Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW Review

The Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW is a modern DVR that records in 1440p (Quad HD) at 30fps. This is Nextbase’s best-priced award-winning dashboard camera for motorists with advanced features and the reliability of emergency SOS, it can document high-quality footage that can support evidence of a particular road incident and ease insurance claims.

We dug deep and compiled a list of features for the competitive advantage of 522GW over the competition. Even though the latest and most popular model, Nextbase 622GW exists, you can choose the reasonably priced 522G dashboard camera for affordability unlike the cheap Nextbase 212. It will save you half the cost and no compromise on the features set, which is why it is a good option for many people who prefer 1440P resolutions over 4K.

You can save higher resolution footage from a trip for good and bad memories with the advantage of keeping a record of an incident with a quality dash cam that does not compromise on picture quality, Nextbase dash cams are the opposite of many standard dashboard cameras and do not lack in high-resolution image sensors.

Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW Review

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Brand: NextBase |Screen Size: 3” Touch Screen |Camera Type: Front |Camera Sensor: 1440P (Quad HD) (F) |Filed of View (FOV): 140° Field of View(F) |GPS: Yes |Wi-Fi: Yes |G-sensor: Built-In |Voice Control: Alexa Built-In |TF Card: Not Included |


The outstanding image quality of the 1440p Quad HD definition.

Support Alexa virtual assistance for doing hands-free tasks.

Intelligent Parking Mode and Emergency SOS.

Value bundle with dual rearview cam accessories.

Enhanced Night Vision

Easy cable management and direct mounts.


Lack of Lens-based (IS) Image Stabilizations.

If you want an excellent windscreen recorder companion that is not highly priced but tops up with very high-end features from marvellous advancements such as Alexa voice control integration, parking mode, emergency SOS, as well as ultra video quality recording with the polarised (anti-glare) lens to accomplish the absolute need of a dashboard video recording device.

Given that the Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW is a high-quality car camera, we found it to be an excellent apprehender of road accidents and a deterrent to theft attempts when combined with the rear window add-on camera and module bundle. It has become a very useful accessory item for securing the car with its CCTV coverage features.

The onboard features of Nextbase’s series two technology allow it to be beneficial to automobiles, with many enhancements and competitiveness of new modules. This also implies reliable wireless connectivity for secure passageways for enjoyable rides that respond to safe driving, which is lacking in other dash cams.

When travelling or parking during working hours, having dash cameras in the car is always a good idea. UK security services have proven the use of dashcams to be useful and responsive to alarming parking lot situations. In this case, the Nextbase 522GW with WiFi will prioritise security by sending details to smartphones rather than requiring you to move to your car and manually view all of the details after an incident occurs.

It also closes your harmony and works with voice activation, allowing you to control device settings and search for anything with the help of Alexa onboarding assistance. We examined the Nextbase dashcam 522GW features for broad communication, such as the exclusive Nextbase SOS, which provides emergency backup support for incidents.

For more information, we have compiled a list of specific features and advantages, which will assist you in understanding its features and properties for consideration.

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12 Comprehensive Features We Find During Our Nextbase 522GW Review

1. 1440p Quad HD Video Resolutions

A record resolution of (2560 x 1440p) with 30 frames is exceptional for a high-end dash cam to eliminate all blind spots and capture a clear video of your driving.

This makes footage clear and clean for users to save for good memories of trips and use it as reliable evidence when involved in an accident or witnessing someone else in front of the windshield.

In this case, the Nextbase 522GW camera sensor is exceptional for high-quality, vivid video recordings that insurance and law enforcement can rely on to determine who is responsible for causing damage to your vehicle.

Because the resolution is quite sharp and detailed, reading car licence plates will be simple and quick for assisting authorities in resolving the issue peacefully.

2. Night Vision Video

We explore different features, Nextbase embedded night clarity in 522GW that allows 2K image sensors to record nightly video. It is a necessary feature for many motorists who want a dashcam with night vision that reliably records video at night times.

Nextbase listens to the requirements and introduces night vision technology which enables it to shoot high-resolution videos at night that clearly define quality and make you feel safe while driving at night.

We discovered that 522GW has average night vision clarity, rather say low light vision. When compared to dedicated night-vision lenses, which are more subtle with details, and allow proper use of infrared lights and lenses.

This naturally renders everything and captures a nighttime scene with the help of an IR light source. However, the Nextbase 522GW DVR image sensor lacks IR but has a rendering-based night vision quality.

3. Built-in Polarising Filter

Nextbase is a well-known brand in the UK and known for providing high-quality dash cam devices on which motorists can rely for their needs which have distinguished qualities from other manufacturers.

They have signature features on their dash cams, such as polarised lenses, Replay3 computer software for both file management and Firmware upgrades, magnetic click&go pro mount, parking mode, and nearly all designs have an oblong shape with black and silver plastic construction and a bulge over the lens that is bent outwards for image focus.

When it comes to anti-glare clearance, the 522GW employs an improved 6G glass lens with an f1.3 focal length and a built-in polarising filter that reduces windscreen glare and reflection, as well as hosting a rotating bezel to position the lens precisely in your vehicle.

It offers a 140-degree field of view with its antiglare outer filter bends out the light and reduces the shine, giving you a proper benefit for overall exclusive high-resolution images both day and night.

We find it more useful in direct sunlight and at night time when car headlights are aimed directly at your windshield. This will produce clear footage suitable for evidence in court, free from blind spots and glare effects, which clarifies the footage results.

4. Alexa Voice Control Assistance Onboarding

As you may be aware, Nextbase dash cams have a built-in polarising filler on every dash cam model they produce. When you go for higher-end devices, such as the 522GW, it will include Alexa artificial assistance for voice controls that allow hands-free interaction while driving.

This is very useful for everyday tasks like taking pictures, saving videos, and music, checking weather reports, and making other changes by voice commands.

Amazon Alexa is a well-known virtual assistant that is capable of managing smart homes and controlling everything digitally via an internet connexion. The combination enables Nextbase 522GW to respond well to voice commands and to serve as an Ai companion to your journey.

It listens to your commands by asking Alexa without lifting a hand from the steering wheel. This means that you can use this dash cam for multiple purposes, for entertainment and direct communication while driving.

5. Touch Screen with High-Resolution Dimensions

The 522GW dash cam has a 3-inch wide FHD touch screen that displays excellent media colours. The LCD touch screen makes it easier to navigate menus, playback, and file sharing with your finger.

Our test results are representative of what a typical five-year-old phone can offer in terms of touch controls. The usage, on the other hand, will allow you to review previous footage and make changes to the settings.

The difference between the last generation and the new generation touch screen is significant, with an improvement from 233GW following the Series 2 development, which introduces next-level Netbase models with improved quality recordings.

This allows newer dash cams to capture even minor and tight spots to cover blindspots when connected to rear-view camera modules, and it will quickly show you both ends and warn you if you are passing blind on the reverse.

We discovered two major advantages to using the Nextbase dash cam touch screen. First and foremost, the dash cam appears smaller and less obtrusive because there is no bulge of physical buttons beside the screen, as we found with the Nextbase 212 dash camera.

Next, there is the addition of Nextbase’s on-dash-cam editing software, which allows simple editing of your videos on the dash cam itself to share smaller and focused clips of an incident.

The Nextbase 522GW comes with extensive QuickLink Wifi compatibility, which is useful for making quick wireless video presentations on smartphones. It also offers remote coverage while you’re on the go, allowing you to monitor vehicle safety and respond to alarms.

This is a nearly certain and useful feature found only in high-end dashboard cameras to be connected to an app that will allow your smartphone to view live footage based on your needs.

Using QuickLink Wi-Fi and the MyNextbase Connect app, Nextbase has expanded its use of Wi-Fi and now allows you to share captured footage to your smartphone or tablet device.

Both are excellent for downloading and watching recorded video clips directly to your Android or Apple phone. However, these features are limited to specific models, such as the 322GW, 422GW, 522GW, 622GW, and 722GW.

7. Power Saving Bluetooth for Quick Sharing

Bluetooth technology uses less power than Wi-Fi, putting less burden on the dashboard camera battery. Nextbase includes fast Bluetooth 4.2 GHz connectivity for close-range communication.

Once your compatible smartphone is connected to the digital video recorder (DVR). It will backup video footage to your device automatically.

This means that, in the event of a collision, it will automatically send crash footage for backup. The footage will be transferred to your mobile phone without an internet connexion for the sake of evidence security and safety.

8. Gravity Sensor Implementation for Intelligent Parking Mode

Nextbase 522GW comes with an accidental coverage monitoring system for added security. This is marketed as Intelligent Parking Mode, which we investigated and discovered to be useful with a G-sensor that can remain active and comes in handy when it detects an impact or physical movement.

This is important for automatic recording of a scene that captures the footage to cover the point of impact, as well as securely sending a copy of the video to your phone for evidence reporting.

If you like Nextbase’s dash cams, Parking Mode is a reliable feature, with a GPS time stamp that attaches the exact geolocation of your foolproofs to make your claim tamper-proof.

Even if Parking Mode isn’t a perfect option, it’s also not a useless gimmick; it detects any bump or physical movement that can cause a motion, which triggers the sensor, prompting your Nextbase Dash Cam to record.

9. Support for Series Two Modules

The Nextbase dashboard camera modules offer a comprehensive set of accessories that can be connected to compatible dash cams to provide front and rearview coverage. Cabin view configurations, in particular, capture inside the cabin and aid in monitoring when in parking mode.

The 522GW model can easily accommodate Series Two modules but that comes separately. This is a life-changing event for some. Unfortunately, Nextbase is imitating Apple in terms of device pricing and accessory availability.

Similar to Apple’s chargers and AirPods, Nextbase strategically sold all attachments and accessories separately. You can purchase a dashboard camera if you value quality over quantity, as Nextbase’s dash camera price is higher than those of other brands that count as additional forklifts.

It would be far superior and more accessible if they included accessories, as other manufacturers do. Let’s go back to the features and mounts. The new Nextbase Series 2 attachments are designed to work with the Nextbase 522GW model.

It gives you peace of mind when you park your car or drive on busy roads. The continuous video recording makes you feel safer, and the camera angle can be adjusted to 360 degrees.

10. Rear Cam Module and Cabin View Module Connexion

The rear cam module connexion is the most requested feature in today’s vehicles, particularly taxis and fleet vehicles that rely on cabin cams for monitoring just as mirror dash cams are advertised.

When you reverse blindly, the back-end camera sensor detects oncoming traffic and warns you to wait until it passes. This feature is available as an optional module for the rear window mount, which captures the back of the vehicle and covers the tail once installed using a hardwiring kit.

You can use any of Nextbase’s three optional Rear Cam Modules for the GW line of dash cams, including the Rear Window Camera, Rear View Camera, and Cabin View Camera.

When connected to 522GW, front-facing footage will continue to be recorded in 2K, while rear-facing footage will be recorded in 1080p full HD, which the internal software will render and merge for proper documentation.

11. Capture Exact Location and Speed with GPS

The built-in GPS of the Nextbase 522GW dash camera allows you to attach the most informative tracking details, making your trip memorable and safe for the entire family.

The onboard GPS locator is used to log all of the locations you’ve been to and monitor your speed, which is ideal for determining the time of an event taking place with your vehicle at a specific destination.

Before its inclusion in 522GW, the GPS feature was only available on high-end dashcams that cost more for additional chipsets. Nextbase implemented a 10Hz Global Positioning System, which we discovered to be accurate in recording speed and location data using Google Maps.

You can always check your location with the mobile app and a wireless connexion allows quick sharing of data between your phone and dash cam,

12. Exclusive SOS Emergency Services Support

This revolutionary and one-of-a-kind Nextbase SOS alert is an up-to-date emergency response system for your safety. However, it is only available for Nextbase high-end dashcams and is very useful thanks to the built-in Alexa feature. We believe that the SOS feature should be added to all dash cams for incident coverage and emergency assistance.

This is based on accident detection, which sends your location to emergency services as an SOS response, and it will help you in critical situations if you’re unresponsive. Your pre-saved medical data such as blood types, allergies, and medical history will also contribute to more effective treatment.


If you’re looking for a high-end but reasonably priced dashboard video recorder, the Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW is a device that perfectly complies with every size of the car while meeting the modern demands of today’s advanced technology. It is useful in emergencies because it automatically contacts authorities to check on you in the event of an accident with Nextbase’s exclusive SOS Emergency Broadcast Service. It has a plethora of useful features that you can use to help you drive more comfortably and command the dashboard camera with voice control. You can always come back and read about the latest Nextbase dash cam reviews to learn about the most comprehensive and dependable features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nextbase 522GW have night vision?

The GW series of dashcams are all pre-programmed with night vision, which Nextbase uses for optimal vision in low-light conditions. Even in extreme low-light conditions, the 522GW video recording from your windshield using enhanced night vision is capable of picking up fine number plates and road signs.

What is the difference between Nextbase 422GW and 522GW?

The most noticeable differences between the Nextbase 522GW and 422GW are the larger display size (from 2.5 inches touch screen to 3 inches wide), bigger image sensor, emergency SOS, and the addition of Alexa voice control, which aids in many helpful tasks. The generation gap defines a lot of improvements and an overall advantage of the new technology that Nextbase’s 522GW dash cam comes equipped for improved performance

Does Nextbase 522GW have a Parking Mode?

There is an impressive parking mode in Nextbase dashcam 522GW which secures vehicles in a parking state and records footage once they have detected physical movement. It is incomparable with cheap dash cams, and a beneficial feature of Nextbase that helps you catch the responsible party in case of a hit and run accident. The activation will engage you automatically once you have enabled parking mode and left your car in a stationary position.

How long does a Nextbase 522GW battery last?

The built-in battery of 522GW lasts around 15 minutes without an external power supply. In an emergency case, it can cover an incident and continually record the event and save the files before switching off. This helps a lot when you’re in parking mode and on the road when someone tries to hit your vehicle.

Does Nextbase 522GW have an SD card?

The Nextbase 522GW dash cam memory card is supported for storing video footage, but it does not come with one. It must be purchased separately, and prior to insertion, an SD card must be formatted for dashcam 522GW to function properly and record footage in loops.

Does the Nextbase dashcam record all the time?

When your vehicle’s engine starts, the dashcam turns on and begins recording, which is then looped until the SD card is full, at which point the software will erase the previous recording and save a new one, and only secure the files that have been protected by activating the G-Sensor or manually pressing the file protection button. It is clear that the Nextbase dashcam continuously records while you are on the road.

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