How Staple Dash Cams of Nextbase

LensFHD+ (1440p)SD Storage128 GB
Front + RearBundleCost Approx£50

Dashcams are the best car companions on urban roads. They are the cameras known as car dash cams and can install on the front of the car windshield for video documentations. It has created a lot of controversy in the market for the advantages and disadvantages.

People of the UK are pretty known about dashcams and are aware of their abilities and usage on their personal and commercial cars daily. You can get the most advanced features with premium devices such as Nextbase latest device to have the technology for intensive sharp 4K resolutions on the verge of tech.

Their new devices can record super slow-motion detailed footage up to 120 frames for clear visuals. It is up to your budget to choose from, but the 212 is a budget-oriented lightweight, quick functionality dash cam with Bluetooth with simple features.

That's is not something you see in low ends very frequently. The temporary onboard location GPS easy measures your speed while covering your car's front spot.

Nextbase is a UK brand and spreading toward the world with better specifications and quality of products. They design different types and rates of dash cams available with prior internal configurations with leading technology.

The range of features implemented to cover every car prospective from affordable and essential devices to premium luxury featured appliances for a potentially high cost.

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Expensive and Affordable Nextbase Features

The Nextbase customer service helps you choose a reliable and affordable camera for your car if you contact the shop. But for your ease, their most affordable dashboard cameras are Nextbase 212 and Nextbase 522GW for the best features and quality.

For comfortable fits, you can get 212 around £50 and 522GW cost you about £100 with much better posture, sensors and includes GPS features.

Nextbase app will serve you right with recordings on the go with basic features because the dashboard cameras are crucial for the specific purpose of car safety and driver wellbeing. They capture sound and images for trustworthy evidence to become a liable source of any event that might cause an accident or crash.

The dash camera is the crucial figure to secure the footage of any event taking place with your car and lock it for law enforcement to judge the cause and decide on the basis of video evidence.

While the most expensive ones are the car cameras can provide you with peace of mind front and rear dash cam modules that neatly fits on any size car for front and back view capturing. They are retail around £200 for the premium and advance features.

The Nextbase dash cam front and rear footage recording capacity's premium features are very high with an ultra-sharp quality image. Nextbase accessories are optional for dashcams. Buyers have to choose a quality device, not a cheap one.

Their devices upgradeable with the latest technology integrations, making them a more reliable and long-lasting companion for your lovely cars and trucks.

Should I Get a Dash Cam

At the current age, dashboard cameras are grown to the height and make our lives easy on roads. But it is also the fact that sometimes they become the reason for incidents. As you interact with dash cam during driving, they seek attention from the road, and it is why you have to be careful when interacting with dash cams and always pay attention to the road.

Roads dash cams are the perfect little gadgets that enhance your driving capabilities with inbuild parking sensors, motion capture handy for parking crimes, safe departure lane assistance and the video documentation of events capturing when you drive. Check our consultation on ten reasons you need to get a dash cam for your car.

10 Reason You Need to Get a Dash Cam

There are reasons why dash cams are handy tools for making life easy with proof capturing all events around your car. It is because they are evolving and expanding features from single purpose to multipurpose devices.

As popularity comes with responsibilities, dash cams evolution brings new things to the table, bigger and better displays, ultra image sensors, assistance features for various tasks and more. Here we described some of the uses of a dash cam in daily life.

1. Importance of dashboard camera as loyal evidence collector in car

Reliable dash cam recordings are the supporting evidence you can use against the involved vehicle or individual in an accident or crash. It is the main reason you are buying any dashboard cameras first due to cam recording events' convenience.

It captures all and bare witness in collisions. Nextbase connect app gives you peace of mind when you involved in a car accident. The eye witness dash cam in your car holds the potential observation that you can proceed within the court.

2. Prevent frauds and planted crashes

Some might be conscious while driving, and some don't, and it is the situation that leads to accidents, but not in a satisfactory manner. Because there are many impaired drivers on the road, they tend to become victims and collect insurance money for their benefits. These dash cams play a vital role in exposing frauds of such deliberate drivers.

3. Dash camera benefits as parking monitor to secure from theft

A clear advantage of a dash cam in parking monitoring is possible with embedded features with motion detection sensors and movement tracking. Some of the high-end devices come with WiFi support which let them transmit footage to correspondence smartphones.

They eventually record the inappropriate walkthrough around your car and respond to theft moments either with an alarm or directly request law enforcement to take action.

4. Dash cam advantage as insurance discounts

Making the insurance foolproof is another advantage you can get with dash cam and pay attention to your insurance policies as they are messy with different requirements. It means they are not straight with their rules. You can read the guidelines to resolve the dash cam requirements and get NCD, the claim discount from insurance.

5. Stop frauds from agencies and police

The installation of a dash camera in cars does not make you right the whole time, but it helps defend you from various agencies' possible fraud. Such as insurance agencies are bound to the law when they get confirmation footage of a dash cam of a potential accident, and the same goes with law enforcement (police) to comply with the evidence and go by the rules.

In case of cops contacts and abide you to unfair allegations or rules you did not broke, dash camera footage cover you up with proper evidence n your favour.

6. Make you a good citizen to capture and report bad drivers

Many bad drivers do not care for anyone and drive badly and endanger other cars. As a responsible citizen, you can report such incidents to law enforcement with proof capture by your dash cam for further extent.

Because drinkers and undisciplined drivers can cause a lot of damage unwillingly to your car and many others, and they kept going unless being stopped for enquiry from law enforcers.

7. Reminder of your mistakes, help to improve your driving

Often, dash cam becomes the reason for being a good driver and does not let you go off the rule, as your driving course capture in the camera. It encouraged safe driving and also covered blind spots.

The thing is, it reminds you of past mistakes and keeps your behaviour straight for good. Eventually, it changes your behaviour toward safe and secure driving. It builds the habit of using a dash cam for better decision making on the road with strictly following the rules.

8. Driving assistance with rearview mirror dashcam

The rearview mirror dash cams are the revolution of new technology dash cams, and they are evolving with even better specs. You can get a mirror dash cam for your car, and it will provide you multi functionalities of the dashboard camera and infotainment system.

They mostly came in pair consist of front and rear cam unit for a collectable experience from a mirror screen that you can attach to your rearview mirror, and it shows you the front and back at the same time. This way, you can easily eye on your car surroundings and make parking and turning smoothly.

9. Comply with Concern Parents and Business Fleets Requirements

As a parent, you always care for children's and want the best for them. Here dash cam make your decision easy when you give away your car to your kids who surpass the driving age and monitor their driving if they damage your vehicle or anyone else.

The evidence report from the dash cam helps you identify the responsible party. It also goes for business fleet vehicles owners can check the car location, driver status, and more.

10. Your Best Memories Collection Host

It is not always you find a racoon jumping on your car windshield or witness something extraordinary. Your memories make you remember the time of your happiness and fun with friends and family members as you take them on adventure trips.

The high-quality dash can reliably capture those moments in high definitions that would be shareable to anyone in close relations who intend for your road trip experience with exact coordinates of your trails.

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Best Dash Cam Under £100

2 Reasons Addresses Not to Buy a Dash Cam

1. Privacy is a Concern when using a Dash Cam

European Union, UK residents are not happy with their privacy leaks. It might concern motorists to ask them before taking a passenger in a cab or taxi, either verbally or show some sign sticker that would indicate an exception.

Otherwise, you are breaking the (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation law of the European Union, which implicates individuals' data protection rights. In either case, violation of rights occurs by insurance or individual counters to be adhered from the authorities to disclose any issue regarding privacy recordings.

2. Distracts when you Frequently Interact during Driving 

Although the dash cameras are the most exciting devices for capturing evidence that resolves significant road accidents, sometimes they get you to distracted and cause such an incident you did not pretend.

So not to be leftover with your car crashes, humble requests do not interact with dash cams during the driving course. Just make it simple and use voice commands or gestures that are much easier to implicate.

That is most likely available in most dash cams and does not affect the driving as you keep the sight on-road and intend only to safe driving. There will be another matter with blind spots with big and bulky dash cams, which makes it hard to see what going on that side of the road.

To resolve this, we suggest a compact device, and unless you have a big truck or car that can fit a large dash cam, you can adjust the view accordingly to your personalisation.