VIOFO A119 V3 Edition 2K Dash Cam

Lens QHD+ (1600p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Single
SD Storage 256GB
GPS Optional

VIOFO A119 V3 is a more recent version with many improvements and enhancements. It can top up to quad HD (2560 x 1600p) resolution 30 fps due to the bigger image sensor, Sony IMX 355, which nicely balance the video sharpness, colours and details.

It is the best budget dash cams with many sensors, such as the auto event detection feature that records before and after event videos in a loop. A nice feature to hold videos together for recording proof. It also has a more enhanced G-sensor and becomes activated with minor shakes, and vibration for full coverage of incidence with GPS data feeds with an external GPS module.

If you want to capture a much smoother video, you need to lower the resolution to 1080p 60 frames recording, which is still good and decently captures car plate number from a distance. It is a popular dash cam VIOFO A119 V2 upgraded version with more specs and features. It can record real-time speed, Geolocation tracking, Scene detection, Park monitoring, and HDR video capture with WDR and clear night vision.

Higher Resolution: The VIOFO A119 V3 is a small dash cam records higher quad HD resolution with 30 frames with all the minor details in 140 degrees angle.

Discreet Stealth: The design of VIOFO is empathetic and small, which does not detect easily by prying eyes on the road and provide stealth coverage.

GPS Route: It records Geolocation tracking in real-time with synchronisation and display speed in imperial's, and the metric's when external module connected.

G- Sensor: The WIOFO A119 V3 dash cam has a built-in G sensor that detects collisions and locks the CCTV recording for proof.

Park Monitoring: When someone moves near your car, the smart sensor can detect the movement through ACC and record it immediately.

Compact Display: The 2.4 inches display provides you with playback of videos and customisations of features with a real-time front view.

  • Very high-resolution video recording capacity
  • Stealthy and hidden design mesmerise its behaviour
  • Easy fit on windshield and takes less space
  • Support up to 64GB SD storage card
  • It fits with sticky adhesive pads.
  • Optional GPS mount

Nextbase 522GW Built-in Alexa Dash Cam

Lens 2K (1440p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Bundle
SD Storage 128GB
GPS Included

Nextbase has a long history of good quality car cameras, and the dash cam Nextbase 522GW is the best for the overall experience. It wins several awards for quality dashboard camera from various enthusiasts who claim excellent manoeuvrability, features and value. It can max record at 2K resolution at 30 frames, double in the definition of FHD and double the frames when recording at 1080p (60 frames) for smooth and silky visuals.

It has a polarising filter in the front camera, which minimises the direct beam of sunlight and cars headlights and captures a precise 140 degrees view from the windshield. The 3 inches HD touch screen is phenomenal and provides an emergency SOS alert upon collision and automatically saves the footage for proof.

The 522GW is an impressive dash camera, record at outstanding quality and offers features of luxury driving. Overall, it does the job of capturing moments and provides you with additional features like Alexa, Wifi, GPS, Audio recording, and sensors that help you every day. Nextbase makes an unconditional offer of a whole accessory bundle including the rearview cam and cabin camera for absolute security with peace of driving on highways.

1440p Definition: The front camera captures image quality at 1440p 2K definition at 30 frames and also enhanced frame rate with 1080p.

Alexa Builtin: The best budget dash cam with the support of Alexa virtual assistance for doing handsfree tasks.

Polarising Effect: The anti polarising effect lens provides a clear image in direct sunlight.

CabinView: The easy connect modules provide cabin view at low cost with reliable quality.

Rear View: Both modules and easy cables make rearview stunning and vast for clear visuals.

Touch Display: The 3 inches touch display is IPS and reliable to perform functions and playback with real depth.

GPS: The camera comes with GPS features for easy destination tracking and location recording.

Connection: There is Bluetooth connectivity and Wifi for syncing data to your smartphone.

G- Sensor: The Gyro Sensor detects activities and records them for security.

  • Value bundle with dual cam accessories
  • Outstanding image quality at 1440p
  • Easy cable management direct mounts
  • High-grade best Nextbase dash cam
  • The sensor has slightly short 140 degrees of FOV

VIOFO WR1 Hidden Design Dash Cam

Lens FHD (1080p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Single
SD Storage 256GB
GPS Optional

The VIOFO WR1 is an excellent smallest dash cam UK with 1080p quality dash cam properties that can record car video without getting too much attention due to its stealthy design. It can easily rotate at 360 degrees and cover the cabin area when needed to capture your fellows moments. It almost a micro dash cam in a single-cam setup which is unsuitable for those who are in need of a rearview dual dash cam. Then they have to look at dual dash cameras because it does everything but without a screen and secondary cam.

This best value dash cam can adjust the mounting location to set up the image angle optimally underneath the rearview mirror. A Sony image sensor is IMX323, a superior quality photo capturer up to 1080p FHD resolution with 60 frames.  It can act as a one-way recorder without any display or screen to showcase or playback recorded videos.

VIOFO WR1 has a smartphone app that helps the user manage the settings and reliably control the compact dash cam. To see the footage, a user has to connect a wifi cam to view and save the essential imageries. That is a nice feature that makes a huge impact when using the dashcam in parking to capture any incident's unfortunate footage.

The night recording is also exceptional and shows object discretely visible thanks to the decoding of a high-performance Novatek NT96663 processor combine with a sensor to preserve details at minimum effort. The add up of wifi is superb fast for the price point, and high grade builds all-around quality premium.

It has quick record features with a Snapchat button to capture the unexpected real-time visuals for 20 seconds that user can share with friends and family using the app. Overall, it is a stable recorder and total control by a user.

FHD 1080p Capturing: The front camera captures 1080p video at smooth 60 frames and provides reliable details without any compromise.

Great FOV: The camera cover 160 FOV that is a massive field of view, which means no blind spots when recording.

Playback: The compact dash cam can play all the footage through wifi on your smartphones utilising the app for iOS and Androids.

G- Sensor: The G sensor detects any spontaneous activity and records it, and when an unfortunate incident happens, it will lock the video for proof.

HDR Features: The Sony lens in both cameras can record videos with HDR and decode them with H.264 compression for high definition visuals.

  • Stealthy hidden design 1080p advantage simplicity.
  • Wifi is fast for connection with a smartphone.
  • Massive 256GB SD storage compatible
  • Simple and reliable for the long term.
  • There is no screen for visuals or playback
  • No GPS included

REXING V3 Dual Dash Cam Night Vision

Lens 4K UHD (2160p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear 2 in one
SD Storage 256 GB
GPS Optional

The Rexing V3 dash cam is a value for money dual HD camera recorder. It can mount in front of the windshield and capture both front-end and cabin view with a crisp, clear video. Novatek 96663 processor keep its performance optimal in every situation, whether you move fast or slow.

Rexing implemented supercapacitors instead of battery inside the V3 dash cam for quick charging, rapid response time and reliable long term performance with temperature resistance that keeps the optimal temperature in winters and hot summer.

It uses the OV4689 image sensor to produce 2160p resolution videos with the IR night vision image sensor that even captures pitch dark scenes with high-speed moments. The optimal time-lapse video looping is possible for easy managing with software embedded controls. The dual-camera setup captures both ends and monitors parking with the always-on feature.

The cabin camera and front view capture every moment at a vast 170 degrees angle, which is ideally nothing compared to its Infrared cabin camera that sees through the dark. It is essential for taxi drivers, uber to record activities around the car. A G sensor detects unnecessary motion with the moments and triggers emergency coverage to save many lawsuits and frauds.

The wifi features are also embedded in the Rexing V3 that let you see the exact moments on the smartphone via an app and give the option to save video instantly for situation response. The application let you customise the different core settings of the dash cam, even though it has 2.4 inches IPS LCD that is colourful and sharp enough for playback functions. The recording is uncompromised, premium high-grade features for under 100 price, but unfortunate GPS is optional.

1080p Recordings: The max output with 30 FPS lock while lower resolution doubles the frames. It can record smooth frame rate videos with 1080p resolutions.

170 Degree FOV: Easy captures huge details with less effort 24 hours day and night. The 170 degrees angle is huge for optimal detail capturing on the road.

G Sensor: Activite with any means of vibration, and in case of a collision, it locks the video footage to make it tamper-proof.

Display: The 2.4 inches LCD can playback the recordings and show features. It helps to show the necessary information and functions.

Wifi: The dual-band high-speed Wifi share videos with your smartphone remotely via an app. It will share current location and video files directly to your smartphone for savings.

Loop Feature: The feature makes your recordings write over existed files and make space automatically. This way, you don't need to interact and manually delete the files.

  • Great featured dual cabin recording dash cam
  • The design is minimalistic and captures silently.
  • Support enormous 256GB TF card
  • Night vision in-cabin mode
  • GPS logger is optional

VIOFO A129 Pro Due 4K Dual Dash Cam

Lens 2K (1440p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Bundle
SD Storage 128GB
GPS Included

The VIOFO A129 Pro Due is an extraordinary complete set of dash cam for high end 4K recording functions. Unlike average dash cameras, its design is also minimalistic and features different capabilities to monitor your driveway with dual camera setups for front and back. It has a compact touch screen suitable for back view mirroring with the included rear camera that seamlessly interacts with the user.

The dash cam is compelling and uses Sony IMX 317 image sensor that can record video up to 3840 x 2160P Ultra HD resolution with 30 frames while lower resolution advantage more frames with 1080p and 720p definitions. But the 4K image provides an authentic HDR experience that makes the picture vivid with high resolutions.

The 170 degrees wide dynamic range covers the entire front area while the back cam does the same with 140 degrees angle at the back end with additional parking functionality. The 24-hour monitoring captures every unnecessary moment with an emergency lock provide you with the evidence when you are absent. It has a built in GPS logger that features directions with longitude and latitudes with actual speed.

It replaces your default rearview mirror and provides you with 12 inches touchscreen that simultaneously displays front and back view. At night it enhances the video quality intelligently with antiglare AHD technology, which gives you a clear picture in bright beams of lights. Overall, the setup is easy to install and covers your car surrounding in an innovative way possible.

Dual Cam Recording: The secondary dash cam and front camera from Sony and features IMX137 and IMX291 to simultaneously capture and cover all blind spots.

Rearview Mirroring: The back camera provides smart rearview functionality in reverse mode and shows easy parking guidelines.

G- Sensor and Monitoring: The camera has both functionalities of the G sensor and motion detection for parking security.

Analog Definition: The night vision uses Analog HD definition technology that enhances low light footage and saturates it with details.

Compact Display: The 12 inches wide touch display is curved edged and reliably swipes features with fingers touch and let you see both front and back view in real-time with adjustable viewing angles.

GPS Antena: The dash camera comes with an external GPS Antena for better signal strength and accurate speed tracking.

  • Nice 4K resolution dual cam.
  • It included a 32GB SD Card for storage
  • GPS mount included in the package.
  • Exceptional high-quality dash cam
  • It doesn't include a hardwiring kit for enhanced monitoring

Peztio Q1000 Stealth Dash Camera

Lens FHD (1080p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Single
SD Storage 32GB Included
GPS Optional

The Peztio Q1000 is the best small dash cam from Peztio, features straight features that make your driving safe and secure. It can record video at 1080p quality, capture everything with the F1.8 aperture of the Sony IMX307 6P, and follow your directions with a smartphone Wi-Fi connection. It is the best budget dash cams comes with a hidden design and fits the windshield with sticky adhesives to completely merge with the glass and silently capture the dashboard.

Itis the best wifi dash cam support FHD 1920 x 1080p definition recording capacity with smooth 30 frames. It delicate night vision as it is in the daytime with HDR features. It has a 2 inches screen to see the settings and performance of the components selected for various functions like playback functionality of recordings. User can quickly access the features and modes provided by Peztio Q1000 from the menu, such as parking monitor, loop video, emergency settings, and recording quality.

The quality is excellent; especially the night vision is superior to other dash cams while other features are Peztio Q1000 standard. G- Sensor that can lock the recording in case of collision or accident secures the proof. Also monitors parking when you leave it with your car utilising motion trigger.

FHD Capable: The Peztio Q1000 is a very capable 1080p dash cam that can record videos with a high frame rate for clear and detail review.

SOS Lock: It has one button emergency locks that secure the current footage and also call for help when sensors detect any unhealthy moment such as collision.

Parking Security: The built-in battery of 450mAh make it record videos for 24 hours in parking and note every prying eye's attention.

Loop feature: This feature records videos in a loop and automatically makes space for new files using a low memory SD card.

Motion Recording: The feature saves power and storage and only operate when it detects motion or vibration from the engine.

Wide Angle: The camera has a wide recording angle of 170 degrees, capturing lots of details and covering a vast area at the front.

  • Simple and user-friendly featureful dash cam
  • Its image sensor is capable of high-quality night vision.
  • Wifi support with an app
  • Good bargain for features
  • The screen is tiny and uncomfortable, but it includes a 32GB card which even the elements.
Lens 1080p FHD
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Bundle
SD Storage Up to 128GB
GPS Optional

Navitel R9 is a simple dual dash cam with a front and back view camera package. It can record video at 1080p resolution with 30 frames at the front edge and back simultaneously. The FHD recording is crystal clear and detailed due to the support of a powerful NTK96675 processor that optimises the colours and depth with a Sony IMX307 Ultra wide-angle image sensor.

It can shoot night video as good as daylight with high definition details due to balance power and quality components. Navitel R9 provide fast wifi capabilities and a GPS logger that can mount with the camera and share exact speed with directions. Even when you go at high speed, it can monitor all the vehicles and eye on your surroundings and covers 150 degrees front and 150 degrees back.

The performance is quick, and secure parking features let it run on an internal battery and record 1 to 10 minutes videos based on activities around your car when it senses any movement. The feature helps Wifi use the app to share live feeds on your smartphone and provide you with options to download the recordings and check previous activities. It is also possible with the dashboard camera 3 inches touch screen, which is a penalty for the features and watching the car recordings.

1080p enhanced: The Navitel R9 maximum capacity is to record enhanced with multiple frames video at 1080p resolution.

Huge FOV: It can easily capture activity under 170 degrees angles on both sides of vehicles and secure the proof with a locking feature.

Easy Display: The display is 3 inches bright IPS panel with touch capability to make interaction easy with simple UI.

G-Sensor: The accelerometer is friendly for anonymous activities with the best car dash camera to instantly record the incidence and lock the parking lot footage.

Wifi Support: The Wifi sharing lets you view the dash cam stats remotely and download past videos from a smartphone.

  • Great value featured dash cam
  • It can capture both sides for peace of mind
  • 128GB immense SD card support without formate
  • Quality video recording
  • SD card not included in the box

BlackVue DR750S-2CH Cloud Connected Wi-Fi Dash Cam

Lens QHD (1440p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Bundle of Two
SD Storage 256GB
GPS Included

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH is a complete set of whole dash cam bundle with two dash cameras for front and rearview capturing in a car. It features 1440p QHD resolution recording with a front lens and 1080p with a rear view camera. Both cameras use a Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor that captures simple to complicated details of your driving venture.

The wedge design is stealthy and relatively easy to fit on your windshield, give good image quality covering 170 degrees angle at the front of your vehicle. It has GPS compatibility, making it log your location, monitoring speed with the video data, and recording them in one package.

It will be a good companion on long trips thanks to temperature resistance build quality that makes it runs with low and high temperatures without disturbing the evidence it records. It has motion sensors that will help you leave it to guard your car as it triggers any potential vibrations and movement and records conveniently to give you genuine proof of incident at parking.

The large Sony sensor and powerful internal components can shoot stable video at night and capture a clear picture of vehicle plates in front of your eyes in 1080p resolution. No screen is controversial to visuals and playback directly on a smartphone via the wifi.

Stealthy cover all the footages and store them into SD cards, and secure the past recorded video. It is an impressive hidden camera easily mount with a sticker but does not cover your back and secure your driving discreetly for modern use.

FHD visuals: The BlackVue DR750S-2CH can record your driving moments in 1440p image quality.

More comprehensive Range: It can easily capture activities with 170 degrees wider angel range for your evidence and reliability to foolproof the evidence with locking feature.

Stealth Design: The design is very compact and stealthy, can hide behind the back mirror and cover everything hiddenly.

Rear View: The secondary cam works as a parking sensor and records 1080p video, also helps in reverse parking and detection of motion.

Low light feature: The soft light features provide you with excellent visuals, thanks to Sony IMX323 capable sensor.

  • Premium featured dual dash cam with Wifi
  • Emergency record with impact detection
  • Record 1440p very high-quality videos
  • GPS is embedded inside the camera
  • Discreet and compact design
  • An expensive set of dashboard camera but high-end features and surveillance of the vehicle gives you peace of mind.

Newgreeny IR Dual Dash Cam with Infrared Lens

Lens FHD (1080p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Single
SD Storage Up to 32 GB
GPS Optional

The Newgreeny IR dual dash cam is the best affordable dash camera with really easy to use features. It is one of the top ten dash cams that comes with a minimal price e tag and comes with dual camera setups. The magnetic bracket is reliable and easy to use for a compact and convenient performance. The double cabin and front view at 1080p resolutions. It uses a relatively powerful processor to smoothly manage high-end video coding while optimising visuals that spread rich colours.

The Sony IMX307 image sensor in Newgreeny IR dual dash can nicely capture night footage with an IR sensor. Which makes it a useful gadget for recording nighttime driving, and you can also use it as a parking monitor for recording activities around your car. It starts to record with motion sensitivity and detect what's going on. It will be more responsible when you attach it to a hardwire for a better power source when the engine is off.

The built-in GPS tracker is accurate and viable for your destination and driving routes as it complies with the Greolactions you can see through the 4 inches touch LCD screen. The GPS logger provides your video evidence with a strong point with your actual speed. Overall this is a complete package of a dash cam with a balance wide dynamic range, and colours ake your videos stunning as you drive beautiful places.

FHD Recording: The Newgreeny IR dual dash Cam records your driving moments at optimal 1080p FHD visual resolution.

IR Night Vision: It has Infrared sensors that can capture nigh time video with immense details.

Balance Dynamic Range: The WDR with authentic rich colours and white balance for depth details to support your evidence with reliable footage.

Large Screen: The design is forward and has a large 4 inches touch screen for features and playback video recordings of a trip.

  • Balance features dash cam with easy installation.
  • Excellent night vision
  • 4 inches wide display for features
  • SD card limit is less competitive.

Nextbase 222x Front and Rear Dash Cam

Lens FHD (1080p)
G-Sensor Yes
Front + Rear Single
SD Storage Up to 64 GB
GPS Optional

The affordable Nextbase 222x bundle dash cam with front and rear view for monitoring and safe driving. It is from the Nextbase line with quality features of recording 1080p video with 30 frames. But it could not stand in front of the newer flagship version 622GW, which can record footage at 4K at 30 frames with better stabilisation, GPS, viewing angle and high-grade features, but cost more than four times this unit.

The Nextbase 22x is a very affordable dash cam that is simple to use and provides Rear View with the included module's connection. The FHD video it can record covers 140 degrees at the front and 130 degrees at the rear, which is, in reality, most of your cabin view, not the back view.

Like the bigger version, this has a 2.4 inches LCD but not touch and use to display your current video and functions. The included battery of 280mAh makes it a foolproof parking monitor to cover your back and note activities in your absence. Overall, it is a value for money package from Nextbase with decent features.

1080p Video Recording: The Nestbase 222x can record 1080p 30 frames videos from the central unit.

Rear View Module: The camera comes with a bundle of accessories and a rearview unit to easily monitor your cabin and back at 720p definition.

Polarising Effect: It has a polarising filter that provides a clear image in direct sunlight.

Display Functionality: The 2.5 inches display functions playback features of your recordings.

  • Best budget dual cam from Nextbase.
  • Include a rearview module.
  • Parking monitoring feature.
  • 128 GB SD card support.
  • Lack of Wifi and GPS.