FAQ about Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW

FAQ about Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nextbase 522GW have night vision?

The GW series of dashcams are all pre-programmed with night vision, which Nextbase uses for optimal vision in low-light conditions. Even in extreme low-light conditions, the 522GW video recording from your windshield using enhanced night vision is capable of picking up fine number plates and road signs.

What is the difference between Nextbase 422GW and 522GW?

The most noticeable differences between the Nextbase 522GW and 422GW are the larger display size (from 2.5 inches touch screen to 3 inches wide), bigger image sensor, emergency SOS, and the addition of Alexa voice control, which aids in many helpful tasks. The generation gap defines a lot of improvements and an overall advantage of the new technology that Nextbase’s 522GW dash cam comes equipped for improved performance

Does Nextbase 522GW have a Parking Mode?

There is an impressive parking mode in Nextbase dashcam 522GW which secures vehicles in a parking state and records footage once they have detected physical movement. It is incomparable with cheap dash cams, and a beneficial feature of Nextbase that helps you catch the responsible party in case of a hit and run accident. The activation will engage you automatically once you have enabled parking mode and left your car in a stationary position.

How long does a Nextbase 522GW battery last?

The built-in battery of 522GW lasts around 15 minutes without an external power supply. In an emergency case, it can cover an incident and continually record the event and save the files before switching off. This helps a lot when you’re in parking mode and on the road when someone tries to hit your vehicle.

Does Nextbase 522GW have an SD card?

The Nextbase 522GW dash cam memory card is supported for storing video footage, but it does not come with one. It must be purchased separately, and prior to insertion, an SD card must be formatted for dashcam 522GW to function properly and record footage in loops.

Does the Nextbase dashcam record all the time?

When your vehicle’s engine starts, the dashcam turns on and begins recording, which is then looped until the SD card is full, at which point the software will erase the previous recording and save a new one, and only secure the files that have been protected by activating the G-Sensor or manually pressing the file protection button. It is clear that the Nextbase dashcam continuously records while you are on the road.

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