How Long Do Rat Bait Blocks Last?

How Long Do Rat Bait Blocks Last?

As DIY pest control, rat bait blocks are a type of effective rodent-killing chemical (poison) that is typically mixed with grain or other food-based material to make an appetising infusion for attracting rats and other rodents, leading them to consume the rodenticide that kills them.

Knowing how long do rat bait blocks last is determined by factors such as how long rat bait has been opened and where it is placed. You can efficiently and swiftly control the infestation if you follow our approach and place rat poison near the rat nest area. But when you have placed bait blocks in a moist environment or where rats are not active, it’s a waste of bait blocks.

How Long Rat Bait Blocks Remain Effective

The length of time that rat bait blocks last depend on a variety of factors, including the type of poison used, whether the bait is waxy or waterproof and whether exposure to environmental elements such as rain and hot and humid temperatures cause them to break down or become less palatable to rats. If these climatic conditions are exceeded, typical rat bait blocks can survive up to 6 weeks before needing to be replaced.

It should be noted that utilising strong rat bait blocks might be damaging to other animals, cause secondary poisoning, and imperil birds of prey. Moreover, if children or pets consume rat bait blocks, they may be poisoned. So be extra cautious of your family and pets, and when found dead rats, properly dispose of carcasses to avoid spreading disease.

Safety Measures to Prevent Rodents from Entering Your Property

Apart from utilising rat bait blocks, you may keep rats out of your house by closing up any entry points and removing any sources of open food or waste. If you currently have a rat problem, the best plan of action is to use the weatherproof or strongest rat and even consider a local and inexpensive pest control service. They will be able to remove the rats from your home safely and effectively, if they are faithful to their job and keep your home or apartment free of inflicting animals (rodents).

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