Best Mirror Dash Cam UK

Best Mirror Dash Cam UK

The most frequent type of auto accident over a 12-month period, according to a recent survey by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, was a 29% rear-end collision. This translates to about 420,000 rear-end collisions in the United Kingdom.

That means dual or front and rear dash cams are excellent for overall evidence protection in a crash, as well as providing assistance for dispute resolution and avoiding fraudsters or bad drivers acts, as well as protecting your licence and recording dodge attacks to prove bad drivers guilty in times of need.

We reviewed more than 20 best budget dash cams with high-resolution lenses to capture the entire ground at the front and back of the vehicle to cover you up on strict British roads.

At a Glance:

  1. Pyle PLCMDVR77 7.4
  2. Toguard 12 4K
  3. Auto-Vox V5
  4. WolfBox G840S 12
  5. Jansite 10 Front and Rear Dash Cam
  6. ThiEye 2.5K Dual Dash Cam
  7. RedTiger 11 4K
  8. Pormido 2.5K Front and Reversing Camera
  9. Chortau Mirror Dash Cam with Reverse Camera

Best Mirror Dash Cams UK

Pyle PLCMDVR77 7.4
Pyle PLCMDVR77 7.4 (Image credit: Bestb)

Pyle PLCMDVR77 7.4

Best with wireless rear camera under £100


Brand: Pyle |Screen Size: 7.4” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: FHD 1280P(F) + HD 656P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 170° View(R) |External GPS: Not Included |Water Proof: IP69 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes, Built-In |TF Card: 32GB Not Included |Weight: 900 Grams |


A rotatable rearview camera with waterproof protection.

Dual 170-degree wide-angle lenses.

Parking assistance with guidelines.

Compact 7” screen with easy controls.

Low light vision from both front and rear sensors.


GPS module is optional.

Not a laminated touch screen.

The Pyle PLCMDVR77 is a dual dash cam with a front and rear camera setup with a simultaneous recording feature that captures in splits while you drive through your destination.

The dashcam has three different settings for a digital rearview; it has auto parking assistance with distance parking lines, which gives you a guideline of the parking area and controls lane assist features when changing the route.

The combination with parking monitor features and G-force sensor, allows the dash cam to record hit-and-run accidents from both the front and rearview.

If you want a dash cam with advanced security features, the Pyle mirror dash cam is a good value for money with full waterproof protection.

It has a seven-inch screen with separate buttons that can navigate you to settings with a single click of your fingertip.

The rear cam features a slim bar design with tilt view adjustments for custom angles at the back of your vehicle.

This allows you to capture the surroundings of your vehicle at a resolution of 656 x 492 pixels which combines the front sensor that records FHD 1280p for proper documentation, ensuring that you don’t miss anything when you park your car.

The Best Feature We Found Is The Wide Dynamic Range:

The Pyle dual mirror dash cam has a 170° angle wide view for the front camera lens, while also capturing the rear view with a similar 170°. This covers a large area and even captures vehicles at a distance.

The FHD resolution is high definition to read number plates and view them easily on compact 7 inches display which is bright and provides excellent maneuverability.

Toguard 12 4K
Toguard 12 4K (Image credit: Bestb)

Toguard 12 4K

Best 4K Mirror Dash Cam


Brand: Toguard |Screen Size: 12” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: 4K 2160P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 150° View(R) |External GPS: Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Built-In |TF Card: 128GB Not Included |Weight: 371 Grams |


Native 4K capable with 30fps.

Sony IMX 415 enhanced nighttime recording.

Adjustable front and rear camera angles.

Good value with a GPS module.

Voice commands are supported for hands-free functions.

Parking monitor and parking assistance.

Ideal for large vehicles.


The 12″ size can be large for small cars.

The battery life is average for this size display.

The Toguard 4K mirror dash cam is an absolute premium with very impressive specs. It has a Sony Starvis IMX415 front camera sensor that can capture true images in a native 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 30 frames per second.

It has the flexibility of a large 170-degree angle at the front and 150 degrees at the back with FHD recording capacity.

You can plug in a car charger and have a proper setup of the front and rear cam for ease of parking and recording accidents for insurance purposes.

The dash cam has a 12-inch touch display that functions as a digital rearview mirror. It safeguards your vehicle with parking monitor features that use motion sensors to detect all movements in the surrounding area in order to capture unexpected incidents.

Toguard mirror dash cam has many high-end innovative features that include Sony’s new Starvis night vision technology, which is ideal for recording at nighttime.

Voice Control (Hands-Free Commands)

If you want high-tech features, Toguard 4K mirror dash cam is one of the best, as it supports voice commands. It eliminates the need for manual controls and operates without taking one’s hands off the steering wheel.

You can say things like “show rear view, lock the video,” and there are many other commands that will result in seamless interactions.

Additionally, the parking assistance is razor-sharp and covers all of the details of an unexpected collision with park monitoring, which is a security feature.

GPS Tracking Module

For the convenience of users, the Toguard DVR includes GPS tracking via an external module that comes with the package. We found it to be a useful accessory for covering all the details of a trip with speed and location data.

It automatically stamps the location of the video footage to help with documentation in the event of an accident. The GPS antenna bundle simplifies tracking and speed logging by displaying route directions on the screen in real-time.

Auto-Vox V5
Auto-Vox V5 (Image credit: Bestb)

Auto-Vox V5

Best Quality Mirror Dash Cam with GPS


Brand: Auto-Vox |Screen Size: 12” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: 4K 2160P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 145° View(F) + 145° View(R) |External GPS: Yes, Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes, Built-In |TF Card: 128GB Not Included |Weight: 350 Grams |


A fully laminated display reduces glare with low reflections.

Included with GPS logger for location history.

Excellent parking mode with a highly sensitive G-sensor.

Right-hand design customisable camera.

When reversing, the rearview displays automatically.

Long 6.5M video cable and car charger.


The package does not include a hardwiring kit.

No SD card is included with the accessories.

The Auto-Vox V5 mirror dash cam is the best rearview mirror dash cam with rich features that offer excellent build quality, equipped with an FHD 1080p video resolution sensor at the front and back with waterproof protection.

The fully laminated touchscreen display is crystal clear with a low-reflection anti-glare coating.

If you need a quality dash camera with night vision clarity, this dash cam comes with a Sony IMX 307 image sensor in both the front and rear image sensors, which is the main point of including it in the top ten list.

When vehicles are pushing high-beam headlights at your windshield, you don’t have to worry about overexposure. There are 6 blue lenses on the front and rear cameras.

Each covers an aperture of F1.8 to provide you with a clear video and increase driving safety significantly.

The 9.35-inch display is small enough to fit in all vehicles, large and small, and bright enough to be viewed from all angles, with slim bezels for comfort.

If you’re looking for a high-quality camera with parking assistance, this is the one to go with. The screen has three display modes from which you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Auto-Vox provides it with a fixed anti-glare touch sensitivity that is easy to view and an OEM design that lets it install over the existing rearview mirror very easily.

In the United Kingdom, this dash cam is suitable for right-hand drive vehicles. This mirror dashcam can capture at 145 degrees angle from the front and back cameras, allowing it to record evidence in full parking coverage of the surrounding area.

Cold Weather Proof With Capacitor Charging

Auto-Vox V5 Mirror Dash Cam uses supercapacitors for charging allowing faster charging than a Li-ion battery and making it reliable for both extreme winter and summer temperatures.

If you want a proper parking monitoring setup, it must be connected with a complete hardwiring kit that allows the dash cam to be recorded for long periods with active monitoring.

We appreciate the inclusion of a USB type C port, which is more reliable than a micro-USB port and allows for faster charging and more convenient performance.

WolfBox G840S 12
WolfBox G840S 12 (Image credit: Bestb)

WolfBox G840S 12

Best mirror mounted dash cam


Brand: WolfBox |Screen Size: 12” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: 2K 1440P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 160° View(F) + 150° View(R) |External GPS: Yes, Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes Built-In |TF Card: 32GB Included |Weight: 1.14 Kilograms |


Adaptive 160 degrees to 175 degrees WDR image sensors.

Smart driving features include a lane-departure system and a night recording feature.

Real 2K 1440p resolution recording capacity.

Enhanced reverse camera with parking AID.

Time-lapse and G-sensor security features.

It comes with a 32GB storage card.


The 20 ft cables are messy and require professional fittings.

The WolfBox Mirror Dash Cam (G840S) is a modern design 12-inch screen dash cam with a rearview camera that provides 2K resolution quality with the Sony IMX335 lens, which is capable to record both day and night scenes with high clarity.

This has an improved version with a higher resolution rear 1080p and front 1440p quality cameras.

This mirror dashcam comes in a dual setup front and rear unit combined. Both have ultra-wide viewing angles that help to maximise your view while minimising blind spots.

You can clearly see the 2.5-degree curved touch display that covers the 180-degree surrounding clarity.

The large 12″ touch screen provides more coverage and a visualiser for rearview parking, as well as improved low-light recording, allowing you to see licence plates and road signs clearly when driving at night.

Aside from the usual benefits, this dash cam has extra safety features and a lane departure system onboard, which aids in safe driving.

Additional parking modes have included digital parking solutions with new parking sensors for active monitoring and battery-saving functions, which means it will only record when motion is detected and loop it for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

The time interval settings make it energy-saving as well as precious SD card storage. In our experiece, this is the quality of ideal DVR for family cars, caravans, and motor homes, to benefit from reverse parking because it is difficult to park a large vehicle.

Design and Reliability

The design is similar to that of most cars’ stock rearview cameras, and it does not require mirror replacement and easily fits with rubber straps.

Given this, its screen is large enough to record with both the front and back cameras simultaneously.

Our tests indicate that WolfBox G840S is the best car camera in the UK, owing to a combination of significant quality upgrades and a user-friendly design.

The inclusion of a rearview camera and GPS Antenna allows for seamless parking and reversing assistance, allowing it to cover more ground in an incident and record explicit videos.

Jansite 10 Front and Rear Dash Cam
Jansite 10 Front and Rear Dash Cam (Image credit: Bestb)

Jansite 10 Front and Rear Dash Cam

Best with night vision


Brand: Jansite |Screen Size: 10” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: 2.5K 1440P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 140° View(R) |External GPS: Not Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes. Built-In |TF Card: 128GB Not Included |Weight: 500 Grams |


Intelligent voice control.

Flexibility to view angles front and rear.

Sensitive G- Senor for safety.

Parking guidelines with reverse camera.

Easy installation with a long 10-meter cable.

Affordable dual dashcam.


Missing GPS module.

No SD card included with the bundle

This Jansite 10 Mirror Dash Cam comes with voice-activated controls for hands-free interactions. The software allows it to listen to eight commands for the comfort of driving.

You can say the word and it will do the rest without lifting a hand from steering. This gets interesting with the balanced video quality of both front and rear cameras that can record each side with FHD 1080p resolutions, which also means you are not losing any details.

If you have concerns about not being able to fit a rear cam in a large vehicle, there it comes with an extended 10-metre cable for rear cam connexion which easily covers the largest of SUVs, vans, RVs, and trucks.

The combination of the GPS module and motion sensor is great for stability, while the high-quality 10-inch touch screen provides clear visuals with a split-view, and it can even display current speed and location, which is required for proper evidence in the event of an incident.

The Sony Starvis image sensor provides low-light coverage with an ultra-wide angle of 170 degrees from the front and 140 degrees from the back. It is simple to operate and comes with a reversing aid that allows you to park on the lines.

Safety, Parking Assist and Loop Recording

The main highlight of visually presenting all recordings, playback, and customising features is the clear and bright display.

However, if you park your car in a lot, certain safety features are required, such as parking monitoring, which can keep your vehicle secure and record physical movements on an impact.

This also alarms a robbery attempt. When the built-in G sensor detects a sudden shake or collision, the Jansite mirror dash cam automatically loops and locks the video, which can be used as critical evidence for an insurance claim.

ThiEye 2.5K Dual Dash Cam
ThiEye 2.5K Dual Dash Cam (Image credit: Bestb)

ThiEye 2.5K Dual Dash Cam

Best for right hand drive cars


Brand: ThiEye |Screen Size: 12” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: 2.5K 1440P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 140° View(R) |External GPS: Yes, Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes, Built-In |TF Card: 128GB Not Included |Weight: 371 Grams |


Right-hand design for UK roads.

Split screen feature with dual recording

High definition 2.5K recordings.

Interactive voice controls.

Full range of accessories including GPS.

Motion detection

Flexible view of parking sensors.


No SD card included

The ThiEye 2.5K CE60 mirror dash cam has a stunning 10-inch discreet touch display that easily fits into small to large cars with an attachment.

The front dash cam houses a 2.5K resolution of 2560 x 1440p, which is twice the definition of 1080p to make everything smooth and has a right-side front camera designed for UK roads.

It also has a backup camera with a maximum resolution of (1920 x 1080p) and a wide dynamic range for rearview mirroring.

The design is similar to a standard rearview mirror, which is good for stealth and does not draw unwanted attention unless it is acquired.

The highlight of this dash cam is the greater 1440p recording, which is very clear and bright for both day and night image recording.

This is possible with Sony Starvis enhancement technology for low-light image reliability that can capture night vision recordings for easily accessible evidence.

Extended Dynamic Range And Voice Controls

Both the front and rear cameras have 170° wide angles, which reduces your driving visual blind spots while capturing all the details in your surroundings.

You also get amazing controls with the onboard “Voice Command Mode,” which frees up your hands while driving, making your journey more comfortable and safe.

The flexible front lens can be slid outward and moved to any angle of 180 degrees for custom angles and has a very high image quality of 1440p image sensors, capturing detailed elements and making it a reliable dashcam.

Keep Your Location In Record With GPS

When certain events occur, the included GPS antenna will allow for speed count and location-based data for additional evidence.

You can simply rely on the automatic recording of an impact, whether in parking or on the road, as long as the motion sensors are active during use.

RedTiger 11 4K
RedTiger 11 4K (Image credit: Bestb)

RedTiger 11 4K

Best front and rear mirror dash cam


Brand: RedTiger |Screen Size: 11” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: 4K 2160P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 170° View(R) |External GPS: Not Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes, Built-In |TF Card: 32GB Included |Weight: 1.16 Kilograms |


IP68-rated dash camera.

Affordable dual setup dash cam with the hardwiring kit.

Rotateable front lens for UK right-hand driving course.

The front and rear are both 170 degrees wide angles.

Support Sony Night Vision.


It does not include a GPS module.

No SD card comes along with the package.

The RedTiger 4K Mirror Dash Camera has 12-inch dimensions and provides a widescreen for more visuals. It has a front and back view camera bundle with a resolution of 3840 x 2160p.

The front camera is retractable and flexible, with an adjustable Sony IMX335 lens. You can change the angle to improve the visuals with 170-degree angles from the front and back.

Both front and rearview cameras capture comprehensive dynamic range videos and absorb tiny details. It also has split-screen functions for viewing both camera views and recording at the same time.

The Sony camera lens and Starvis technology allow it to capture low-light scenes while driving, enhancing the footage to more precise details.

The 11-inch mirror display is touch-enabled and capable of recording Full HD reverse parking simultaneously.

The GPS compatibility is great and does come free of cost, but it offers no hardwiring kit. Instead, the manufacturer included a 32GB SDcard and a rearview camera for the proper front and back view.

Pormido 2.5K Front and Reversing Camera
Pormido 2.5K Front and Reversing Camera (Image credit: Bestb)

Pormido 2.5K Front and Reversing Camera

Best to attach with rear view mirror


Brand: Pormido |Screen Size: 12” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: FHD 1269P(F) + FHD 1269P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 170° View(R) |External GPS: Not Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes Built-In |TF Card: 32GB Included |Weight: 362 Grams |


high-quality backup and front dashcam recorder.

Adjustable parking mode for a reliable parking

Included is a 32GB SD card that auto-loop videos.

Essential long reverse camera cables of 33 feet.


Not included with the GPS antenna for logging.

Long cables can mess up the setup and require professional help for proper fittings

The Pormido mirror dash cam is a combination of an excellent backup camera and a front DVR with an appealing right-hand design that is best suited for right-hand drive vehicles in the UK.

Its 12″ square size gives you an ultra-wide view of what’s behind you, and the anti-glare surface reduces the blind spots for safe driving.

We find its improved vision is great in low light conditions and comes equipped with two cameras that can record at FHD 1920 x 1269p high definition videos from both image sensors and shows front and rear simultaneously using the smart screen split function.

The longest 33ft rear camera connecting cable is included with this dual setup rear view mirror dash camera that fits various car sizes, such as SUVs, Pickup, Camper, Vans, Sedans, and Minivans.

While the reverse camera can stick on the rear window or on top of your car’s licence plate.

This is the best value dash cam on the market and comes with a perfectly laminated touch-sensitive display that has excellent clarity to provide you with multi-angle coverage.

It has a parking monitor, impact detectors, G-sensors and loop recording features, you can attach a GPS for location logging.

Chortau Mirror Dash Cam with Reverse Camera
Chortau Mirror Dash Cam with Reverse Camera (Image credit: Bestb)

Chortau Mirror Dash Cam with Reverse Camera

Best mirror dash cam for car


Brand: Chortau |Screen Size: 4.8” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front + Rear |Camera Sensor: FHD 1080P(F) + FHD 1080P(R) |Recording Angles: 170° View(F) + 170° View(R) |External GPS: Not Included |Water Proof: IP68 Waterproof Level |G-sensor: Yes, Built-In |TF Card: 32GB Not Included |Weight: 362 Grams |


Suitable mirror dash cam for SUVs and small Sedans.

It comes with a waterproof reverse backup camera.

The tiny 4.8-inch touchscreen is anti-glare.

Parking guidelines and motion detection for security.

Easily install with 4 rubber straps.


Not for those who prefer a larger display.

There is no GPS or SD card included.

The Chortau Mirror Dash Cam is 7 inches in size, but its screen is centred with a discreet 4.5-inch size to blend in with your car interior.

If you’re looking for an affordable mirror dash cam with all the necessary features like motion detection, G-force sensor, dual waterproof cams, and parking monitoring with 1080P recording capacity, look no further than this Chortau DVR.

This does all for less and doesn’t divert your attention while driving.

Its Intelligent Driving Assistance feature guides you with automatic parking and can sit steadily for 24 hours of parking monitoring, which gives you peace of mind when leaving your car parked for long hours.

Additionally, the impressive quick-action Gyro sensor can record videos immediately when it detects an impact or collision; this saves you evidence of accidental insurance.

Buyer’s Guide

The best mirror dash cams must be versatile, reliable, and simple to operate. When looking for high-end designs, these are the characteristics that will help you choose the right unit. These guidelines will help you determine a decent purchase for your vehicle:

Design and Size (Length of Mirror Dash Cam)

Rearview mirror dash cams come in a variety of sizes and shapes. When buying one, consider its size, shape, and dimensions for a perfect fit.

Compact sedans and hatchbacks may benefit from a discreet design. However, in a truck, a 12-inch dash camera won’t be an issue, because it can sit over the existing rearview mirror.

This also implies that larger displays will be able to support split screens for front and back views simultaneously for the perspective of the whole surroundings.

Higher-Resolution Video Footage Quality

Although many models have been tested, not all of them can be recorded at Ultra 4K, 2K and 1080P resolutions.

The higher resolution allows for easier visuals and captures more details with the combined effort of an image sensor, CPU, and software rendering.

However, higher resolution costs more and needs more storage, but if you want more clarity, you should consider 2K, 2.5K, 3K or 4K image recorders, which allow you to see licence plates from a distance.

Night Vision or Low Light Vision

The clarity of footage is required for law enforcement to take action based on your dashboard recordings, so you may want to consider a night vision dash camera or a low light vision sensor.

This helps you record clearly at nighttime which will make your drive safe in the darkest hours of the night.

The latest image sensors from Sony, such as the Sony IMX300 series and IMX400 series are capable of delivering clear images in low light conditions.

GPS Location Tracking Module

Everyone understands what GPS tracking is in the 21st century, but what it means for dashcams is a useful evidence maker that combines both real-time location tracking and video recording.

When a dash is connected to a GPS module, such as sat nav dash cam, it will back up your insurance claims with the addition of necessary information.

It should have your location, car speed, and route, and embed everything in the video documentation, ensuring the accuracy of your evidence.

Parking Monitoring and G-Sensors

Every time we parked our car, there was a chance of a hit and run, which could be bulgers or anyone who made a mistake.

However, we require proof of the individual who has marked our car bonnet or made a dent in the bumper.

As such, the inclusion of G-force sensors allows the rearview mirror camera system to record footage of any collision detected by the sensors. In this manner, the footage is automatically saved and protected.

Waterproof Capacity

It is not always necessary to detail your car interior with a Hand Held Steam Cleaner, but when you do, having a waterproof dash cam will simplify your work and eliminate the need to move the dash cam setup.

Although, for normal scenarios, the inside cabin-mounted dash cam doesn’t need waterproof protection, however, the rearview backup camera should be waterproof to stay safe from rain, snow and debris.

Voice Control

Alexa voice controls are available on some newer dash cams, allowing for hands-free operation while driving.

This should be considered for modern dash cameras, but you will need to increase your budget because these features are expensive.

The benefit of such integration is that it simplifies use, which improves your driving abilities while some models also provide wireless features onboard to connect your device.

How to Install Mirror Dash Cam With Front and Rear View Camera?

Installing a rear view mirror dash cam with easy installation straps takes less than ten minutes.

If you have a complete setup, including a hardwiring kit and a GPS, the overall satisfaction results consume an hour with the reversing camera, which is critical to ensure that it is properly fitted for parking guidelines.

Steps to Install a Mirror Dash Cam

  1. Check the specifications of your mirror rear view dash cam model; some have straps that fit on top of your existing rearview mirror, while others require a complete replacement. Then proceed to cable management.
  2. Now that you’ve taken the first step and placed your dashcam in the proper position, you can connect the charging cable to the device.
  3. Then, wrap the power cable around the top of the passenger side, and move from the windscreen to reach the car charger socket to the plugin.
  4. If you intend to use a hardwiring kit to create a proper parking surveillance setup, you must connect it to the fuse box for power.
  5. After that, you can proceed to the installation of a rear camera, also known as a backup camera.
  6. You will find a cable, most likely the longest in the package, that will be placed for the rearview camera.
  7. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be as long as 33 feet for RVs and motor homes, but you can bend it and use it on your hatchback.
  8. Before proceeding with the rear camera unit, you need to decide where you want to position it.
  9. Some rear cameras have a dual-purpose design, suitable for both the rear window and outside mounting above the number plate.
  10. Once positioned, you can path the cable from the front of the vehicle to the back.
  11. It will be front inside, probably from the side trim of roof pillars, which will secure the cable and make it invisible to passengers.
  12. When the cable gets to the back, use a trim tool to shorten the wire once it reaches the desired location, then connect it to the rear camera.
  13. Make sure you’ve screwed your rearview camera into place, and if you don’t want to trim, tidy up any remaining wiring.
  14. This is the whole process of installing a rearview mirror dashcam. If you do not want to go through the effort of installing it yourself, you should hire a professional to do it for you.


Best with wireless rear camera under £100
Pyle PLCMDVR77 7.4
Best 4K Mirror Dash Cam
Toguard 12 4K
Best Quality Mirror Dash Cam with GPS
Auto-Vox V5
Best mirror mounted dash cam
WolfBox G840S 12
Best with night vision
Jansite 10 Front and Rear Dash Cam
Best for right hand drive cars
ThiEye 2.5K Dual Dash Cam
Best front and rear mirror dash cam
RedTiger 11 4K
Best to attach with rear view mirror
Pormido 2.5K Front and Reversing Camera
Best mirror dash cam for car
Chortau Mirror Dash Cam with Reverse Camera


To summarise the entire review, a rear view mirror dash cam can record critical evidence in an accident and offer the convenience of reverse parking assistance, which is a useful feature for modern driving on UK roads. The top ten best dash cam mirrors UK offers high-quality video with a wide-angle dynamic view which impresses us with excellent features for a better user experience. There are numerous excellent options on the market; it is simply a matter of locating one that has the features you require. Hopefully, our list will assist you in locating the best and most decent rearview mirror dashboard camera that will satisfy your needs with recording capacity and perfectly fits your car mirror camera and serve you well for a lifetime. We have provided you with all this information for your convenience so that you can make an informed decision based on our research.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a mirror dash cam?

There are many appealing features of the rearview mirror dash cam including advanced parking assistance, lane departure warnings, parking monitoring and voice control, which make driving easier and more comfortable. Another advantage of large screens is the ability to display both front and rearview simultaneously with the help of a reverse camera and capture high-resolution images.

Are mirror dash cams legal in the UK?

On UK roads, having a dash cam in your vehicle is legal. You don’t need any special permission to use them, and unless you’re a taxi driver and use a cabin view dash cam, you should place a recording sticker for your passengers. Dashcams are now considered a must-have item for all vehicles, whether they are used for business or pleasure. Everyone understands how dashboard cameras make our lives easier when there are accidents on the road.

Should I buy a mirror dash cam?

You should have one for security and rearview mirror dash cams that are specific to the overall reliability of reverse parking help and work as an infotainment system with voice communications. We recommend purchasing a high-resolution mirror cam if you are looking for a dashcam that will assist you with parking.

What is the best car dashboard camera UK?

Toguard 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam, Auto-Vox V5 Mirror Dash Cam, and WolfBox G840S 12″ Mirror Dash Cam are the right-handedly designed best mirror dash cams in the UK. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, there are two options: the Chortau Mirror Dash Cam with Reverse Monitor System and the Rexing Mirror Dash Camera.

Is the rear view mirror camera worth it?

A digital rearview mirror can assist with parking your vehicle and provide guidelines for ease, in addition to many other useful features and continuous dash cam recording. Yes, it is worth purchasing any car on this day. When combined with a GPS, Wi-Fi, and hardwiring kit, the smart features can greatly increase your safety and confidence while driving on urban traffic roads.

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