Can Google Maps be Used for Motorhomes?

Can Google Maps be Used for Motorhomes?

If you’re planning a trip in your motorhome, you may be wondering if you can use Google Maps to get you from point A to point B. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Google Maps is a great tool for navigating city roads and highways in smaller vehicles and bikes, but it’s not suitable for large vehicles like motorhomes or truckers.

Why is that? Well, large vehicle types such as Motorhomes and truckers have specific routing requirements for safety and compliance, and Google Maps can’t accommodate these restrictions and parameters. That means it might not be able to provide reliable routing for your RV or commercial vehicle. This is why it’s important to use a dedicated satellite navigation device (RV GPS) or RV-specific road apps that consider these specific needs, such as bridge and tunnel heights and weight restrictions.

So what are your options for reliable navigation when it comes to motorhomes? You have a few choices:

  • Use a Motorhome Sat Nav Device
  • Use Motorhome Trip Planning Apps

Motorhome Sat Nav Device

These systems are specifically designed to provide reliable routing for large vehicles like motorhomes. They offer features like customizable routes, estimated travel times, points of interest along the way, and real-time traffic updates. Plus, you can enter your vehicle’s specific measurements and parameters to ensure you get a route that’s suitable for your motorhome.

Benefits of Using RV GPS (Sat Nav)

There are several benefits to using a GPS (satellite navigation) system specifically designed for RVs:

1: Custom Routing Options

Many RV GPS systems offer custom routing options that take into consideration the size and weight of your RV, as well as any other specific needs or preferences you may have. This can help you avoid narrow or steep roads that may not be suitable for your vehicle.

2: Points of Interest

Many RV GPS systems include a database of points of interest, such as campgrounds, RV parks, rest stops, and other services that may be useful to RVers. This can help you easily locate the resources you need during your trip.

3: Real-Time Traffic Updates

You can benefit the real-time traffic updates, which can help you avoid congested areas and find the quickest route to your destination.

4: Offline Maps

Some RV GPS systems include offline maps, which can be useful if you are travelling in an area with limited or no internet access.

5: Safety Features

Some RV GPS systems include safety features, such as speed camera alerts and lane guidance, to help you navigate safely and avoid accidents.

6: Efficient Route Planning

An RV GPS can help you plan the most efficient routes for your trip, taking into consideration factors such as road conditions, traffic, and elevation. This can save you time and fuel, and make your trip more enjoyable.

7: Customized Alerts

Many RV GPS systems allow you to customize alerts based on your preferences and needs. For example, you may be able to set an alert for low bridges or other potential obstacles along your route.

8: Hands-Free Navigation

Many RV GPS systems offer hands-free navigation, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while following directions.

9: Easy Access to Important Information

An RV GPS can provide easy access to important information such as your current location, speed, and distance travelled. This can help keep track of your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your route.

10: Emergency Assistance

Some RV GPS systems include emergency assistance features, such as the ability to call for help in case of a breakdown or other emergencies.

If you consider, using an RV GPS also known as the Motorhome Sat Nav system can help you plan and navigate your trips more efficiently, providing you with the resources and information you need to make the most of your RV adventures.

Motorhome Trip Planning Apps

There are several apps out there that are specifically designed for motorhome and RV navigation. These apps often offer similar features to dedicated satellite navigation systems, such as customizable routes and points of interest, but they’re usually more portable and may be paid for services to use on your phone or tablet.

Names of RV Trip Planner App for Navigating the Open Roads

These motorhome navigation and trip-planning apps have received positive reviews from users.

Please note: This list is unbiased and intended to provide helpful research data for RV enthusiasts. We do not receive any commission from paid or free services, and the information presented is based purely on our research.

1: Waze

This popular navigation app provides real-time traffic updates, alerts for speed traps and other hazards, and the ability to find the cheapest gas along your route.

2: Garmin BaseCamp

This app allows you to plan and manage your RV trips, including creating routes, marking points of interest, and sharing your trip with others.

3: TomTom Go Navigation

This is a GPS navigation app that provides turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates, and speed camera alerts. It has 7 day trial period then you have to pay for services that are rated reliable 3D navigating apps.

4: RV Life app

This comprehensive app offers RV-specific trip planning, including routing, fuel cost estimates, and a directory of RV parks and campgrounds.

5: inRoute Intelligent Routing

This is a motorhome routing app from the Apple app store that utilizes intelligent algorithms to plan the most efficient routes for your trip with active reports from the weather. This also uses a voice guide to tell you about the road conditions, traffic, and elevation.

6: Roadtrippers Trip Planner

This is a trip-planning app specifically designed for car travellers. It helps you plan out the safe route with real data on the speed limit and speed camera warnings. You can also make reservations at hotels, campgrounds, parking spots, and other types of accommodations.

7: Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

This is a GPS navigation app that provides 3D offline maps that will store on your device. It simply allows users to access maps and navigation even when they don’t have an internet connection.

8: Trucker Path

This is another Apple store app that provides a wealth of trucker GPS navigation resources and tools specifically made for truckers, including information on truck stops, rest areas, and other services that benefit half a million truck drivers, today.

9: AllTrails

This paid app is more for nature lovers and campers who prefer high grounds. This may help you after parking your RV and planning outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and camping. It includes information on trails and other points of interest, as well as user reviews and ratings.

10: CoPilot GPS Navigation

This app provides reliable routing and navigation specifically designed for RVs, including real-time traffic updates, alerts for potential hazards, and the ability to input your RV’s specific measurements and parameters. You can benefit from 14 days of free voice-guided offline navigation and then a subscription.

11: Boondockers Welcome (BW)

This is a free app for RV camping that helps you find free overnight parking spots at the homes of RV enthusiasts, giving you more flexibility and options for your trip. It is great for making new friends with locals to share their private property for some time.

12: AllStays

This app is pro-rated for premium features. It’s surely paid but has a club of RV travellers. You’ll find a comprehensive directory of RV parks, campgrounds, and other overnight accommodations, including reviews and ratings from other travellers.

13: RVillage

This is a social networking app for RV enthusiasts. It allows RVer to connect, find friendly camping spots, and access a variety of resources and tools for planning their next trips.

14: Harvest Hosts

This is another paid app that helps your RVing lifestyle. It can find you places to stay overnight at farms, wineries, and other rural locations, giving you a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience on your trip.

15: Open Roads Fuel app

Utilizing the TSD Open Roads program, you will be able to locate truck stops within your proximity, view a map displaying their locations, and access real-time fuel pricing information. This app helps you find the cheapest gas along your route, saving you money on fuel costs.

16: GasBuddy

This is an app that helps users find the cheapest gas prices along their route. It also allows users to report gas prices, leaving reviews and ratings for gas stations.

17: Mileage Keeper

This app allows you to track your RV’s fuel consumption and mileage, helping you manage your expenses and plan for future trips.

So there you have it all! The free and paid apps for RV trip planning as an alternative to Google Maps. They are excellent for low-cost trips with proximity to Sat Nav reliability.

Few Suggestions for RV Travellers

While Google Maps is a great tool for small cars and bikes, it’s not suitable for routing motorhomes or commercial vehicles. You can opt for a dedicated satellite navigation system or a motorhome navigation app to pre-plan your trip to ensure you have reliable routing for your trip.

Have to consider these helpful tips for a safe and sound journey:

Make Sure you have an Up-To-Date Map Data

Whether you’re using a satellite navigation system or an app, it’s important to make sure you have the most recent map data available. This will ensure you’re getting the most accurate routing information and can avoid any potential issues with outdated maps.

Consider Using Offline Maps as a Backup

If you’re planning to travel to an area with limited or unreliable internet coverage, you might want to consider using offline maps. These allow you to download map data in advance, so you can access it without an internet connection. This can be especially useful if you’re planning a long road trip and don’t want to rely on data roaming or Wi-Fi hotspots.

Check for Road Closures and Construction

Before you set off on your trip, it’s a good idea to check for any road closures or construction that could impact your route. You can use your satellite navigation system or app to see if there are any detours or delays along your planned route, or you can check online for more information.

Follow Local Laws and Regulations

As a motorhome or commercial vehicle driver, it’s important to follow all local laws and regulations. This includes things like weight and height restrictions, as well as any special requirements for large vehicles. Your satellite navigation system or app should provide routing that takes these restrictions into account, but it’s always a good idea to double-check and make sure you’re following the rules of the road.

I hope this information is helpful! If you have any other questions about motorhome navigation, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy travels!

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