NextBase 212 Review

RecordingFHD (1080p)Micro SD Card StorageUp to 128 GB
Front CamYesCost Approx£80

Nextbase 212 dashcam best price budget option DVR for most peoples. It is such an affordable in car camera that defines simplicity and affordability.  The design it carries with a click and go powered magnet mount is exclusive to the Nextbase line of devices.

The same suction mount introduced in the premium range devices of Nextbase now included with a 212 entry-level dash cam, which is unlike any other dashcam.

They modify and add various features as it pleases them for flagship devices for the mainstream line. But same support and reliable quality with a compact, lightweight design you can have with Nextbase dash cam 212.

The push control buttons easily let you to features and make interaction as simple as possible as dash-cams intended for situations like incidents coverage, insurance frauds and most importantly, evidence recording of any event for backup your claims.

For these purposes, it ensures the best position for a dash-cam in the car when you were driving correctly in your lane and not intentionally hit anyone. It also helps traffic challans recovery if you are not breaking any law.

European Union revolutionalises dash cams for everyone safety and instant justice for unsupportive frauds. It also helps the insurance policies reliably take action of claim from the dashboard information to investigate visually.

When you consider yourself an urban driver, accidents are a common thing to face in daily routines. Here Dash Cam will survive your everyday driving with the DVR features, not just records your driving and provides the vehicle’s security with integrated sensors.

But before considering the result, some critical factors help you measure the caution steps. Because quality is not limited to building material, there are internal specifications you need to observe.

For example, footage from an unreliable dash camera is not fruitful. Not just it makes your claim untrusted, but it also wastes your money. It is too unpredictable to send it over to security agencies to lift your request or any evidence you suppose.

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Key Specifications of Nextbase 212

Camera Lens3 Mega Pixels
Wide Angle140 Degrees Wide
Screen Size2.7 Inches LED
Mount TypeMagnetic Windshield Bracket
Weight78 grams
Dimensions50 x 50 x 50 mm

Reliable Features of Nextbase 212 

Every digital device has its components, and those components are the base of its capabilities. The same goes for Nextbase 212 Specs. It has numerous features that make it a full functioning dash camera for your car. Its design is specific and straightforward, with quick interaction and ease of use features.

It has a reasonable size of 2.7 inches LED display with a fair resolution and non-touch. The label buttons are the only input options you can use to feed settings and set recording features.

The camera lens is 3 MP with Full High Definition’s resolution support at 30 Frames Per Seconds. It can easily record all the fast cars numbers and details of road moments for later investigation of your driving.

It is a front-facing cam and mounts with a stable magnetic connector which is by far the most reliable from Nexbase signature design elements. Which easily attaches to the windshield and does not fall off the ground even in unfortunate crashes. It beholds the place firmly.

The Nextbase 212 dashboard camera wide-angle lens of 140 degrees stirs the reflections and glare with a polarising filter that the camera used to enhance its recording ability to reduce the impact of straight headlights. At night which mostly intimidating the footage, but in this case, your footage will be visually clear and clean from all form of glare.

The dash cam has an inbuilt battery that is large enough to record unstoppable video for 30 minutes straight in case of an impact. It is the backup for covering the incident and save and lock the documented files with the detection of sudden crashes or collisions.

The gyro sensor integrated inside the Nexbase is reliable for sensing the motion impacts from any source, whether you park your car and some other car accidentally or intentionally collides. It will automatically record the footage to show you evidence.

Although as a consideration, it is not a high-end performance cam. It is a lite work DVR for low budget consumers. All of the dashboard cameras of Nextbase are not cheap and cost more than average, but they provide quality updates. Users can buy the 212 Lite dash cam for a test drive and comparison with other third-party dam cams for excellence.

(Pros) Adoptable Values

  • The parking feature detects physical movements
  • It can run-on battery in case of an accident
  • Loop videos with the microSD
  • Very easy to use user interface
  • No problem of Nextbase replay 3 playback software

(Cons) Nextbase 212 Problems

  • The only problem is that battery usage gets shot without the proper charger.

NextBase Background 

Nextbase is a UK-based tech firm, determining the safety of European Residence and developing some reliable car dash cams that people use in daily driven cars for their own and others’ well-being. It helps them follow traffic rules more practically than jurisdictions.

If ever service your vehicle in Marley Way -Banbury. You must know they only suggest Nextbase dash cameras for cars. Their most minor suggestive device is the 212 dashcam for new drivers because of straightforward reliability on the road without disturbance.

Nextbase warranty for most parts is viable, but it most suitable for comparative premium quality devices. The software of the 212 dash cam is pretty basic with minimum cables but energetic for young drivers as it is Lite and straightforward. The footage it can record is (1920 x 1080p) FHD resolution.

As Nextbase 212 instructions suggest, it is battery operated dash cam UK. Its battery problems are minor and work fine every day like any other dashcam, so relax and replace the battery if it does not hold to the task. Our suggestion is straight if you need a simple to use only footage recorder dashcam.

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Best Mirror Dash Cam UK

The Nextbase 212 Lite is for looking for an affordable, simple piece of a dashcam. We suggest Nextbase 312GW, the advanced version with some reliable and advanced GPS logging and wireless capabilities for the most competitive use and responsible family cars.

We also recommend the two most trusted suggestion for the same brand; Nextbase 522GW. A reliable and compatible companion can check details here in the Nextbase 212 dash cam review. The overall experience of 212 Lite is cooperative for new drivers who need a simple dashboard camera from a reliable brand that works as a motorcycle camera.

In the end, the use of a dashboard camera is a viable solution for the increasing number of road vehicles and automotive frauds. Utilising dash cam has become a law for daily driven cars to control the activities. Nobody is going without the dashcam that records the road to avoid the flares of traffic accidents on urban roads.