Can You Get A Dash Cam With Sat Nav?

Can You Get A Dash Cam With Sat Nav?

In today’s cars, we require more than just sat nav; we also require a dash cam to record our journey that serves as an eyewitness to accidents and incidents. Despite their differences, dash cams and sat navs are two essential devices for drivers. A dash cam can normally work alongside a sat nav, but “Can you get a dash cam with sat nav?” Is there a possible combination? Assuming we understand what you mean, here are my findings, recommendations, and tips for selecting the best two-in-one car safety device.

Can You Get A Dash Cam With Sat Nav?

Dash cams are gaining popularity as a way to record our drives and protect ourselves from lawsuits and insurance claims. Similarly, a sat nav is essential for making our route direct without making a wrong turn and arriving on time. In my experience, there is no argument for either dash or sat nav; both have significant advantages in their own right.

However, cables and devices can end up cluttering your vehicle. Which is the reason you have a question, Is there a way to get a dash cam with sat nav in one combo device? The straight answer is Yes, there are Best Sat Nav with Dash Cam featuring a single device integrated with a dash cam with sat nav, allowing you to effectively cover both bases and have a little extra peace of mind while driving.

Complete Guide To Find The Best Sat Nav With Built-In Dash Cam

Can You Get A Dash Cam With Sat Nav

A sat nav with a built-in dash cam is a great way to ensure that you never lose your way and also have a record of any accidents or incidents that occur while you’re driving. Here’s what you need to know when buying one of these devices:

Tip1: Select From the Best Models for Reliable Navigation and Dash Cam Features

The first step is to select an appropriate model with decent specifications. Many different manufacturers are offering customizable features for combo sat nav with dash cam devices, but two of the most well-known are Garmin and Aguri. Both offer superior satellite navigation services and include a dash camera with additional features to make your journey simple.

Recommendations for Best Sat Nav With Built-In Dash Cams:

1. Garmin NuviCam LMTHD 6″ (Quality Dash Cam with Sat Nav Combined)

We tested Garmin NuviCam LMTHD 6 model and found it to be excellent for both the dash cam and the sat nav features. Garmin has provided numerous traffic alerts that we have tested and found to be superior to other vendors.

2. Aguri GT520 DVR Sat Nav (Motorhome Sat Nav with Dash Cam)

The Aguri GT520 DVR Sat Nav is a top-rated Aguri sat nav with a built-in dash cam, making it suitable for heavy vehicles such as motor homes, caravans, and trailers to make it easy for drivers to map specific routes and not miss a single sight of an accident or incident along the way.

3. MIO MiVue 65LM (Sat Nav for Caravans)

In comparison to the top dogs, the MIO MiVue 65LM is more affordable yet integrated with a sat nav and dash cam with an adjustable lens that can be set to any angle from a dashboard view, and interestingly has more features than we expected.

Tip2: Look For Quality Sat Nav With Dash Camera To Capture Detailed Footage

Look For Quality Sat Nav With Dash Camera To Capture Detailed Footage

The second thing to consider is the type of camera that the sat nav has. Some low-end models have just a primary 480p resolution image sensor for forward-facing cameras, while others have cameras with high-quality 1080p FHD image quality to make every detail pop on video footage.

If you’re going to need to record either the front or back side of your car, make sure you get an additional reverse camera, which is usually an optional upgrade for a high-end sat nav with a dash cam device. But what is important is that you have high-quality footage that you can report on without tainting your evidence.

Video Quality Of Dash Cam Recorder

Dashcam video footage can provide different levels of detail, based on the quality of the recorder. When choosing a dash cam, it is important to consider what you need to make an informed purchase. There are many different video resolutions in a dashcam recorder, but when we talk about devices that combine sat nav and dash cam, the average is three video quality resolutions; 1296P (FHD Plus), 1080P (FHD), and 720P (HD).

Additionally, all of these devices provide up to 30 frames per second (FPS) for a smooth recording experience, which is superior to standalone cheap dash cameras on the market.

Factors That Affect Dash Cam Video Quality

Some of the factors that can affect video quality include the recorder’s resolution and frame rate. Low-resolution footage can be pixelated and difficult to make out details, while high-resolution footage will provide a clear picture.

  1. The frame rate affects how smooth the video appears; a high frame rate will result in a smoother video than a low frame rate. Furthermore, a higher frame rate allows for more frames to be captured per second, which results in less motion blur.
  2. When considering the quality of the footage that the sat nav with dashboard camera records. Many models have high-resolution cameras which can capture clear images even in low light conditions. Make sure the model you choose has support for low light vision if it’s important to you.
  3. Other factors included the lens type and viewing angle. These are two additional factors that can affect video quality. A dash cam with an adjustable lens is simple to set for an appropriate viewing angle, whereas a fixed lens requires a suction cup or base mount to elevate for optimal viewing angle through the windshield.

Why Preferred Sat Nav With Dash Cam Combined Not Separate Units?

Why Preferred Sat Nav With Dash Cam Combined Not Separate Units

When it comes to deciding whether you need a dash cam or sat nav, the answer depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a device to help you get from point A to point B, then a sat nav is likely the better option. However, if you’re looking for a way to record your journeys and keep yourself and your passengers safe, then a dash cam is the better choice.

According to my research, analytics, and experience, both dash cams and sat navs are important devices for safe driving, so compromising with either will be your loss. This is why the best choice for both worlds is going for a Dash Cam with Sat Nav Built-in.

This is a wise choice which saves not only space on the dashboard by avoiding multiple cable connections for multiple devices, but it also saves an additional device, which can be either a sat nav or a dash cam, so you are paying for one device instead of two.

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