Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW Review

The Nextbase 522GW is the best price car dash camera for car, considering it is a premium build in-car camera for trucks and cars. It supports evidence capturing of road accidents and preventing theft attempts when combined with the rear window add-on camera and modules bundle. That is very handy for securing the car to withstand CCTV coverage features.

The evolving features of series two Nextbase 522GW dash cam for cars include many enhanced features and competitive new technology. It implicates a reliable and secure passway for enjoyable rides, such as Quad HD video recording, built-in Amazon Alexa, SOS Emergency response for safe driving that lacks other dash cams, wireless connectivity with Wifi Bluetooth.

Having dash cameras in a car is always peace-minded for travelling and parked for the working hours. The security features of the new dash cam UK become handy and responsive for alarming the situation in parking lots. Here Wifi enabled in Nextbase 522GW device prioritise better compatibility and security with the ability to send you details on smartphones without hassling yourself to move to your car and manually see all the details.

It also closure your harmony and play music on voice activation, and you can take control of device settings and search anything with the help of Alexa onboard assistance. The Nextbase dash cam 522gw review we did let us know more features for broad communication like exclusive Nextbase SOS, which provide service in an emergency and backup controls at any aspect of video recording and pictures and protect the footage for evidence support.

The camera sensor can record 1440p video that will provide you with enough evidence to support your insurance and make law enforcement capture the individual responsible for damaging your car. The resolution is quite sharp and detailed, which means reading the number plates of cars is easy and quick.

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12 Comprehensive Features of Nextbase 522GW

If you're looking for a high-end but not very expensive dash cam, the Nextbase 522GW is the device that perfectly complies with every size car with modern requirements of today's advanced technology. It is beneficial in emergency scenarios and automatically calls the authorities to check on you in case of an accident. It is full of many handy features you can utilise for easing your driving and comfortably command on dash cam with voice control. There are 12 best comprehensive and reliable features of the Nextbase 522GW dash cam review you can read to explain such features.

1. Record 1440p Video Footage

The (2560 × 1440p) recording resolution is incredible for a dual dash cam with a rear camera to eliminate all the blind spots and capture clear video of your driving. With such clarity, the user can save the footage for good memories of trips or used it as reliable evidence when involved in an accident or witness someone else in front of the windshield. In such scenarios, the video of a dash cam can help authorities to resolve the issue peacefully.

2. Night Video Vision

The 2K image sensor is reliable for night video recording. That is the demanding feature of many motorists who want a dash cam with night vision UK, which reliably offers night video recording. The Nextbase listens and implements the night vision technology in camera to shoot high-resolution video at night that clearly defines the quality and make you feel safe when driving at night.

3. Camera has Built-in Polarising Lens

The 522GW is not an ordinary small dash cam. It has a built-in polarising filter exclusive to Nextbase dash cams UK for reliability. The feature is standard and makes footage acceptable for court evidence as it wipes out the glare effects and removes the reflections seamlessly, enhancing the end footage results. It is one of the best dash cams for sale from Nextbase.

4. Alexa Voice Control Assistance Onboard

Amazon Alexa is known as virtual assistance in our smart homes, which comes in handy for almost everything. It comes with Nextbase 522GW HD dash cam UK, which is very responsive to voice commands and role as front and rear dash cam UK. You can play music and listen to the radio just by asking Alexa without lifting a hand from the steering wheel. It can also change the device settings and take orders for everything.

5. Wide Touch Screen for Dash Cam Properties

The 3 inches wide touch screen of the 522GW dash cam is excellent for media, and it is a high-quality LCD. You can use it to check on the road and make changes for quality recordings when driving in tight spots. It helps you see the blindspots easily. Not just that, when you connect it to rear-view camera modules, it will quickly show you both ends and alarm you when passing blind on the reverse.

6. WiFi for Remote Visuals

The Wifi compatibility of the Nextbase 522GW bundle is very intensive and useful for making the quick presentation of video on smartphone wirelessly. It also gives you remote coverage on the go for checking on the car safety and responding to alarms. It is bound to an app to connect to your smartphone and make changes according to your needs.

7. Bluetooth for Quick Communication

The Bluetooth compatibility is 4.2 GHz rich fast for close connection and communications. You can connect your smart device to dash cameras UK easily with a compatible smartphone. It will automatically send video footage to your device for savings and comes most handy when a collision occurs. It will transform the footage into a mobile phone for the security and safety of evidence.

8. G Sensor Implement for Accidental Coverage

The G sensor integrated into the 522GW dash cam is active and comes in handy when it senses the impact. It automatically goes to lock mode and record footage to cover the source of influence and securely send video to your phone and copy for evidence reporting of the accident. The thing is Nextbase dash-cam video is reliable because it timestamped and the Geolocation record foolproof the evidence, which is why it is tamper-proof.

9. Easily Mounts Series Two Modules

Many people asked how to fit the Nextbase dash cam in a car. The best answer is today's dash-cam technology has improved in many ways from the previous generation. New manufacturers offer a complete package of accessories, including the best dash cam front and rear setups that let you see the car surroundings and monitor parking.

That is a real deal for someone, but unfortunately, Nextbase is copying Apple in terms of prices and lacking accessories. Such as Apple lacks charger and Airepods, Nextbase lacks attachments and accessories with the dashboard cam. Buy dash cam if you prefer quality over quantity as dash cameras prices of Nextbase are higher than other brands.

It would be much better and accessible if they include accessories just like other manufactures. Now back to features and mounts. Nextbase 522GW got motion sensors from the new Nextbase Series 2. Those are compatible and snappy click and go modules that gives peace of mind when leaving it parked or driving on rush roads. They are adjustable to 360 degrees when video recording makes you feel safe.

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10. Reverse View Connection

The reverse view connection is the most demanding feature in the latest-gen cars. As you can reverse blind, the back end camera sensor detects going cars and informs you to wait until the cars pass through. You can get this feature with the optional module of the rear window mount camera that captures the back of the car and covers the tail for compatibility with the rear camera view.

11. Capture Exact Location and Speed with GPS

The built-in GPS in a dash camera is the most informative thing that makes your trip outstanding and safe for the family. The onboard GPD locator is to log all the location you been travel and monitor the speed you are driving, which is optimal to determine the time you can take to reach the pointed destination. The feature is limited to high-end dash-cams cost, and only the premium one comes with an integrated GPS which is space-saving.

12. SOS Alert in Emergency

The revolutionary and exclusive Nextbase SOS alert is the most secure and up to date emergency response for your car. It is only to Nextbase high-end dash cams, and it serves you well with the built-in Alexa SOS when it detects an accident. It will go through your phone connection and send you an alarm. If you did not respond to it at the given time, it would then inform emergency services to pick you up and help you find the GPS locator. It is an innovative and life-saving feature you can rely on and make your trip safe and sound.