Buyers Guide for Himalayan Salt Lamps

Buyers Guide for Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are numerous advantages of the best salt lamps, but before you buy one, consider the following shopping tips to help you select the best one for your home or any other living space and help in an informed decision.


When looking for an authentic Himalayan lamp, you should know that there are many fakes on the market, but genuine salt lights are more beneficial. A true Himalayan salt light can be distinguished by its warm glow, which is not shiny but rather muted and has a fragile surface, as opposed to the fake, which usually has a hard shell that appears shiny and is lit up very brightly.

Handmade Qualities

A large number of salt lamps have been handcrafted to have a clear distinction from others, which is considered a genuine sign because each one is unique due to the use of handmade tools. These hand-carved crystals are made entirely of natural Himalayan salt from Asia that come in a variety of colours ranging from pale mauve to burnt orange and white.

Weight And Size

Salt lamps come in a variety of dimensions, ranging from small and lightweight to extra-large crystal pyramids or block designs that can be weighing up to 10kg. You can prefer a small or large chunk for your needs.

We find extra-large salt lights are excellent for air ionisation and are more capable of purifying air from pollutants, but they are challenging to move around, which can be a disadvantage.

Style And Design

One thing is certain, handcrafted designs differ from machine-crafted designs. Since we’ve seen that craftsmanship is innovative, you’ll find a variety of designs that make you feel personal and stylish. There is a huge variety available as block chunks, pyramids, oblong, and standard cut pieces for the desired amber light ambience.

Light Quality

We all know that salt lamps have a light beneath them to give them a glow and to heat the salt, making it active for air purification. You should look for dimmable light controls when buying a salt lamp. It allows you to take control of your lamp and easily adjust the brightness to suit whatever mood you want to create, which can be useful for sleep, and meditation.

Multiple Benefits Of Salt Lamp

The majority of people use salt lamps for sleep and other health benefits. They are also duly beneficial for asthma patients, because of their incredible power to cure lungs and work as a natural air purifier, Himalayan salt lamps are effective to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air.

You can put one in your bedroom and it will start healing your body. With very little scientific research surrounding the use of salt lights, there’s no certainty about the impact they may have on your overall health. However, advocates claim that they can pull allergen particles and toxins out of the air, as well as release negative ions into the air, which is believed to improve air quality.

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