Will Moles Eat Rat Bait?

Will Moles Eat Rat Bait?

Moles are insectivores, which means they primarily eat insects and other invertebrates. They do not typically eat rat killer bait blocks because it is not a natural part of their diet, and find them unappealing to thior appetite.

Most moles are blind and deaf, they can’t see their prey, but they have a keen sense of smell and their favourite food is earthworms, which is why they don’t eat rat bait because it is enticing to rodents, not moles.

What Happens When Moles Consume Rat Bait?

Moles do not typically prefer rat bait because it is not appealing to their diet. If a mole eats rat bait, it might be dangerous, much like rats. The active substance works the same effect on moles as it does on rodents.

How to Eliminate Moles from your Yard?

It is important to understand that moles prefer worms and will not consume rat poison. This is why “Talpirid” is required to control moles in your yard. It is a bait made by replicating the naturally occurring earthworm, which attracts moles and causes them to die in the same way as rats do.

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