Is there a Dash Cam Without Wires?

Is there a Dash Cam Without Wires?

Yes, there are dash cams available that do not require wires for installation. These are called wire-free or wireless dash cams and they operate using WiFi signals, but they do need to be connected to a power source, such as a 12V car socket.

Wireless dash cameras often lack a screen, but you can access the live footage over WiFi on your phone. They are available in a variety of configurations, including front, rear, and cabin dash cams, and do not require any cables to connect and exchange footage.

Benefits of Wireless Dash Cams

To distinguish wireless dashboard cameras from wired dashcams, we have straightforward benefits that describe why they are completely different.

Portable without Display (Discreet Designs)

Wireless dash cams are more portable than regular dash cams since they are discreet, they are easily removed and transported to another car for subtle monitoring. You have the obvious advantage of the ease of installation, and the hidden design helps to avoid cluttering the driver’s perspective while also avoiding drawing unnecessary attention, and capturing everything for backup proof.

Store Recordings on the Clouds (Internet Connectivity)

It is the issue with most dash cams that they often have limited storage on SD cards. This makes them rely on a feature called “loop recording,” which overwrites old footage with new footage, except for any important or flagged clips. But you won’t be able to have access to previous recordings from recent days.

To tackle this question, “wireless dash cameras with cloud storage,” such as the Garmin Mini 2, allow you to upload all of your film to a digital storage account, where you can see it whenever you choose. This is a convenient way to ensure that you have access to all of your dashcam footage and no worries about SD storage, it will work as a backup.

Share Footage Directly to Phone Through WiFi

The ability to remotely view footage using a smartphone app is amazing. With WiFi, you can view your footage on your smartphone and easily back up important videos, like an impact event, on your phone’s storage instead of using cloud storage.

Most wireless dash cams are discreet and don’t have a screen, so the primary way to watch recordings is through your smartphone using WiFi signals. While you can also use an SD card reader, but takes more effort.

Fleet Managers and Parents Can Monitor Remotely

As previously mentioned, wireless dashcams use WiFi to share recorded videos with smartphones. This feature has more benefits beyond just viewing footage on the smartphone. When connected to an active internet source (such as a data SIM card or hotspot), fleet managers can easily monitor their vehicles remotely anywhere without needing additional equipment.

Similarly, concerned parents may utilise live dashcam footage to verify their adult children are not speeding or breaking the law while driving. It’s also convenient for personal drivers, or “chauffeurs,” to share real-time information on any mishaps with owners.

Additional Dash Cam Features

These features are in addition to the wireless dash cam advantages that all dash cams offer.

  • Evidence in the event of an accident: If you are involved in an accident, a dash cam can provide valuable evidence to help determine who is at fault.
  • Improved driving behaviour: Some people find that knowing they are being recorded can help improve their driving behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Insurance discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have dash cams installed in their vehicles.
  • Peace of mind: Dash cams can provide peace of mind while driving, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area or if you are worried about the possibility of an accident.
  • Monitoring: Dash cams can be used to monitor the driving habits of other people who use your car, such as teenage drivers or employees who use company vehicles.
  • Protection against fraud: Dash cams can help protect against fraudulent claims by providing video evidence of an incident.
  • Documentation: Dash cams can be used to document your travels, such as on a long road trip, and can provide a visual record of your journey.


Wireless dash cameras are a practical and simple-to-install alternative to standard dash cams that lack WiFi connectivity. You’ll find most wireless dash cams lacks a display and built-in GPS connectivity, giving them a discrete design that may remain concealed in plain sight and cover rage incidents quite quietly. Also, wireless dash cameras are more portable and a wonderful solution for fleet owners and parents who want to remotely monitor their vehicles without having to contact the driver.

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