How Do I Use My Nextbase 522GW?

How Do I Use My Nextbase 522GW?

If you’ve just purchased a Nextbase 522GW dash cam, and you’re not sure how to use it, don’t worry – here I’m ready to help. In this article, I’ll provide straightforward steps on How Do I Use My Nextbase 522GW? installation guide, settings, and work around common problems.

Nextbase 522GW Installation Guide

The 522GW is a Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam that records with an improved image sensor and a number of software improvements and new features over the previous generation 422GW dash cam recorder. When discussing how to use your Nextbase 522GW dash cam, firstly we begin with the installation process.

There are two ways to install the big boy 522GW dash cam:

1: Cigarette Lighter Power Installation (Simple and Straightforward)
2: Hardwire Kit Installation (Complicated and Long-term Beneficial)

Option1: Nextbase 522GW Installation with Cigarette Lighter Power Supply

Nextbase 522GW Installation with Cigarette Lighter Power Supply

This is the simplest way to get started with 522GW installation; simply follow a few simple steps and you’re done installing your dash cam.

  1. First, unpack your Nextbase 522GW and arrange everything in front of you.
  2. We must measure the included 4m cable, which should be sufficient to reach the windscreen mounting location.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed the length, we can start with placing the suction cup on the windscreen, ideally just behind the rearview mirror on the passenger side.
  4. Regardless of where you place your dash cam, it should be out of the line of sight for safe driving.
  5. Following the placement, we can proceed to the installation of a 4m power cable with a 12V power supply to the car cigarette lighter port.
  6. To connect the cable, attach one end to the dash cam and guide the cable around your windshield to the plug.
  7. Once you’ve finished tucking the cable neatly across the top of the windscreen and down the side, keep it out of sight and neater and fit neatly into the gap between the roof lining and the windscreen of your vehicle.
  8. You have completed the installation of 522GW with the cigarette lighter socket.

Option2: Nextbase 522GW Installation with Hardwire Kit Power Supply

Nextbase 522GW Installation with Hardwire Kit Power Supply

When we go for hardwiring the dash cam, we are looking for a neater installation, because it goes to the fuse box connection instead of the cigarette lighter socket. Users have a choice to either go DIY or hire somebody from Halfords to do the installation process.

  1. To begin hardwiring your dash cam, place the dash cam and suction mount in a location that provides the best view of the road.
  2. Then, across and down the side, tuck the cable neatly in the small gap between the roof lining and the windscreen to keep the cable out of sight and tidier.
  3. Next, locate the fuse box, which is usually located inside or beneath the glove box.
  4. We must remove an existing fuse, which is typically a cigarette lighter socket fuse, and insert the specially provided Nextbase dash cam straight connect socket into the fuse box.
  5. Now, connect the earth cable to the chassis using any metal screw or bolt that comes into direct contact with it.
  6. After installing Nextbase 522GW, your dash cam will turn on with the ignition and can serve better with the parking monitor feature.

When we hardwire the dash cam, we want a neater installation because it connects to the fuse box rather than the cigarette lighter socket. Users can do the installation themselves or hire someone from Halfords to do it for them.

Furthermore, hardwiring your dash cam can keep your existing cigarette lighter socket free and the cables hidden. It is also useful if you want to keep your Nextbase 522GW record at all times.

Hopefully, you have learned well “How Do I Use My Nextbase 522GW?” from installation to recording. Keep visiting for more information on dashcams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nextbase 522GW record all the time?

The simple answer is yes, but two things are required for your Nextbase 522GW to record continuously. The first is a large storage SD card (64GB or greater), and the second is a hard wire kit to allow it to work continuously without losing power. In my experience, a 64GB card can record for 4 hours and then loop back for new files, whereas a good 128GB SD card can provide a long recording backup for about 8 hours. However, if you have installed a hard wire kit instead of a car charger, you can record continuously even with a small 32GB card.

Why is my Nextbase 522GW not recording?

Initially, it could be that the storage is full and needs to be formatted, that there is a battery problem, that the car cigarette lighter socket is not plugged in, or that a hardwire fuse has blown. Even if you find nothing wrong with the battery, storage, or plug, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve your Nextbase 522GW not recording. Check that the camera controls work, then go to settings and look for Software Updates to see if there is a new Firmware version. Following the update, we can navigate to the Settings ‘Setup’ menu and select ‘Reset User Settings,’ which will undoubtedly solve the problem without the need to reformat the SD card. If nothing works, it’s possible that your camera needs to be serviced.

How do I reset my Nextbase 522GW?

When you have issues with the Nextbase dash cam, like not recording or not connecting to the Alexa app. You can solve most problems by resting the dash cam. First, stop the recording and navigate to Settings. Then click Setup. Then, on the final page, look for the Default Setting option to reset the settings. Now highlight the Default Setting and tap on it and select Yes. This will take a few minutes, and once completed, your Nextbase 522GW will be reset with its original settings.

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