ingredients and lasts longer without being spoiled.

It is a diversity of dry pet food that can be left out for a couple of days without spoiling. However, you should always prepare a fresh meal for your pets to pique their interest, which you can feed freely. Hydrated food is an easy meal that can be served for an extended period along with water for hydration that will not risk health.

We find Thrive cat food recipe preparation details that show the highest standards for all the good aspects of product care according to the current UK and EU animal welfare legislation parameters. They have recognised Thrive fish products derived from sustainable sources and good for cats and dog meals.

When exploring Thrive Premium Plus chicken with turkey ready-made recipes for cats. I discovered interesting ingredient contents, showing 90% chicken and turkey meat. That’s a lot of meat for dry cat food. It also contains a combination of sweet potatoes for easy digestion, with a very low carbohydrate content of 12%.

Highest Protein Content with a Variety of Flavours

In addition to high-quality turkey and chicken, Thrive dry cat biscuits contain 0.6 percent omega-3 fatty acids, along with all the vitamins, minerals, and taurine for strength. These ingredients are exceptional for cat food to thrive and fed up as a complete course meal with impressive credentials that should appeal to even the most discriminating cats.

Thrive dry cat food recipes are available in a variety of flavours that you can choose from for your fussy beasts. The good news is that Thrive dry cat food doesn’t come with cereal and grain flavours. Although it is not entirely a bad thing to have grains in cat food, according to research, some cats develop itchy skin after eating grain-based diets.

Features of Thrive Dry Cat Food (Chicken with Turkey)

  1. It contains a balanced amount of minerals, such as vitamins A, E, D3, zinc sulphate, omega, taurine, and others.
  2. There is a 90% high proportion of chicken and turkey in the total recipe to be a complete food for cats.
  3. It is free of cereal and grains but uses a small amount of low glycaemic sweet potato to bind the proteins.
  4. Absent from antioxidants, preservatives, artificial flavours, added colours, and extra sugars.
  5. You can take it for all the healthy ingredients that are suitable for all breeds of adult cats.

Final Verdicts

Thrive Premium Plus cat food, chicken and turkey, is a high-protein meal for cats. There is a healthy balance of minerals, nutrients, and taurine. You can also combine this dry food with wet food to keep your cat hydrated. Thrive use of low-fat and grain-free all-natural ingredients for easy digestion is encouraging.

There is little concentration of low glycaemic sweet potatoes to bind the proteins that are low in carbs. The formulation adds balanced levels of vitamins and minerals, including essential fatty acids omega-3 and -6, as well as vital taurine, which cats cannot produce on their own,

It is good to see Thrive is using grainless all-natural ingredients. It makes Thrive dry food easy on digestion and suitable for hypoallergic cats to eat dry biscuits as proper food. Overall, I recommend it as a daily meal for cats, with one wet mix treat portion added every day.

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