What Does a Dual Dash Cam Do?

What Does a Dual Dash Cam Do?

A dual dash cam setup is a great way to capture video footage from both the front and back of your vehicle at the same time.

The front-facing camera records events that occur in front of the vehicle, while the rear-facing camera records events that occur at the back of the vehicle, providing complete evidence of events that happens while you’re driving.

Purpose and Functions of Dual Dash Cam

The dual dashboard cameras consist of two cameras, one facing the front of the vehicle and one facing the rear. These cameras are typically mounted on the front windshield and rear windshield or rearview bumper of the vehicle, respectively.

The cameras are often linked together, with the front camera serving as the central unit that saves the recorded footage to an SD card and provides settings and has a display screen that allows you to view the footage in real time while you’re driving. However, both cameras work simultaneously to record video footage from the front and rear of the vehicle.

When the main camera is turned on the reverse camera also activates and begins recording automatically, capturing everything that happens in front of and behind the vehicle. Some dual dash cams also come equipped with features like motion detection, which means they will only start recording when they detect movement, especially with “parking mode.”

Why Is a Dual Dash Cam Better Than a Single Dash Cam?

Here are some facts, about how dual dash cam works together to provide quality surveillance.

Mandatory for Large Vehicles

Dual dash cams can be a great asset for drivers of larger vehicles like SUVs, vans, trucks, motorhomes, and lorries, where the normal rearview mirror may not provide as much visibility. Not only do they capture footage from both the front and back of the vehicle, but also provide reverse parking aid, which is not possible with a single-lens dash cam.

Surveillance for Family Cars and High-Risk Fleets

With the additional reverse camera, a dual dash cam setup is a powerful combination for proper evidence building while on the road and caught in an incident or accident. The use of dual dash cam is valuable feature for Uber cars, family cars, and high-risk fleets, to have proper security from all angles and to ensure the safety and protection of their vehicles. The comprehensive evidence will help deter fraudulent claims, road rage, and many other events.

Comprehensive 360° View of the Surrounding

In modern cars, dual dashboard cameras are a popular feature because they offer a nearly 360-degree view of your surroundings. This is achieved through the combination of a front wide-angle lens, which provides a 180° view, and a rear lens, which provides an almost 180° view. Depending on the resolution, the resulting footage can serve as reliable evidence in the event of an accident.


While dual dash cams offer a range of benefits, including the ability to capture footage from both the front and back of the vehicle. They may require more effort to install than single-lens dash cams. Nonetheless, they can be a valuable investment for anyone looking to increase the safety and security of their fleet vehicle. We hope this guide has helped you understand the purpose and function of dual dash cams and how they work for protecting your vehicle and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

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